New Beauty Favorites at Nordstrom

Bows & Sequins shares a video makeup tutorial for a polished nudes daytime look and a sexy night look with a smokey eye and bold red lipstick!

Let me start off first by saying this is not a sponsored post! I mentioned it on Friday that I was teaming up with Byrdie to get a little peek at some spring beauty trends on Snapchat and if you’re following along on Snapchat, you know it was quite the beauty-filled day. What was supposed to be about an hour visit to the Nordstrom beauty department ending up being five full hours of learning the latest and greatest… It was so much fun! The plan was to just test a few of the new products and get the scoop on in-store events, but Kevin and I got carried away and ending up going all out. I let him take off the makeup I came in and we started from scratch… Meaning, I was sitting in the middle of the first floor at Nordstrom Michigan Avenue wearing a sheet mask and posting photos of our shenanigans on the internet for all to see. 😂 Anyway, I learned some amazing new tricks and discovered some seriously AMAZING new-to-me products. And now I’m filling my Nordstrom cart with all of the products we used because they were just that good! Between the tutorials on the Byrdie snapchat about and me running through some of the products for the finished look on my Snapchat, there was an overwhelming YES when I asked if you would want to see a blog post about all of the products… So, let’s get to it!

I was never planning on using these Snaps, so I apologize for the vertical video and poor quality. But I think it’s really helpful to see the tutorial so I published the video anyway! 🙈 Do you guys want to see more videos? Let me know what you think!

Bows & Sequins visits Nordstrom for all of the latest spring beauty trends!

Here’s a bit more about the products…

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Dry Sheet Mask  |  I’d never used a sheet mask like this one! It’s COMPLETELY DRY and I love the ear loops to keep it in place. You can use it on clean skin, but also on top of your makeup, too! It’s perfect for travel and you can re-use the mask up to three times! In the video, you can see that I had an instant glow after using it. It really was magic!

Raffaele Ruberto Cream  |  Loved this anti-aging moisturizer! It’s a natural product and felt instantly plumping.

Lanolips  |  A must-have for preventing chapped lips! Super important before wearing lipstick.

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Spritz  |  Super hydrating face mist! Great for sealing in your skincare products and giving your skin a little extra boost before you start with makeup. Another natural product!

I couldn’t get over how great my brows looked! Buying all three of these products as I write this…

Dior Browstyler  |  This was like magic! I’m wearing the Light Brown shade. (I always tend to go with a lighter or “blonde” eyebrow shade even though they’re super dark to balance out my bright blonde hair a bit…)

Dior Airflash Foundation  |  I mentioned this in a different Snapchat story, but I was blown away by this product! I would have never picked up a spray can for foundation, thinking it was way too complicated or messy. But it was THE EASIEST! The trick is to spray the brush and then buff it on your face. It made such a difference in defining my eyebrows, too! (I believe I’m wearing Ivory or Light Beige… I’m double-checking!)

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows  |  I believe I’m wearing Super Model because we couldn’t find the Linda shade! I was blown away by this product too… So easy to wear on it’s own for texture and fullness!

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow |  This is perfect for adding warmth and luminosity to your skin! You can add it to your moisturizer or just apply it on it’s own. I have since bought it and I’m obsessed! I wore it the other day when I didn’t have time to put makeup on, and it was a perfect little something. It give you a little bit of a blurred finish, a little bit of color, and a little bit of glow… A great base or for  when you don’t want to wear makeup.

Dior Airflash Foundation  |  Shake, spray it on the brush, buff it all over your face. So easy! The lightweight formula feels seriously amazing on your face.

Tom Ford Cushion Concealing Pen  |  Loved the coverage this gave me under my eyes! I’m wearing the Light shade.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder  |  This water-based powder was insane… So silky soft! I loved Kevin’s tip about only apply powder on the hotspots of your face where you tend to get oily. No need to powder your whole face and look like you have makeup caked on! (I’m wearing shade Fair)

Charlotte Tilbury Sculpt & Highlight Contour  |  I’ve since bought this, and I’m obsessed! I need to buy the brush next. You can use the sculpt shade for the crease of your eyeshadow, too!

I loved the tip about cleaning up your contour with Airflash! It’s seriously a miracle product.

Now on to eyes!

Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon Pencil in Bronzed Garnet  |  Apply a thick messy line above your lashes and blend with your finger. I was blown away how this looks like multiple shadows! This shade brings out green eyes, but the product page tells you what shade to go for based on your eye color. So easy!

That was great on it’s own, but if you want to glam it up for a night out, we used the two shades below…

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize in Bette |  Just dab this on the middle of the lid, right above your iris to bring out the color of your eyes!

Charlotte Eyes to Mesmerize Jean  |  We used a thin flat liner brush to lightly dab this shimmery champagne color along the inner-V to brighten up the corners of my eyes!

Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen  |  I ended up buying this double-ended pen and it’s SO easy to use! I love how thin and precise it is, it looks so natural when you’re tracing your lash line.

Charlotte Legendary Lashes  |  This mascara was seriously FAB!

Now let’s add some color!

Blush Charlotte Tilbury Swish & Pop Blusher in Ecstasy  |  Loved this two-in-one blush color!

To get my nude lip, we used Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Liner with Penelope Pink Lipstick and Blondie Gloss.

We also swatched the new Pillow Talk lipstick and I’m obsessed with it, too! So many people use Kim KW lipstick, but my complexion is a little bit too fair for it.

For the bold red lip, Kevin filled in my whole lip with Tom Ford Secret Escort… I love how it comes with the pencil and the lipstick! For the lacquer finish, we topped it off with Tom Ford Stolen Cherry.

PS: While this was obviously a special treat for me because I was there on behalf of Byrdie, I learned that all customers can essentially get the same amazing experience I received. Nordstrom actually offers beauty stylists, which are just like the Nordstrom personal stylists that help you with clothes, shoes, and accessories from all over the store. Beauty stylists are experts across all of the beauty brands, not just one specific brand or counter. Genius, right?!

Questions, comments, or anything to add?! Let me know below! xo

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  1. 3.10.17
    Carolyn A Pemberton said:

    Thank you for this! Question- What do suggest is a good makeup bag? I currently use my Tory Burch but I am running out of space!


  2. 3.10.17
    Mary Kate said:

    Thank you so much for this post!! I’m definitely buying that sculpting palette from Charlotte Tilbury!

    • 3.12.17
      Jessica said:

      It’s great! Can’t wait to hear what you think once you try it.

  3. 3.12.17
    Rebekah said:

    Thank you for putting together this post! Every item is a must Going to have to decide where to build my collection!

    • 3.12.17
      Jessica said:

      That’s where I’m at, too! Trying to figure out where to start with getting all of these products. The Dior foundation is next on my list, since it’s so different from anything in my makeup bag!

  4. 3.12.17
    Olivia said:

    This is such a great post I learned so much! What shade did you use for the Dior foundation? Would this makeup look suit fair skin?

    • 3.12.17
      Jessica said:

      Right?! I learned so much that day so I knew I had to share! We used Dior Airflash in the 200 shade… There is one shade lighter that would probably work for fair skin!

  5. 3.14.17
    Alexa said:

    What brush did he use to buff the dior foundation?

    • 3.14.17
      Jessica said:

      Almost positive it was this one!

      • 3.16.17
        Alexa said:

        AMAZING! Its currently on sale for $39 too! Seriously probably going to purchase both now haha!

        • 3.16.17
          Jessica said:

          OMG it wasn’t last night when I sent that link! I’m buying both right now too

  6. 3.19.17
    lindsay said:

    I just picked up that eyeshadow pencil. I’ve been needing a new shadow and loved how it looks on you! Thanks for sharing these!

    • 3.20.17
      Jessica said:

      Can’t wait to hear what you think!!