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It’s been a minute since I’ve gotten a little woo woo on you guys, so let’s dive back in! Do you remember this post from two years ago when I did my first full-moon journaling ritual? Re-reading the post just now, I forgot how insane the whole situation was.

I try to be cognizant of full moons so I’m able to ‘harness the energy’ or whatever (jfc, that makes me sound like SUCH a loony), but to be totally honest, sometimes I’m moving a little too fast and life gets in the way. In a perfect world, I do the whole burning ritual every month at the full moon, but I’m not there yet. (And also, it’s pretty effing hard to come by fire pits in the city, haha. Even at my old place that had multiple, they shut off around 9-10pm when you can’t use the amenity floors anymore.) So I try to make it a point to at least journal at the full moon, but even that doesn’t happen every month. #doingmybest

BUT! This week (Wednesday night, or actually Thursday (12/12) morning at 12:12am ✨), we had our last full moon of the year, and also of the decade. So you bet your bottom dollar, I put “full moon journal” on my Google Calendar on Wednesday evening.

Did I have another seemingly life changing experience like I had in Palm Springs? No, BUT it definitely didn’t hurt! And, to be fair, I think I’m a lot more used to that freeing feeling after “mentally releasing” something than I was back then.

My therapist always recommends “no-send letters.” If you’re not familiar, it’s basically just a letter that you write to someone, with zero intentions of ever giving it to them. It’s wildly therapeutic! It’s a way to get things off your chest and, personally, I find they’re a great way to gain a little bit of closure and/or clarity from a situation.

It doesn’t have to be some big thing, either — Even when I’ll find myself frustrated during the day, sometimes I’ll just open the Notes app on my phone and get my feelings out to ensure I don’t lash out at whatever person or situation is fucking with my inner zen. Get what I mean?

Full moons are a time to RELEASE! So, on Wednesday night, I wrote “no-send letters” to a number of people from the last decade. I spent a few hours that evening clearing out the energy and emotions from so many different situations over the last few years. Romantic relationships, friendships, guys that have ghosted me, family members, work situations, you name it. It felt so good to clear the air in my mind, and even close the chapter for a few people!

I also made a list of a number of things I’d like to take care of before entering into the coming year! Things I’ve been avoiding, conversations that I need to have, simple tasks I’ve been putting off, etc. I’m trying to be intentional of how I’m spending my time and energy these next few weeks, and really wanting to clear out as much physical, mental, digital, and emotional clutter as I can to start the new year (and new decade!) off on the right foot!

So, if you’ve got any downtime in the next few weeks, I encourage you to turn inward and do something similar! If there’s anything from this past year or decade that you want to leave behind, write it out. And if you’re so inclined, light that b*tch on fire. 🔥 (But, like, only if it’s a piece of paper. And only if it’s in a fire-acceptable place. Do not light your phone on fire. Don’t burn your house down and then sue me. 🙃)

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  1. 12.22.19
    Melissa said:

    I REALLY love this idea! I will totally be attempting these no-send letters as an end of year activity. Thanks for the idea!

    • 12.23.19
      Jessica said:

      Happy to hear that! xx