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If you’re shopping for a girl who loves to get her sweat on, she’d be thrilled with any of these gifts! The fitness fanatic doesn’t have to be a marathoner, but maybe she’s addicted to barre classes, running, spin classes, lifting weights, pilates, boxing, bootcamp, yoga or anything in between. Whether it’s a new yoga mat bag, a chic water bottle, a gold fitness tracker, a must-have tote, or a sleek new pair of sneakers, you’re sure to hit a home run.

SoulCycle Gift Card  |  Racket Bag  |  Foam Roller  |  In-Ear Sport Headphones  |  Gold Fitness Band  |  Nylon Note  |  Bright Goggles  |  Gold Water Bottle  |  Skidless Yoga Towel  |  Tory Burch Fitness Tracker  |  Goggles Case  |  Stylish Sneakers

SoulCycle Gift Card: What fitness freak isn’t raving about boutique fitness studios lately? If there isn’t a SoulCycle in your area or cycling isn’t her thing, pick up a gift card to her favorite barre or yoga studio.

Foam Roller: I have such a love hate relationship with foam rolling… It’s so essential for sore muscles, but omg it hurts. I’m always striving to do more stretch and foam rolling and I’m sure she is, too! Maybe this brightly printed foam roller will give her a little nudge.

Jawbone Band: I just upgraded to the UP3 from the UP2 because I was interested in the heart rate function that the UP2 lacks. The UP3 also digs in a little bit deeper to your sleep patterns — Light, Deep, and REM. (All of my Jawbone bands before only tracked Light and Deep!) Both bands would make for a great gift, just depend what she wants to track and how much you want to spend! Shop the UP2 bands here and the UP3 bands here.

MZ Wallace Nylon Tote: The medium sized tote is the perfect shoulder bag for the gym. It’s super light weight, weather friendly, and easy to fold up and stash, too! If you know she’ll want a crossbody strap, go with the sutton style.

Yogi Toes: This skidless towel goes on top of your yoga mat for sweat-heavy heated yoga classes. It’s an absolute must-have for me!

Swell Water Bottle: Swell bottles keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours! And they come in a whole bunch of cute prints and patterns. Shop them all here!

PS: Have you checked out Tory Sport yet? It’s Tory Burch’s new fitness site. So much country-club-chic activewear and fun accessories. Loving this canvas tote, this scarf, this sports bra, this sweater, this zip-up, and this bag. Browse a few more of my favorites below!

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