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I effing love this time of year. You hear about the January blues and all of that, but since I’ve always been so passionate about personal improvement (Self-help book junkie, right here. 🙋🏼), this time of year is really inspiring when you see everyone working on being their best selves. I mentioned this in the post about my goals for the coming year, but I know a lot of people hate the whole resolution thing. As I said before, setting achievable goals is never a bad thing!

If you’re still thinking on what you want to change this coming year, here are 15 different goals that can improve your health, happiness, and more!

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1. Drink More Water

I’ve seriously upped my h2o intake over the last few weeks and I’m already seeing improvements… My skin looks clearer, my lips haven’t been chapped, I haven’t had as many crazy sweet-tooth cravings… You can’t go wrong drinking more water!

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2. Get Serious About Fitness

There’s no time like the present! Do what you need to do to get moving… Grab a pal, find a workout routine that works for you and your schedule, opt for the stairs instead of the escalator, get in X amount of steps per day, etc. I’m not even talking about the whole “look good in a bikini by summertime” thing. Get serious about your health, you know? Build your strength to support your body, practice your self discipline, increase your metabolism, etc. Don’t forget… Working out is just as much mental as it is physical! For me, the biggest and best benefit is getting my mind right.

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3. Take Better Care of Your Skin

If you don’t take off your makeup at night, start now. (I’ll admit, there are nights where it’s a real struggle for me to do so. I usually opt for a makeup wipe if I really can’t bring myself to do the whole routine. Better than nothing, right?) Toss a pack of makeup removing wipes in your purse or in the car to remember to take off your makeup before working out. Put a reminder on your calendar to do a mask every Sunday. Whatever it is you need to do for your skin, do it!

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4. Cook More // Bring Your Lunch to Work

No matter if you’re more concerned with spending less money or consuming fewer calories, you can’t go wrong with cooking more. I work from home so I’ve been trying to make my breakfast, lunch, and dinner versus ordering in because it’s so much healthier. And not to mention, much more cost effective! You don’t have to go from zero to one hundred though, figure out what is attainable for you and your schedule. Maybe it’s just bringing your lunch one more day per week that you are right now. Maybe it’s having the girls over for a home-cooked meal instead of going out for dinner. Maybe it’s meal-prepping on Sundays so you avoid that $5 Starbucks breakfast sandwich every morning. Little changes add up!

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5. Read More

I’m not much of a TV watcher, so when I’m setting aside some time to unwind, it’s usually with a book. I rarely ever make time for this though! Reading can transport you to another place, let you learn new things, make you see something in a new way, you name it. We all know the benefits of reading more and spending less time in front of screens!

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6. Step Up Your Work Wear

Remember in Junior High when they used to make you dress up on test days or game days for sports? Turns out, they were on to something. When I used to work at an office every day, my mood, confidence, vibes, productivity, EVERYTHING was better if I liked my outfit. Sounds materialistic, but if you look good, you feel good. You know? If you’re bored with your work wardrobe and your outfits make you feel blah, inject some new pieces in to spice things up. Consider it an investment in yourself!

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7. Make Every Day a Good Day

It sounds silly, but it works. If you start the day with a positive attitude, it’s going to take a lot to get you off track. But if you start the day thinking, “UGH, today is going to suck,” it probably will. Do what you need to do to inject happiness and good vibes into each and every day. Do you need this doormat as a reminder? Do you need to listen to a pump-up playlist while you get ready for work? Do you need to put a mini pinata or a neon light on your desk? Do you need to call your bestie at lunch to turn around a shitty day? Do it already and let the good vibes roll!

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8. Travel More

If you’ve been saying you want to travel for a while now, put some deadlines in place to start making it happen! Put in your PTO request by X date, book your flight or hotel by X date, etc. Life gets busy and we tend to feel guilty for setting aside time and money to do things we actually want to do. Let’s all stop doing this, shall we?

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9. Make Coffee at Home

Those coffee shop trips add up! I’ve gotten to the point where I actually prefer to make my coffee at home. Iced Almond Milk Lattes and Hot Matcha Lattes are my specialties. #BaristaJRS 😂 But seriously, my recipes for both are coming soon!

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10. Finally Start Your Side Hustle

There’s never a perfect time to start something… There will always be lots of reasons (read: excuses) why you shouldn’t. You’re never going to feel fully ready, you just have to do it! If you’re super passionate about a hobby of your or have a great idea, now’s the time to make things happen for yourself.

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11. Step Up Your Thank You Note Game

I used to be ON IT with thank you notes, but I’ve seriously let myself slack over the last few years. I need to step it up! Maybe some cute new stationery will help…

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12. Relax & Unwind More Often

I’ve been trying to have more nights where I’m off my computer and phone and just relaxing. I’m not a big TV watcher, so this usually means a bubble bath or cozying up in my PJs with a magazine or a good book.

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Something I’m always trying to do more of! It’s so important for muscle recovery, but most of us usually skip it or definitely don’t do as much as we should.

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14. Finally Finish Decorating Your Space

This is on my list, too. I’ve lived in my current apartment in Chicago for 18 months now… It’s well past time to finish decorating my living room!

15. Get Organized

Personally, I operate the best when things are clean and clutter-free! A few weeks ago, I did a closet overhaul and it made me feel so much better. (And I finally organized all of my jewelry!) My desk area is next on the TLC list…


What are you focused on right now? Would love to hear how you’re taking steps to make this year the best one yet!

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  1. 1.16.17

    This is SUCH a great post. I totally agree! I LOVE this time of year and really striving for self-improvement. Thank you for sharing these goals; I love them and am really wanting to do many of the same things!


    Megan at Lush to Blush

  2. 1.16.17
    Emily said:

    I love these goals, I’m always looking forward to ways to better myself. I’m really looking forward to your latte recipes, I’m always looking for more ways to put my milk frother to use!

    xo Em

  3. 1.16.17
    Elizabeth said:

    Obsessed with this post! Such great suggestions. Self-improvement is key and I love January to kick it off in high gear!
    xo elle // https://splashofpreppy.com

  4. 1.16.17
    Briana said:

    I honestly love these! They are great for everyone. I especially love the thank you notes!


  5. 1.16.17
    Lauren said:

    These are all great ideas to start! I actually started drinking more tea instead of coffee because it allows me to be drinking more water throughout the day.


  6. 1.17.17
    Natali said:

    Great and very realistic resolutions too! Thank you for the motivation, I have pretty much the same wishes/ goals as you for this year. 🙂


  7. 1.17.17
    ateret rosenwasser said:

    Please send your almond milk latte recipe

  8. 1.17.17
    Sonya said:

    I feel like we have similar goals for 2017. I pretty much have all of these in some form, on my list as well as the plans to make them happen. I’m glad you added the “start your side hustle” because that isn’t something I’m fully confident about yet but the wheels (in my head) are turning.

  9. 1.17.17
    Christina said:

    I so wish I could read more! Here’s a list of 5 other resolutions I’m focusing on this year to add to the list – http://bit.ly/2iHDoTL 🙂

    Christina | http://www.cuddlepill.com

  10. 1.17.17
    Nicole N said:

    I really like this list and some of these are already on my radar for the year. Getting organized, my health, and stretching are at the top of my list. Starting my side hustle is what I’m still nervous about doing. BUT I’m becoming more and more confident in my self to go ahead and take the leap of faith and make it happen.

  11. 1.17.17
    Ashley said:

    Wow. It was like looking at my own goals for 2017. Nice work! 🙂

  12. 1.17.17
    Amy said:

    I’m a total self-help book junkie too! Have you read The Magic of Thinking Big? Absolutely love this time of year and I’m feeling so ready to achieve my goals!

    Need to add thank you notes to my list, thanks for sharing ♥

    Amy // snippetsofamy.co.uk

  13. 1.17.17
    Meg said:

    If you haven’t read The Happiness Project, I highly recommend it! Such a good read! Love your list! Organize and decorate my home office are on the top of my list — and I’ve been in my house for two years! Ha ha!

  14. 1.17.17
    Joni Nikodym said:

    Will you please do a post on organizing jewelry? I am in desperate need to figure out what to do with it all. I tried the Pinterest cork board for some earrings and necklaces but there is still so much and it’s taking over my night stands. HELP!

  15. 1.17.17
    Lori said:

    Thanks for the gentle reminders. I love all of your ideas. : )

  16. 1.17.17
    Elle said:

    Wow all of these are amazing! And this is basically my resolutions list for 2017 too haha. Great ideas!

  17. 1.18.17

    Stretching is 100% one of my goals this year! It’s so simple but so helpful to overall wellness.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  18. 1.19.17
    Emer said:

    Love all of your goals! I’ve set a lot of the same ones myself this year. I think it’s so important to set goals for ourselves…otherwise we just end up going though the motions and never realise our full potential.
    I’m determined to read more motivational books this year, along with upping time put aside for stretching and improving my flexability. Thanks for sharing X


  19. 1.19.17

    This was an amazing post! Seriously made my day for some reason. Full of positivity. I love goal-setting and can’t wait to try to add some of these to my list.

  20. 1.22.17
    Ali said:

    I don’t think I’ve ever related to a resolutions post so much!

    Ali | alibourke.com

  21. 1.23.17

    such a cute post, loving your tips! xo