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Today’s gift guide is for the CEO-in-the-making, the badass business babe, the girl who logs more hours at the office than her home, and the girl who is always on the go because of her career! You know, just your fellow female that is absolutely crushing it. (PS: you’re also on the list!)

Pencil Set   |  Arrow Paperclips  |  In-Ear Headphones  |  Acrylic Stapler  |  Loafers  |  Paperclips  |  Simplified Planner  |  Leather Notebook  |  Leather Card Case  |  #GOALS Notebook  |  Eye Cooling Gels  |  USB Cord  |  Charger  |  Gold Card Case  |  Leather Tech Gloves  |  Watch  |  Tote  |  Driving Mocs

Let’s talk the essentials, shall we? There are a few items that each and every working girl needs, and needs a few of! First, the tote. The work bag is clutch. It’s got to be able to fit your computer, files, workout clothes, lunch, probably a pair of heels, keys/wallet/phone, you name it. Sometimes it has to look presentable for clients, sometimes it doesn’t. And most importantly, it has to be durable! Oh, and it obviously has to look cute, too. I’ve never been the biggest Tory Burch handbag fan, but I’m actually obsessed with this tote. I love how sleek it is! Navy, maroon, gray, or black… you can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for all-weather, you can rarely go wrong with this tried-and-true must-haveHere are a few of my favorites that meet the bill…

Next up, flats. Yep, even every heel-wearing girl needs a few go-to pairs of flats. I love a good ballet flat, but dare I say the pointed loafer and the driving mocs are the new ballet flats? They’re just so much more fresh and modern! I’m dying for a pair of Tod’s driving moccasins (or these!), and don’t know anyone who would turn up their nose at a pair of them under the tree. I just got these pointed loafers and I LOVE them… So comfortable straight out of the box. BUT if she’s a ballet girl through and through, this is the best pair on the market for price/comfort/durability. Trust. Anyway, her flats have to be comfortable. They have to be easy to slip on and off. They have to be durable. And they have to go with a large majority of her work wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorites…

Now on to office supplies. I know I’m not alone in my love for office supplies. Cheeky notepads, fun pens, funny post-its, and sleek staplers make any long day at your desk just a little bit better!

I wasn’t really sure where these books should go in the Gift Guide series, because they’re honestly for EVERYONE. But then I was thinking about it, and actually every girl out there is a #GIRLBOSS in her own way. Every. Single. One. No matter if you’re climbing the corporate ladder, kicking ass and taking names doing your own thing, studying your ass off in school, running the best damn household on the block, or something totally awesome off the beaten path… We’re all crushing it, you know?

So, here are a few books that have literally changed my life and I highly recommend you to buy them for yourself, buy them for your girlfriends, buy them for each and every badass you know. Again, trust.

You Are A Badass  |  5-Minute Journal  |  The 52 Lists Project  //  This one is a little more on the silly side, but still a great reminder to keep on your desk — You Are Doing A Freaking Great Job

Oh, and I suppose the actual #GIRLBOSS book should be added, too! (Confession: It’s on my nightstand, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. So I can’t say how it is, but since it sparked the whole #girlboss phenomenon, it deserves a mention.)

And a few more things… Headphones to drown out surrounding conversation. A card case to make sure she always has her business cards on her. (I’ve had this one for years, so durable!) Leather gloves that look dressed up, but also work with a touchscreen phone. (YAAAAS!) And cooling eye-gel patches because my guess is she probably doesn’t get much sleep.

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    Looking forward to 25 days of Gift Guides. I’m currently working on mine now. Great list! Thanks for sharing 🙂