Gift Guide #10: For the Guys

Jessica Sturdy shares the best gifts to give the guys in your life this holiday season.

I’m guilty of it, too, but when it comes to gifts for guys, it always seems like our minds first go towards something alcohol-related. I’m not saying that’s a bad gift (a few fun options above!), but that doesn’t apply to all guys. Figuring out what to get the guys in your life is always kind of tough so I figured we’d dive a little bit deeper into this one today!

1. Crosley Record Player  |  2. Tabletop Arcade Games  |  3. Railroad Spike Cuff  |  4. Monogrammed Cufflinks  |  5. Whiskey Wedge Glass + Ice Mold  |  6. Blind Barber Candle  |  7. Monogrammed Beer Glasses  |  8. Instax Camera  |  9. Sega Game Console  |  10. Cashmere Beanie  |  11. Bonobos Gift Card  |  12. Marshall Stockwell Portable Speaker  |  13. The Bucket List Book  |  14. Inital Lowball Glass  |  15. Vans Sneakers  |  16. Needlepoint Wallet

As I mentioned in this gift guide, guys tend to prefer useful gifts. Whether it’s a gadget or a watch, I think it’s always a good rule of thumb to make sure the item you’re gifting will get a lot of use. While I’m all for something pretty that sits of a shelf, guys usually don’t see the value in that.

If he’s into music and/or entertaining, I feel like you can’t go wrong with a speaker or a record player. If he’s into Sonos, you could always get another speaker for another room in his place. There are a ton of cool bluetooth speakers at all sort of price points, too. In terms of record players, Crosley has a ton of options when it comes to style. Plus, you can find a lot of current music available in record form! (Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye, J Cole, and The Weeknd to name a few…)

If he doesn’t have an Echo (Alexa) or Google Home yet, that would also be a great option! I also love this leather-covered Instax camera… could be fun if he’s into photography.

I found these tabletop arcade games and I think they’re really fun. Great for the guys that seemingly have it all! I also love this nice board game set. Or if you want to throw it back, maybe this sega game console? I think these are especially good if he still has roommates. Something for them to do now that it’s too cold for them to golf every weekend. 😉 Could be cool for his office, too!

If he’s into his style, I think a cool pair of sneakers or new pair of dress shoes are great options, depending on your price point. I got my brother a pair of Ralph Lauren leather sneakers a few years ago and I know he loved them and got a lot of wear out of them! He knows he’s got your style stamp of approval and again, shoes are something he’ll get a lot of wear out of. If you think it’s his style, a cool cuff would also make for a great gift. Same with a nice scarf, watch, or cashmere beanie! And if you’re still at a loss, you can’t go wrong with a Bonobos gift card.

When you’re gifting a guy you’re dating, I always think experiences make for some of the best gifts… Especially if you haven’t been dating that long and buying presents seems a little too soon! Everybody loves a gift where you can do something together. Tickets to a game, a fun date night playing putt putt, going to a skydiving simulator… Whatever his hobbies may be!

I always appreciate a good monogrammed gift, too! Monogrammed cuff links or pint glasses are sure to be a hit. If you’re still not sure what to get, let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to help!

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