Gift Guide #15: Wellness & Mindfulness

Bows & Sequins shares the best mindful gifts for the wellness types on your list this holiday season.

Whether she’s just starting out on her wellness journey or a full-blown mindful maven, you’re sure to find a thoughtful gift for her in this guide! I’d say I’m right smack in the middle of the spectrum and (hopefully) inching my way towards becoming more mindful and wellness-focused everyday. On this list, I’ve got a few of my favorite products, as well as some that I can’t wait to try. Enjoy!

1. Smudge Spray  |  2. Meditation Cushion  |  3. Essential Oils Kit  |  4. Palo Santo Bundle  |  5. Dry Body Brush  |  6. Serenity Gemstone Box  |  7.  Roll-On Aromatherapy Oil  |  8. Moon Juice Cookbook  |  9. Rose Quartz Crystal  |  10. Gemstone Water Bottle  |  11. Smudge Sticks  |  12. Moon Juice Dust Sachet Sets  |  13. Essential Oil Diffuser  |  14. 30 Day Challenge Notepack  |  15. Silk Pillowcase  |  16. Meditation Spray  |  17. The Universe Has Your Back Deck  |  18. Blendtec Blender

2. The meditation studio I go to in Chicago (Chill) has these cushions and I love them. I need to eventually get one for home! If she’s in Chicago, gift card to Chill would also make an excellent gift.

3. & 13. I’ve recently been getting into diffusing essential oils throughout the day! I just bought this diffuser… I love putting a few drops of lavender in at night in my bedroom before I go to sleep and a mix of lemongrass and orange while I’m getting ready in the morning.

1., 4. & 11. I’m a big fan of burning both sage (to clear the energy of a space) and palo santo (to bring good energy into your space) in my apartment. For a flameless route, you could try this smudge spray!

8. & 12. I love these Moon Juice dust sachets… They make it easy to mix and match your tonics and adaptogens! I got this cookbook from the same company a few months ago and there are some great recipes inside.

18. I use my Blendtec every single day for smoothies and bulletproof coffee! I was hesitant to splurge on a blender, but it’s been the best investment and saved me so much money from making smoothies at home vs getting them at local shops. This book would also make for a great gift… You can see my review on it here!

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