Friday Finds || Vol. 4, Week 24

Jessica Sturdy, of the fashion and lifestyle blog Bows & Sequins, wearing a J.Crew white eyelet hair bow and an Elizabeth McKay navy striped dress.

This week personally felt a little bit less heavy than last, and for that I am grateful! I had my nose to the grindstone for most of the week, but I got out for a few long walks, sort of got back into a workout groove, and even got lunch with one of my best girlfriends and her seven-month-old daughter on Tuesday, which was truly the highlight of my week. I think Valentine’s Day was the last time I had lunch with the both of them (non-virtually), so it felt like such a treat, even though we just grabbed salads at Sweetgreen and ate them outside, haha.

Since I’ve been able to think a bit more clearly this week and actually string sentences together, my plan is to start publishing new content again this coming week. So I’ll see you back here on Monday! xx jrs

Here are this week’s finds…

I’m in love with this floral tie-front top!

This summery cardigan is at the top of my wish list. On sale, too!

I finally put on a real outfit on Tuesday and wore this pendant necklace and this link necklace and got so many questions about them on Instagram Stories! Love them both.

I say this every week, but if you aren’t listening to Group Chat yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s a MWF podcast about current events from three entrepreneurs in LA! It’s hilarious, it’s beyond entertaining, it’s unedited, and it will make you feel smart AF by keeping you informed. Trust. It might take a few episodes or weeks before you start understanding their humor, their relationships, their businesses, whose voice belongs to who, and inside jokes, but it’s worth it once you feel like you’re a part of their crew. #DiehardKathy

Courtney just launched a clothing collection with Rent the Runway! I know Courtney from my early days in NYC and she is just as cute and colorful in real life as she is online. Oh, and I’ve been a (paying) RTR subscriber for about a year now and can’t recommend it enough.

Danielle, Conor, and Margot are raising money for pediatric cancer research.

Loved getting a peek at all of these Black Lives Matter murals in Chicago! So many right in my neighborhood that I haven’t seen yet.

I currently have a thing for abstractly-heeled sandals. Like these crystal ball sandals, for example!

Did you know you can shop J.Crew on Zappos?!

Blake’s interior projects in her rental give me SO MUCH INSPIRATION! Her bathroom is G-O-A-L-S. You’ll have to follow her on Instagram because she shares most of her projects on stories. She’s also convinced me I need daylight bulbs.

I just found out about Digs with Dignity this week and I couldn’t love their mission more! They style and set-up homes for families that are transitioning out of homelessness, and their Instagram highlights gave me all of the warm & fuzzy feels. Personally, I’ll be donating a good amount of decor items to them when I move in a few weeks, but they also have volunteer opportunities and accept monetary donations, as well.

Kygo released a playlist with the meditation app, Calm. If you don’t subscribe to Calm, I actually made a “Kygo Piano Jams” playlist on Spotify a few months ago, which is very relaxing.

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