What I Ate Last Week + Book Review

Bows & Sequins shares a one week meal plan starting with the Fab 4 Smoothie from Be Well By Kelly in the Body Love book.

I mentioned this on Instagram Stories last week and then again in Friday Finds #43, but I’ve been reading this book (and putting the principles into practice) over the last 10 days and I couldn’t wait to share more with you guys! I hate even having to say this, but this post is in no way sponsored. I bought the book (Body Love by Kelly Leveque) myself and I’ve never even talked to the author. I randomly found the book through some sort of Instagram Takeover on The ThirtyKelly shared the foundation for her Fab 4 Smoothies and something struck a cord with me. I ordered her book on Amazon right away, but didn’t end up flipping it open for a few more weeks. But I’ve been hooked ever since!

Like I mentioned before, the book is broken down into a few parts… 1) The science behind blood sugar and how it affects your mood, hunger, etc. 2) How ‘The Fab 4’ work with your blood sugar to keep you full longer and curb cravings. 3) Lots of recipes! // I’m still making my way through the book, but I’ve made one of her infamous Fab 4 smoothies every day for the last 10 days and it’s honestly been pretty life changing!

Cliff notes version, just so we’re all on the same page here… The Fab 4: protein, greens, fat, and fiber. She breaks it down into much more detail in the book, but for this post, that’s really all you need to know. The foundation of all of her smoothies and recipes revolves around those four ingredients to keep you full longer, curb your hunger, and a whole lot of other good things. “We believe you should eat complete meals that elongate your blood sugar curve, avoid mindless snacking and ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to thrive. How do we do that? The Fab Four; the perfect mix of Protein, Fat, Fiber and Greens.” – Kelly Leveque

In the book, she says the easiest way to start changing your eating habits is simply by replacing breakfast with one of her Fab 4 Smoothies… That’s it. Easy enough, right? It didn’t feel overwhelming at all and I had most all of the necessary ingredients in my refrigerator and pantry. What did I have to lose?! And honestly, after the first day, I was hooked. I was full for about 4.5 hours until lunch, even after a spin class. I didn’t really have any cravings for carbs or sugar, I didn’t have the urge to snack, nor did I have any feelings of hanger or crashing. (And if you know me, my days are usually centered around each of those things!) It truly felt like magic and it’s kind of at the point now where I don’t really even want to eat sugar because I don’t want to go back to being on the blood sugar roller coaster that I’ve lived on for the last 28 years. (Read this post on her blog or this post for a little bit of a download on the Fab 4 smoothies and how to make your own!)

Last Monday, I made note of my smoothie, simply so I could remember what I added, just in case it turned out to be good. And from there, I was so blown away that I decided to keep a food journal and ultimately share it with you! Other than what’s listed, I only drank lots of water. By total accident, I’ve majorly cut down on my coffee intake! I’ve only been having a cup in the morning if I didn’t get that much sleep.

Bows & Sequins shares a Fab 4 smoothie recipe from the Body Love book by Kelly Leveque.

Bows & Sequins sharing an easy recipe for an egg and veggie scramble.

There you have it! I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself at all. There was no counting calories or measuring anything besides my smoothie ingredients. (I only eyeballed measurements while cooking to be able to list them out here.) I honestly just ate when I was hungry, but each of my meals pretty much lasted me until the next one. Even after my sugar binge on Saturday, it wasn’t hard to get back on the wagon on Sunday! The only recipes I pulled from the book were my smoothies… I just made mindful decisions when cooking my other meals to include the Fab 4 (protein, fat, fiber, & greens). It was so easy!

There are a ton of lunch and dinner recipes in the book, too, but I know I have to start simple and not get overwhelmed by cooking. If cooking is more your thing, you’ll have lots to choose from! If you’re like me and just throw whatever is in your refrigerator into a pan or bowl, I mostly tried to stick to veggies and lean proteins. There are also a ton of smoothie recipes that look *so* delish. But again, I like to keep it simple and I tend to be a creature of habit… This smoothie tastes a little bit like my favorite smoothie in New York and I can now make it without referencing the cookbook! I’ll switch it up the smoothies one of these days and also try some of the recipes, too.

For me, I think the lack of snacking is huge. I work from home and some days it can get out of control with mindless trips to the kitchen! But I honestly felt satiated throughout the day and never even thought to snack. The other big part of this for me was making sure I was eating breakfast. There are so many days that I’d just end up having a coffee for breakfast and by 4pm, I’d realize I hadn’t eaten anything and would feel RAVENOUS. Making the smoothie each morning definitely helped me set a healthy tone for the day and ensured I didn’t get to a binge-y place later in the evening. I don’t weigh myself, but she claims you’ll lose a few pounds in your first week of simply replacing your breakfast with a smoothie. All I can say is I felt healthy and strong throughout the week! Minus the whole contracting pink eye thing. 🙄

Alright, what do you guys think? Have you read or heard of Kelly or this book? Was this interesting to read? Do you have any questions? It seems as if most of you have taken a liking to seeing health, fitness, and wellness content on the blog. Is this type of post something you’d like to see more of, less of? Let me know! I so appreciate any and all feedback. xoxo

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  1. 10.31.17

    That sounds so amazing! I’ve already been feeling myself lagging through the day now that it’s getting colder, so I’m thinking I need to give this book a read. Thanks for the recommendation, Jessica!

    Baubles to Bubbles

  2. 10.31.17
    Taylor said:

    This is a great post! I wish I had more time in the morning to make smoothies, I need to figure out a way to set everything up the night before so I can just blend & go! Loved that you shared your lunch and dinners too, I always need more inspiration for weeknight dinners.

    One of my favorites to make it is so simple and so healthy – whole30 approved! https://www.somewherelately.com/2017/04/faq-sweet-potato-egg-avocado-bowl-whole30-compliant/

    Definitely will be checking out Kelly’s book – thanks for the review / recommendation!

    xo, Taylor

  3. 10.31.17
    Lis said:

    Did you do any research to pick the “sun potion” brand? It seems like the most expensive option but don’t mind if it is actually clean product.

  4. 10.31.17
    Megan said:

    So interesting! My favorite smoothie fits almost exactly in her formula (almond milk, protein powder, chia seeds, spinach, a few pieces frozen banana, blueberries, nut butter) – no wonder I love it so much. 🙂

  5. 10.31.17
    Test said:


  6. 11.1.17
    Carly said:

    You’re the second person I’ve seen recommend this book in the last week and I’m so on board. I’ve begun by making smoothie recipes from her website, and I agree with you: Life. Changing. I’m definitely buying myself the book ASAP.

  7. 11.1.17
    Katrina said:

    I loved this! Need to get this book. I’m trying to focus more on “wellness” and “nourishment” rather than “fitness” and “diet”. It’s not easy (had McDonald’s for dinner, lord help me), so I need all the healthy ideas I can get! Love the idea of a warm bowl instead of a salad. Brilliant.

    • 5.10.18
      Jules said:

      This is a diet book that includes some basic 6th grade biology info on and nutrition.

  8. 11.8.17
    Emily said:

    I am not sure if the chicken meatball recipe link is working! I would love to see which one you used! They sound delicious.

  9. 11.27.17
    Brittnee Toomer said:

    Loved this post!! I would love to see more food diaries and I appreciate your real ness!

  10. 5.10.18
    Jules said:

    I like your review and how you didn’t follow all her recipes exactly. I’m wondering if 6+ months later you’re still following this? Especially the no more than a half cup of grains/beans or fruit per day?

    • 5.10.18
      Jessica said:

      I don’t follow a strict diet at all — every week is different depending on where/if I’m traveling or at home. When I’m home, I still make one of the smoothies every day as a meal replacement.

  11. 8.31.18
    Amy Miller said:

    My copy of the book arrives tomorrow and I could not be more excited. I heard about Kelly earlier this week in a Rachel Hollis podcast and was immediately hooked. Thank you for the honest review. I am a picky eater but am going to give this an honest go.

  12. 9.4.18
    Natalie said:

    Did you use ashwagandha extract of ashwagandha powder? Thank!

  13. 11.9.18
    Anne said:

    I just finished this book and was doing some google searches and found this article. Most mornings I go straight to a workout and then I get ready at work. We have a full breakfast offered but can’t make smoothies. What would you recommend I eat for breakfast instead?

    • 11.10.18
      Jessica said:

      The book talks all about the Fab 4 and the meal variations — you would want your meal to include protein, fat, fiber, and greens!

  14. 11.30.18
    Jaime said:

    Love this post and love this book! I’m going to be making some of your meals! Question, did you lose any weight during this week?

    • 11.30.18
      Jessica said:

      I don’t weigh myself so I’m honestly not sure! I would assume so. 🙂

  15. 10.20.23
    Sandra said:

    My daughter told me about book and tho the smoothies don’t work for me the rest is great info, and adaptable. I lost 12 lbs after two months and energy more stable. I’m 70