My 101 in 1001 List

Bows & Sequins working on her computer at the outdoor Bow Truss coffee shop in the Gold Coast at Mariano Park in Chicago. Accessories include: a gold Apple MacBook, a leather Gigi New York journal, and a palm leaf phone case by Minnie & Emma.

I started making this list last fall when I spent a month in Paris. I put pen to paper in my notebook at a cafรฉ (Buvette… Yes, the same one as NYC!) and just started listing things out. I got quite a few things down over the course of a few weeks (89), but I never ended up finishing it and publishing it as things turned to crazy town as soon as I got back from that trip.

If you’re not familiar with 101 in 1001, Mackenzie started this concept a few years ago. Essentially, it’s a list of 101 things you’d like to accomplish in 1001 days… Just over 2.75 years! Mackenzie is on her third list, you can see it here! You’ll notice I took a lot of inspiration from it, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

Itโ€™s cool to look back through that list I made in Paris and see how many things Iโ€™ve crossed off already! (Hire some help, go to Coachella, learn Lightroom, start a meditation practice, invest in a piece of art, get a real Christmas tree, etc.) And itโ€™s kind of bizarre to realize just how much can change in a year! There are a number of things on my original list that arenโ€™t really a priority for me or focus of mine anymore, as well as a few things that I wonโ€™t be able to do as originally planned.

I’ve been re-visiting and updating this list over the last few weeks and finally have a full list I’m excited about! Here it goes…

Start: 11-8-17
End: 8-5-20

…Just three weeks before my 31st birthday. 😳 (Hard pill to swallow/typeโ€ฆ)

Travel (5/19) (See more details on my Travel Bucket List!)

  1. Renew my passport (June 2018)
  2. Yacht Week
  3. Ibiza
  4. South of France
  5. Australia (February 2018)
  6. Go on a fall foliage tripโ€ฆ Vermont, maybe?
  7. Canada โ€“ Iโ€™ve never been. Montreal and Quebec City are on my list!
  8. Japan in the Spring (April 2018)
  9. Charleston
  10. Greece
  11. Go back to Italy (July 2018)
  12. Explore more of the UK + Scotland
  13. San Francisco (Iโ€™ve only spent about 24 hours thereโ€ฆ)
  14. Napa
  15. Visit Caneel Bay once it reopens!
  16. Maine
  17. Cape Cod
  18. Another girls trip to Vegas
  19. Coachella again โ€“ ticket has been purchased! (April 2018)

Blog & Business (3/12)

  1. Operation: Inbox Zero. Email is, admittedly, my biggest downfall as a business owner. I need to figure out how to conquer the beast once and for all.
  2. Launch something new. Not sure what exactly this one looks like yet, but I have a few ideas swirling around. 😁 (Along for the Ride Podcast)
  3. Organize my hard drives
  4. Organize my Dropbox folders (Sometime in 2018)
  5. Clear out my camera roll on my phone and organize the photos (needs to happen immediately…)
  6. Launch blog revamp
  7. Redesign my Travel Guide page
  8. Launch series with Hallie that weโ€™ve been talking about for years
  9. Finally get into Freshbooks instead of doing everything manually (Iโ€™m my own worst enemy, I swear.) (Sometime in 2018…)
  10. Do a TV segment
  11. Film a hair tutorial
  12. Film my makeup routine

Personal (4.5/19)

  1. Live in Europe (I’d say 3 months or more countsโ€ฆ?) (It wasn’t Europe, but maybe Remote Year counts for this…??)
  2. Become fluent in French (or at least start taking class again regularly!)
  3. Finally get Griffin (obviously not forcing it if the timing still isnโ€™t rightโ€ฆ)
  4. Join a volunteer programโ€ฆ Iโ€™ve been looking into Big Brothers Big Sisters, but would love if you have any other suggestions in Chicago!
  5. Find a charity to get involved with, too.
  6. Take up horseback riding again (!!)
  7. Go on some sort of a wellness retreat
  8. Laser Hair Removal… I’m two sessions in, but want to do my legs, too. (✔)
  9. Try acupuncture.
  10. Do allergy testing.
  11. Hire a personal trainer.
  12. Try cryotherapy
  13. Try an infrared sauna (December 2017)
  14. *Honestly* feel 100% confident in a bikini.
  15. Plan an epic 31st birthday party. This will be my โ€œgolden birthdayโ€ and it seems so much more unique than a 30th birthday celebration. Plus, something to look forward to if Iโ€™m being weird about turning another year older. (I never used to be weird about getting older, but something about pushing 30 and still feeling like a teenager is slightly terrifying.)
  16. Find a dentist in Chicago (My appointment is in two weeks…)
  17. Find a new doctor in Chicago
  18. Find a hair salon in Chicago (Oh, the money I would save…) (January 2019)
  19. Get a gate analysis and expertly fitted for new running shoes. (And subsequently find out if running is ever in my future again… Fingers crossed.)

Home (2.5/5)

  1. Print and frame at least one of my own travel photos
  2. Finish the gallery wall in my living room and <>get the room photographed
  3. Do something with my bathroom and publish it on the blog
  4. Get my desk area organized once and for all (January 2019)
  5. Get a storage unit once one opens up in my building (April 2018)

Just for Fun (5/14)

  1. Get a lemon tree
  2. Go bowling (a few times…)
  3. Play mini golf
  4. Take a tennis lesson
  5. Take golf lessonsโ€ฆ Havenโ€™t touched my old clubs for at least a decade, pretty sure my parents have gotten rid of them by now.
  6. Go ice skating
  7. Go to a show at Second City (November 2017)
  8. Go to another comedy show in New York
  9. Send 5 โ€œjust becauseโ€ gifts
  10. Leave a 100% tip for great service
  11. Buy a table of strangers dinner anonymously
  12. Learn how to cook a turkey
  13. Ride on the back of a Vespa in Paris
  14. Take another surf lesson (September 2018)
  15. Re-read the Harry Potter series
  16. Go skiing againโ€ฆ Itโ€™s been a few years now! (December 2018)
  17. Read 20 books. (Excluding HP)
  18. Treat myself to a full spa dayโ€ฆ Massage, facial, the works.
  19. Take a Tracy Anderson class
  20. Take Hollyn (my niece) on a girls trip.
  21. Find my โ€˜daybooksโ€™ we had to keep in AP English Senior Year of HS
  22. Learn how to drive a stick again (havenโ€™t tried since I learned when I was 15โ€ฆ)
  23. Get rid of 100 things (Spring 2018)
  24. Learn how to tie a tie

Confidential, Financial, or Extra Personal (2/22)

I’ve got these on a list of my own!

What’s on your list of things to accomplish in the next just-about-three years?!

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  1. 11.8.17

    This is seriously the coolest idea!!! I will be working on my list this week!!


  2. 11.9.17

    This is such a great idea! I’m such a list maker and this seems like a great way to be inspired and motivated to achieve some goals! I would love to hear how you get on working through your list. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Allegra x

    Allegra Ghiloni Fashion Stylist

  3. 11.9.17

    Love this idea! Once you write your list, how do you hold yourself accountable and turn these goals into a reality?

  4. 11.9.17

    I’ve been working on a list of my own for probably two years now (I’d say half of it will get the axe because so much has changed in my personal life) but you just inspired me to finish and FINALLY publish it. Also, I volunteer on occasion with the Off the Street Club here in Chicago and it’s the best! If you ever want to join me for a third Thursday evening at the club, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 11.9.17
    Mary Bosworth said:

    Noticedm in your 101 list that you were looking for a new dentist! My son is a dentist in Chicago
    ( Dr Andrew Bosworth) practices at 2 locations

  6. 11.9.17
    Melanie said:

    Love this idea! I am about to take a full day of self reflection and may add this to the agenda. I volunteer with a program called America Needs You, which began in New York City, but is now in NY, CA, NJ, and Chicago! It pairs first generation college students with young professional mentor coaches. I was a part of it in NYC and am now part of it in LA. The program is absolutely incredible. Here is the link to get more information:

  7. 11.10.17

    I’ve never heard of this list, but now I want to do it, too! By the way, I’m a blonde and love Bristle & Grace in Lincoln Park. They do the best highlights, balayage, everything!

  8. 11.12.17
    Grace said:

    You should check out 826CHI! It’s part of a national network of writing tutoring programs (I work with the D.C. chapter). With your strong, unique writing background, you’d be suchhhhh an asset!!

  9. 4.14.21
    Nancy said:

    I volunteer on occasion with the Off the Street Club here in Chicago and itโ€™s the best!