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It’s pretty crazy what a change in scenery can do for your mind, isn’t it? I’ve been at my parents’ house since Thursday and it’s been so great to just get away for a little bit and escape the hustle and bustle. Swapping the concrete jungle of NYC for green grass and blue skies isn’t something I used to long for, but it’s been so nice to decompress, spend time with my family, and quite frankly — do a whole lot of nothing.

My mom, dad, and I drove to Champaign yesterday (where I went to college) to watch the Illinois Baseball game. (The team has now won 24 games straight and has already clenched the Big Ten championship!) We brought my dog, Daisy, but found out that dogs stopped being allowed into the games two years ago. Oops! We couldn’t exactly drive the 90 miles back to take her back home, so I ended up sitting outside of the stadium with her for the entire game. And my phone was dead. Normally, I would have freaked out under these circumstances. “THREE HOURS WITH LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO?! THIS IS SUCH A WASTE OF TIME!” But I just embraced it — and oh my gosh you guys, it was so nice to be outside on a beautiful day, with nowhere to be, and no digital device to distract me from my own thoughts. If you can’t go a whole weekend or an entire day, I highly recommend just unplugging for a few hours if you can! (Hint: you can.)

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I’m working from Illinois this week because I’m headed to Chicago for a wedding this coming weekend! I packed for the entire trip — all twelve days — in this blue carry-on suitcase from Zappos. Sometimes less is more! There’s nothing I hate more than being bogged down by my luggage when I’m traveling so I always try to pack only a carry-on. This suitcase actually has a little zipper that opens to expand, which gives you a few extra inches! My trick on this trip? Most of the wardrobe I packed is navy and white so everything pairs back to each other. All of my shoes match all of my outfits, I can wear each top with white jeans, blue jeans, or boyfriend jeans. Options are endless, even though there are just a few pieces! (An added bonus — being able to wash my clothes at my parents’ house before I go up to Chicago.)

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ralph lauren espadrilles summer wedges

These Ralph Lauren espadrilles from Zappos are sure to be my go-to wedges this summer! We already know that majority of my closet is navy blue and with how comfortable these are, I already know they’re going to get worn over and over and over again. They’re great for summer travel because you can wear them on the plane (or train) and step off at your destination looking that much more put together. Last summer, there were multiple weekends where I had to go straight from the airport to an event to meet my friends (no time for an outfit change) and comfortable heels were a must-have.

blue and white printed scarf joe fresh

Get the Look…

J.Crew Sweater
Joe Fresh Scarf (similar here & here)
Old Navy White Jeans
Lauren Ralph Lauren Espadrille Wedges via Zappos
Lilly Pulitzer Aviator Sunglasses via Zappos
Delsey Suitcase via Zappos
Michael Kors Watch
Margaret Elizabeth Bracelet
Lauren Ralph Lauren Bracelet (on sale here .. also available here)
Ann Taylor Cuff (wearing two)
Essie ‘Petal Pusher’

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  1. 5.11.15

    I absolutely love that scarf! So cute!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. 5.11.15

    Welcome back to Illinois! We’ve actually had pretty great weather here lately (at least in Central IL), so you’re here at a good time! I didn’t know that our (I went to U of I too) baseball team was that good? I’m guilty of having never gone to a game before, but sounds like you had a nice day for it! Have fun at your wedding and safe travels back to NYC!


  3. 5.11.15
    Katherine said:

    I finally purchased a pair of white jeans this spring, and I love how versatile they are! Absolutely loving the navy paired with it!

    Katherine || The Green Bows

  4. 5.11.15

    I’ve been really good about staying off social media for large chunks of time, but then instead of just browsing what’s new once I come back to it, I end up going back 18 hours on Instagram and suddenly 45 minutes has gone by! I should probably stop doing that 😉 Enjoy the rest of your week with the fam!

  5. 5.11.15
    Natali said:

    Fantastic scarf and such a stylish suitcase! 🙂

  6. 5.11.15
    Meagan said:
  7. 5.11.15
    Alexandra said:

    Gorgeous scarf! The productivity freak in me would have flipped out at first – but I definitely see the appeal!

    Warm Regards,

  8. 5.11.15
    Minau said:

    Very nice look

  9. 5.11.15

    Navy and white, my absolute favorite combo. Thinking I need to pick up this sweater and scarf ASAP!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  10. 5.11.15
    Liv said:

    Love the color combo. Looking great as usual 🙂


  11. 5.11.15

    Great wedges. You look wonderful!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  12. 5.12.15
    IRENE said:

    you look beautiful! I have an addiction to my phone too but it is good to just turn this thing off sometimes!
    hope you have a good time all these days!

  13. 5.12.15

    I used to be a hugeeee over packer but there is something refreshing about just bringing a carry on.


  14. 5.12.15
    Elisabeth said:

    This outfit is so my style. It’s comfortable and casual, yet so feminine. I love that sweater. Those heels are amazing. Is that style comfortable?

    Diary of Elegance

  15. 5.13.15
    Elana said:

    I love your outfit! I’m so glad you’re having a nice time at home!