Trend to Try: 90’s Are New Again

summer outfit denim shorts striped tee shirt panama hat leopard clutch black vest

The revival of 90’s trends this spring has me feeling… old. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but more of a been-around-the-block kind of way. Being in my mid-twenties (or late twenties, now I suppose), the past year or two have been the first time that trends I remember shopping for are coming back around again. We’ve already covered culottes (see this post!), Stan Smith sneakers (see this post!), and flared denim (see this post!) trending this spring. And today we’re chatting a few more nineties namesakes…

high waisted denim shorts, panama hat, striped tee, pumps

When I think of 90’s fashion, one of my first thoughts is always Rachel from Friends. Is that weird? From denim vests, overalls, choker necklaces, flannel, bandanas, high-waisted jeans, backpacks, crop tops, high-top sneakers, birkenstocks, matching sets, and shirts tied around the waist…. She tried them all! Let’s just hope that skinny eyebrows don’t make a comeback, too! 😉

clare vivier leopard calf hair clutch

I love the look of denim shorts, but I never feel that confident wearing them so I struggle to pull them off. Express asked me to style a pair of cutoffs this month, which was a fun shopping challenge to get me out of my comfort zone! I’ve been loving long vests of all shapes and sizes lately, so when I saw this long black trench-like vest, I knew it was the perfect piece to compliment a pair of short shorts. It was just the piece I needed to feel comfortable and confident!

how to wear a long black vest in the summer leopard clutch panama hat

I find that long vests typically look best with sleeveless or long-sleeved tops, but the sleeves on this elbow-length tee were just long enough to make it work. Bodysuits are another trend making a comeback, but I don’t think I can get back on that bandwagon just yet. A form-fitting ribbed tee felt retro enough for my nineties-inspired style!

stripes, leopard print clutch clare v, high waisted denim cut off shorts

With a pair of leg-elongating pumps, a pop of leopard print with my clutch, and a straw hat with a black ribbon, I absolutely love how this look came together! It feels fashion-forward, but not too trendy. With the denim, stripes, leopard, and subtle print mixing, it’s an outfit that feels very me. This look is proof that you can take a few key trends from previous decades and mix them into your current wardrobe for an outfit that feels fresh and modern, and not at all like the last time you wore it years ago.

how to wear a long black vest outfit, striped tee, denim shorts, leopard clutch, kate spade pumps

how to wear a panama hat in the summer outfit, striped tee shirt, black vest

how to wear short jean shorts with heels

j.crew panama hat, celine sunglasses, black and white striped elbow length tee shirt, black vest

summer outfit with high waisted denim shorts striped tee shirt long black vest

Get the Look…

Express Long Trench Vest (also available in white!)
Express Striped Ribbed Short-Sleeve Tee (also available in blue & white!)
Express Cutoff Denim Shorts (FYI: I sized up!)
Clare V Leopard Clutch
Kate Spade Black Pumps
Celine Sunglasses
J.Crew Panama Hat

high waisted denim cutoff shorts, long black vest, clare v leopard calf hair clutch, black kate spade licorice pumps

long blonde wavy curly hair highlights, panama hat

panama hat striped tee shirt long black vest denim jean shorts leopard clutch

womens jean shorts outfit with heels and a hat

print mixing stripes and leopard print with jean shorts and a black vest

womens outfit short denim shorts with high heels and a long vest

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  1. 4.12.16
    Natali said:

    Simple and chic combo! I’m loving your purse and vest very much! This is a perfect daytime combo on a sunny Spring day! 🙂

  2. 4.12.16
    Kari said:

    I really love this look. I have a long white vest, very similar to this, I got a few years back but not sure how to style it.

  3. 4.12.16

    Beautiful outfit!!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  4. 4.12.16

    Love this so much! One of your best outfits IMO!! Buying now… lol…

  5. 4.12.16

    I picked up a black trench vest during the Shopbop sale, but I’ve been having a hell of a time finding anything in my closet that I absolutely love it with. This gives me some much needed inspo! I love the length of the sleeves on that top, too.

  6. 4.12.16
    Aubrey said:

    I love that hat! Perfect for spring

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  7. 4.12.16
    TAMMY said:

    Boyfriend loves the Denim Cutoff Shorts on me with a belly shirt to show off my belly ring and either flip flops or t-strap sandals. Come summer I have to try this look with a pair of high heels. I am sure that this will keep boyfriends interest level high if you know what I mean. Perfect for summer.

  8. 4.12.16
    Bella B said:

    You look so gorgeous, I love that top an the vest!

  9. 4.12.16

    Love the vest with the shorts!

    Liz @

  10. 4.12.16

    I’m not normally into the 90s trend, but this look is so chic!!

  11. 4.12.16
    Meg said:
  12. 4.12.16
    Jill said:

    This is cute. It’s weird when all the trends come back around again. Having grown up in the 80’s (which I loved) the fashion can stay there! Can you start listing your lipstick and nail polish? I love the lipstick you have on in these pics.

    Thank you!!!

  13. 4.12.16
    Paula said:

    The wall is amazing. I love this outfit too! You look gorgeous. I love the black vest with the jean shorts.


  14. 4.12.16
    Lucy said:

    I absolutely love how you styled this! I’m also feeling a tiny bit old having seen these 90’s trends come around the first time! But I love how you modernized the pieces so they look perfect for now.

  15. 4.13.16
    Lindsey said:

    You look amazing! I’m dying over the 90’s fashion right now.That long pulls the outfit together perfectly. Love your style and your blog!
    Love, Lindsey

  16. 4.13.16
    Emily said:

    this striped top is perfect! xo

  17. 4.14.16

    OBSESSED!!! Definitely going to try this look out!
    XOXO Julia

  18. 4.18.16
    Romy said:

    I’m so glad the 90’s are back because I can wear chokers again yayyyayayaya

  19. 4.18.16
    Jane said:

    I love this outfit! The 90’s was a great era for fashion and music. I wish I was alive for more of it. My favorite part is the hat it is so cute.

  20. 4.26.16

    LOVE love love this outfit! And your legs – damn girl! Love the line of the vest and the lengthening effect it has with the cut offs. If it weren’t coming into Autumn in Sydney, I’d be copying for sure. x