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Happy Easter Weekend! Whether you were off work for Good Friday, are spending time with family and friends this weekend, or are simply enjoying a beautiful spring weekend, I hope it’s wonderful!

I was browsing the web yesterday when I came across an “eggspresso” and was immediately intrigued! And no, this isn’t just another mispronunciation of espresso. (Does hearing “expresso” instead of “espresso” sound like nails on a chalkboard for anyone else? 😂) An eggspresso is a shot of espresso brewed into a chocolate Easter egg. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, this sounds absolutely magical! A coffee company in Australia came up with the trend and a few shops in Denmark and New Zealand have caught on, too. I couldn’t find anything of the sort in Chicago so I decided to make my own at home yesterday! Spoiler alert: They’re awesome. If you’re putting together a little Easter brunch tomorrow, I would highly recommend. Or if you want to put your chocolate eggs to good use, try this out for a sweet treat or afternoon pick-me-up!

chocolate easter eggs recipe

I ran out to the store yesterday afternoon to buy chocolate eggs, but since most of the selection was picked over and I only had time to go to the Walgreens closest to my apartment, I couldn’t find any hollow chocolate eggs. If you want to save some time and mess, try to find hollow eggs! But if you’re up for a little DIY, just buy a few filled eggs. Since I was eggsperimenting, I bought quite a few varieties. I bought Lidnt chocolate truffle eggs, Cadbury creme eggs, and Cadbury caramel eggs. Buy the Cadbury kind! The Lindt variety are a longer oval shape than the Cadbury and the truffled-chocolate filling is harder to remove. Between the creme and caramel Cadbury eggs, it’s really up to you! As assumed, the caramel filling is much more messy to remove. I personally love caramel, though, so a little extra leftover in the egg was a much-appreciated touch in my eggspresso!

Another hint: Buy way more eggs than you think you will need!

chocolate easter egg recipes

Once you unwrap the metal foil from the egg, you need to chop off the smaller top of the egg. Things can go awry here! Be extra careful or your entire egg will crumble. (Editor’s Note: A lot of eggs were harmed in the making of this post.) I actually found it easier to use a steak knife with a bit of a serrated edge and using a slight seesaw motion, versus chopping with a sharp chef’s knife. Once you get the hang of it, though, it’s smooth sailing.

chocolate easter eggs

The next step is to remove the filling from the egg. Any small utensil will work for this… My espresso spoons were too big to fit inside the egg so I used a small cheese spreader, as well as the backside of my flatware (the end you typically hold to eat). I’d scoop some out, wipe the utensil with a papertowel, and scoop some more. Obviously, be gentle as to not break the egg, but the chocolate eggs were surprisingly thick and durable!

Don’t worry too much about removing every bit of creme or caramel. It’s just an added sugary bonus!

chocolate eggs with espresso eggspresso

From there, it’s pretty easy! Sit your hollow chocolate egg in a small espresso cup and hit brew! A lot of my espresso cups fit a double espresso, which is fine, but for photos I had to prop the egg up inside so you could see it. I found it easier to use a single espresso cup for the best presentation!

chocolate eggs

easter brunch menu ideas

Using a clear glass espresso mug is also encouraged if you’re going for presentation!

easter candy recipe

easter coffee recipe

easter egg ideas

From there, brew and serve! The chocolate egg will slowly melt into the hot espresso for a sweet kick. And if you drink your espresso fast enough, eating the coffee-soaked chocolate out of the mug is highly encouraged! 😉

easter egg recipes chocolate espresso

easter eggs recipe chocolate espresso

easter sunday brunch menu

easter sunday brunch

espresso shot with chocolate easter egg

If you end up making an eggspresso this weekend, or this coming week using up some of the chocolate eggs from your Easter basket, I’d love to hear how it went! Leave a comment below, tweet me (@bowsandsequins), tag me on Instagram (@bowsandsequins), or send me a Snapchat (jessicasturdy).

Hoppy Easter! xo

PS: Check out this post all about my Nespresso machine!

espresso shot with chocolate

It looks a little something like this…


And here are a few images to pin for later…

how to make easter eggspressos chocolate eggs with espresso coffee shot

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  1. 3.26.16
    Courtney said:

    Hello- this is unrelated to the post but did you ever try an Equinox gym while in New York? I’m thinking about joining the one in houston but was curious to see if you had been to one or know someone who has and what you/they thought?
    No worries if not! Love your blog! 🙂

    • 3.26.16
      Jessica said:

      Hey Courtney! I have multiple friends in New York that belong to Equinox and they love it! When I belonged to a gym in NYC, I chose NYSC because I was on a tighter budget at the time and I think it was over $100 cheaper per month. That being said, I never felt comfortable enough to even shower at NYSC because it never seemed that clean. If I had been able to afford Equinox at the time, I would have most certainly joined. I ended up cancelling my gym membership when I was always opting for boutique fitness classes (SoulCycle, SLT, etc.) instead of going to the gym. If I were to join a gym now (in Chicago or NYC), it would 100% be Equinox! (I now have a gym in my building in Chicago.) On a random note, I used to FREQUENT the Juice Generations in Equinox locations all over NYC so I’ve been to quite a few of the locations and have always been impressed. Does the Equinox in Houston ever let you try the gym out for a week or two before signing on?

      • 3.26.16
        Courtney said:

        Thanks so much for the insight! I contacted the membership office and they are going give me a few trial days, and let me take a few classes. The facility seriously looks incredible, and their juices are awesome. We are getting a Soul Cycle soon too! Can’t wait to try it out.
        Have a great Easter and thanks again for the reply

    • 3.26.16
      Taylor Booth said:

      I am an Equinox member in NYC and think that if you know you will go consistently multiple times a week, it is 100% worth it. Super clean, friendly staff, amazing facilities (at most of the locations I’ve been to in NYC), and some of the classes are on par with those at boutique fitness studios.

      But if you are the type of person who joins a gym, goes for a couple weeks and then stops, it’s a total waste (although any gym membership would be….). Hope this helps!

      • 3.26.16
        Courtney said:

        Hi Taylor- thanks so much, this is really helpful and I’m glad you love it! I’m going to give it a try! The facility is so pretty and the classes seem great!
        Thanks again!

  2. 3.26.16
    Jessica said:

    Brilliant! This is one of the best things I have seen all day. These are two of my favorite things. And I totally agree about the “expresso” thing. I used to work at a coffee shop and it drove me nuts!!!


    • 3.26.16
      Jessica said:

      Right?! Two of my favorites, too!

  3. 3.26.16

    Hi Jessica, Happy Easter! Just so your blog is correct. Karvan Coffee is a brand of coffee/roastery not a coffee shop

    • 3.26.16
      Jessica said:

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ve now changed “shop” to “company.” I assumed you operated like a Starbucks, for example, and had your own shops, too. Regardless, kudos to you for creating such a fun concoction!

      • 3.26.16

        Thanks very much it has all been a lot of fun. Happy Easter. Regards Fleur

  4. 3.26.16

    Hmm I’m curious about this!

  5. 3.26.16
    Emily said:

    YUM! My husband loves cadbury eggs! I will have to try this with him!


  6. 3.27.16
    Viola said:

    That looks so good!

  7. 3.27.16
    Monika said:

    This is the best idea ever!

  8. 3.27.16
    Sasha said:

    I have to say that I am not a fan of coffee but this looks really good! I’ll pass this recipe off to my friends who drink coffee.

  9. 3.27.16

    This looks so yummy 😉

    Blonde in Cashmere

  10. 3.28.16
    Lucy said:

    These look delicious!! Yum!


  11. 4.8.16
    Nikki said:

    Wow! I wish I saw this before Easter. Each amazing one their own, together I’m sure unreal. But I mean, you don’t NEED Easter to put chocolate in your coffee….right?! 😉

    Nikki | http://www.nikkibstyles.com