Trend to Try: Stan Smiths

long vest, striped sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, white stan smith adidas sneakers, gucci disco crossbody bag

If we’re talking fashion, there’s absolutely *one* thing that stuck out from Hallie’s and my trip to Paris a few weeks ago… Stan Smiths.

I’ve been seeing these shoes everywhere over the last few months. Celebs, streetstyle blogs, fashion shows, you name it. Stan Smiths are the sneaker to be wearing right now! But, at least here in Chicago, you don’t see everyday girls on the street wearing them… yet. Hallie and I were blown away by the sheer number of Stan Smiths we could spot on the street at any given minute. Think of the number of swan floats on your Instagram feed over Memorial Day weekend… Or the number of guys wearing boat shoes on a summertime Saturday. Literally, EV-ER-Y-ONE. So naturally, Hallie and I each bought a pair (or two) on the plane ride home. The French ladies just seemed so chic… No matter if they were wearing their Stan Smiths with jeans or a dress, they looked effortless and put-together at the same time. Goals, girl. #GOALS

white stan smiths

And if you’re one that’s all about the thrill of the hunt… Get ready! These are so dang hard to find. Well, in your preferred color and size, that is. It should come to no surprise that navy was my number one choice when it came to my Stan Smiths! I ordered this pair without actually realizing that the navy was embossed with some sort of print. (Seriously, I ordered them from 30,000 feet above and I’m assuming the wifi was too spotty to zoom in and get a good look.) I was surprised when I opened the box, but I like them!

Stan Smiths are not to be confused with the adidas Superstars that we all wore in middle school. Nope, no shell toes here. (Thankfully!) As much as I loved my countless pairs of three-striped shoes that would color-coordinate with all of my outfits, I’m definitely not ready to re-live that trend just yet.

stan smiths outfit womens

celine sunglasses audrey

navy blue striped shirt, long camel vest, vineyard vines boyfriend jeans, gucci disco soho bag, adidas stan smith white with blue sneakers women

I did a little research as to why Stan Smiths have suddenly been everywhere since last summer. I guess adidas did a big PR stunt where they sent celebrities a pair with their faces drawn on the tongue. (If you look closely, you can see Stan Smith drawn on the tongue of these shoes! I know, I know. adidas must have accidentally forgotten me off their mailing list with my custom pair. 😂) From there, they kind of blew up. You can read a lot more about that here, including the history of the sneakers back to 1963. FYI: If you’re just as clueless as I was, Stan Smith was/is a tennis player. The more you know!

Any way, I think Stan Smiths are here to stay for a while. Mark my words, you’ll be seeing a lot more of these sneakers around the US this summer and fall. (And probably even next summer, too!) I mean, even J.Crew is carrying them now.

womens blue stan smiths

I found a few sites with some availability if you want to snag a pair for yourself…
Green: available here, available here, available here, & available here
Navy: backorder here, pre-order here, a few sizes here

Crushing on this pink pair so hard! This printed pre-order pair is also amazing. You can’t go wrong with white on white. I also love the grey and white pairLuisaviaroma has a great selection of fun colors and prints. I also love this white linen/green pair for summer! And of course, classic black.

celine sunglasses audrey, striped blue and white hooded sweatshirt, camel wool trench coat vest

how to wear adidas stan smiths

Get the Look…

ASOS Long Vest
Old Navy Striped Sweatshirt
Vineyard Vines Weekend Jeans (old, similar here & here)
adidas Stan Smith Sneakers
Celine Sunglasses
Gucci Crossbody Bag
Michael Kors Watch (similar here & here)

adidas stan smiths navy blue

how to style stan smiths

gucci disco bag, long camel wool vest, striped sweatshirt, vineyard vines boyfriend jeans, white adidas stan smith sneakers women

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  1. 3.29.16

    you look so cute, I love the vest

  2. 3.29.16
    Natali said:

    Couple of years ago I would never imagine myself in kicks like these, but “present” me LOVES my Stan Smiths and I could get another 4 pairs and love them equally much! 😀
    You’re looking great in this casual combo!

  3. 3.29.16
    Rachel said:

    These have been ALL over NYC! I got a black pair with leopard on the back.. love them! So cute and comfy! I like the detailing on the back of yours too 🙂

  4. 3.29.16
    MacKenzie said:

    LOVE this look! I may need to scoop up a pair of these Stan Smiths now!

  5. 3.29.16
    Monika said:

    Love stans, always!

  6. 3.29.16
    Jessica said:

    I finally caved and bought some Adidas. I’m obsessed! Love this look.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  7. 3.29.16
    Aubrey said:

    I’ve never heard of stan smith’s but I’ll have to try them! You look so cute in them.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  8. 3.29.16
    Lulu said:

    They’re the BEST! Got mine a month ago and thinking it’s already time for a second pair so I have #options… right? (and so they stay white!)

  9. 3.29.16
    Kelli Brunson said:

    I am in love with this look. I’ve never been a fan of shoes like this, but I really like it the way you’ve styled them. I’ve recently found your blog (just a few months ago) and I am in love with it. You’re snapchat is great too!

  10. 3.29.16
    Twest said:

    It’s so funny that these have made a comeback…I wore these in middle school! 🙂

  11. 3.29.16
    Rose said:

    It’s funny you did a post about this/talked about how they haven’t reached Chicago yet—I just had a conversation with a co-worker the other day about how NYC seems to be over them and is moving on (to what, we’ll see—but they feel kind of tired here!). Funny how trends spread around the world, I always say it hasn’t made it yet until I see it on the streets at home in Iowa haha 🙂

    • 3.29.16
      Jessica said:

      Haha I totally feel you on the Iowa thing, I have the same feelings about where I grew up four hours south of Chicago! It’s interesting to hear your perspective from someone who works in fashion… When you work in the industry, I think trends come on a lot faster and you’re especially more likely to try out a trend first. You know? While the Stan Smith craze probably feels tired to you and your like-minded friends in fashion, a good portion of the US hasn’t even heard of the sneakers. Crazy, isn’t it? When I was working in accessories in New York, I would always have to think of small-town Illinois and remember that just because NYC has caught on to something, is over something, etc., the rest of the US isn’t always in the same boat. And on that note — I MISS NEW YORK! 🙁

      • 3.30.16
        Rose said:

        I know!! I’m constantly reminding my co-workers that just because they’re over something doesn’t mean it’s over everywhere else—my friends back home just recently discovered Catbird for instance. It’s so easy to get caught up in that mindset that NYC is everything—and it always reminds me of that scene in The Devil Wears Prada about the cerulean blue sweater she’s wearing, haha. Come visit soon, let’s get a drink!

  12. 3.29.16
    Lisa said:

    These have been trending in Chicago since last year I have had mine over a year bought at urban outfitter and the other pair at adidas across from Saint Laurent they have been selling out as soon as they get them in for the last year lucky I got mine

  13. 3.29.16
    Kate said:

    Love this outfit! It’s preppy but not over the top!

  14. 3.29.16

    Omg I remember wearing those Adidas in school! I LOVED them!