Friday Finds || Vol. 3, Week 50

Fashion influencer Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins wearing a black velvet hair bow with blonde curls.

Happy Saturday, you guys! I kind of hibernated this week, and to be totally honest, I kind of loved it. The temperatures dropped back down this week, and I holed up at home. I had a work event on Monday night, but other than that, I spent most of every day/night at my desk! (Managed to make it out for a workout class every day though! 🙌🏼) Boring, sure, but when it’s below freezing, there’s nothing I love more than a productive workday indoors.ย I’m a creature of habit and tend to feel my best when I’m in a good routinely groove, but I’m sure knowing that I’ll be in the Florida sunshine next week probably helped me stay sane while cooped up indoors.

This coming week, I’ll be joining my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew on their family vacation in Florida and couldn’t be more stoked. I got to spend so much time with them in 2018 (living with them before/after Remote Year), but since I don’t have car anymore, it’s a lot harder to make it down to central IL to visit. (I was such an Amtrak stan when I lived on the East Coast, but the Amtrak in the midwest is GOD AWFUL.) Anyway! I’m excited to spend some time with the kids, hang with my brother and SIL, and soak up some SUNSHINE (with SPF, of course).

Originally, my plan was to just work remotely from Florida, but as I was talking to someone the other day, I realized the only non-work and non-wedding-related trip I took in all of 2019 was a weekend trip to Alabama with my friends in May. So, I’m taking a mother effing vacation this coming week! 🙃

Growing up in a small-business household, I did not learn one single semblance of work-life balance. A good work ethic? Got it, but now as I’m continuing down that same small-business path, I find myself doing the same (detrimental) things that my parents did… Never take true vacation time, glorifying working around the clock, etc.

It’s hard because I do genuinely enjoy what I get to do for work, and a lot of the time it doesn’t feel like work. Especially when I’m traveling, I always find enjoyment out of sharing the experience or working on a travel guide for that area, but this coming week, I’m going to do my best to take a little step back.ย However, I always find that I do my best brainstorming and writing when I’m in a more relaxed state, so I am giving myself a pass there! (And who knows, after a few days with the kids, I might be happily running back to my inbox! Sorry fam, gotta work. 👋🏼😜)

But don’t worry, I’ve worked ahead and there will still be posts here on the blog while I’m gone! xx jrs

Here are this week’s finds…

KATE IS COMING TO NEW YORK! And I’m thinking of flying in…

Nothing I love more than a teddy coat… Want this one in both colors, please.

Amy & Wade’s house is just gorgeous! (And available to buy if you’re looking in the Dallas area!)

Couldn’t order this sweatshirt fast enough! 😍 (One of those see it on Instagram and check out within 30 seconds situations…) OUI OUI, s’il vous plait.

I cannot believe this red tartan sweater is SEVENTEEN DOLLARS. So dang cute!

You should see my active bitch face.” I cried laughing at some of these coffee mugs.

What to do around NYC during the holiday season!

And another NYC holiday guide!

PS: I shared my Chicago holiday bucket list on the blog earlier this week!

A Harry Potter Gift Guide

Lele Sadoughi launched handbags and I pretty much DIED. One of everything, please.

Loved reading Kathleen’s birth story! I very recently had a friend have a wonderful birth experience, too, and (as someone who has been terrified of birth and pregnancy to the point of not wanting kids for the last few years), it’s so refreshing to hear of experiences that are not down right frightening.

If you’re celebrating the holidays somewhere warm, you might need this set!

Every time I’ve tried to order this pink coat, it’s been sold out. But it’s finally back in stock, act fast!

For those who are just as into psychology as I am, I found this article about the ‘abandonment wound’ย very fascinating.

I was FLOORED reading this article about Away’s company culture. Long AF, but worth the read.

Obsessed with this sequin dress!

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