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Top 5 Beauty Products for Beating the Heat and Humidity this Summer.

With last week’s little tease of summer in Chicago, I’m counting down the days until we get that heat again! There’s nothing I love more than a hot summer day. My skin and hair, on the other hand, don’t share the same feelings. I’m sharing my five favorite products to beat the heat and humidity all summer long… I’ve purchased and repurchased these items year after year so rest assured they’re tried and true. They’re all under $40, too! And I may or may not have a couple of promo codes for you to use… 😉

5 Summer Must-Haves: IGK Good Behavior, Spin Pins, Nippies, Supergoop, FRE Body Sunscreen

1.  Spin Pins

You guys know I can do, like, two hairstyles… Straight or wavy. I have a weird hairline so I don’t like to do any updo’s or top knot. But when it’s hot and humid and I want my hair off my neck, I always opt for a low bun! (Or even when I’m running out of the house with wet hair, too lazy to actually do my hair, etc.)

I was in my early twenties when I discovered Spin Pins and I’ve never looked back! They couldn’t be easier and they hold your bun for DAYS… truly. I’ve definitely fallen asleep with them in and woke up with my hair still in a bun. You simply twist your hair into a bun, twist one corkscrew pin through your bun, and twist a second from the opposite direction. If you have very thick hair, you may need three. But I’ve used just one in a pinch and it’s held up fine!

You’re not trying to interlock the pins in your bun, but simply securing it from two different sides. When you’re twisting, you’ll want to grab some hair from your scalp to make sure your bun stays perky, but it truly couldn’t be easier once you get the hang of it.

I keep a set in all of my bigger totes, a set in the car, a set at Dave’s, a set in my desk drawer, and a few in my bathroom… I can’t be without them!

I have the goldish color for my blonde hair, but Goody also makes them in a darker color for brunettes. I’ve never used another brand, but these are cheaper on Amazon and come in a few colors.

2.  Nippies

I hate wearing a bra year round, but especially so when it’s hot and humid! These Nippies Skin covers are a must for me. They come in a few different skin tones and a couple of sizes to better suit whatever set you’re working with! I’ve heard of people wearing these with unlined bathing suits, too. They’re reusable and last a while if you take care of them! I always place them back in the protective box with the plastic mold on the non-sticky side and the little liner sheet on the sticky side.

3.  Good Behavior

Rosemary at RMCM Salon turned me onto IGK’s Good Behavior when I was complaining that I needed a keratin treatment or something of the sort. It’s quite literally a “keratin-like treatment in a can” and gives you great frizz protection for ~24 hours! You spray it on wet hair in sections before blowdrying and you’ll instantly be able to tell a difference in how smooth your hair is. It also comes in a travel size if you want to test it out before committing!

4.  Fré Body

Fré Skincare‘s Body Sunscreen is my absolute favorite for daytime use when I’m wearing cute clothes! All of their products are made with sweaty skin in mind and it’s the best non-greasy formula that just feels like lotion. I am SO upset that I’m just realizing I think they’ve discontinued it… Let’s hope it’s just temporarily sold out! Fingers crossed. You can use my code BSS for at least 15% off their site.

5.  UnSeen Sunscreen

SuperGoop’s Glow Screen is actually what’s pictured above, and while I love it a lot, their UnSeen Sunscreen is my first love. It’s the perfect makeup primer, but it also wears wonderfully on its own. I’ll even wear it on my chest and arms when I’m out and about because it’s a clear formula that I know won’t ruin my clothes! It’s the silkiest formula and I’ve found that kids like to put it on, too. The formula is literally weightless and feels SO luxurious! (And it’s fragrance-free!)

Glow Screen is basically the same with a tiny bit of tint and shimmer. It’s basically like the Instagram Paris filter in real life!

You can use code SUNNY20 for 20% off your SuperGoop order, but I believe the promo ends today! If you’re looking for a few more items to reach free shipping, the Setting Spray is another one of my must-haves. Makes reapplying SPF over your makeup a complete breeze! I also wear SuperScreen everyday in the summer as my daily moisturizer.

If the promo has ended when you’re reading this and you prefer to shop on Amazon, here are those links: UnSeen Sunscreen, Glow Screen, Re-Setting Spray, and SuperScreen

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  1. 6.1.22
    Tina said:

    Thank you for sharing these favorites. I half agree with you on the spin pins. I love them for creating a bun, but I always need four to keep my shoulder-length hair in a bun. Even if I’m trying to do a Megan Markle messy bun :). Maybe you could do a tutorial on how you use them — clearly you have some skills!