What to Wear When You’d Rather Hibernate

black faux fur hat camel wool coat

One part Russian-chic, one part it-was-too-friggen-cold-to-even-see-straight-this-past-weekend. A faux furry hat was necessary!

camel coat, black pants, black booties, black faux fur topper

Notice the seemingly empty Washington Square Park behind me? You guys, this was a WEEKEND. It was *that* cold outside. New York was apparently in hibernation mode. (If you’re not from around here, this park is normally pretty packed on Saturdays and Sundays. Heck, even Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, too.)

black fur hat, camel coat

In my current craving of simplicity, I’ve been wearing a whole lot of black and white. When I haven’t been wearing winter white, I’ve been wearing black and camel. I’ve been as boring as they come! But I just can’t help it… The combinations feels so clean, put-together, and polished. And so easy, too!

A camel-colored coat is a winter staple.. Everyone needs one! I have two camel coats that I’ve been rotating all winter long. (You can see how I last wore this one here and my other one here.)

Since I was proud of myself for even leaving my apartment last weekend, I kept my outfit pretty minimalistic. I stuck to all-black basics — (one of my many) J.Crew Tissue Turtlenecks, J Brand skinny jeans, and chunky black booties. I let my camel car coat and black (faux) fur hat do the statement making!

faux fur hat

what to wear in the winter in nyc


Lands’ End Coat (on sale! and available in tons of other colors, too!)
J Brand Jeans
Ted Baker Faux Fur Hat (similar for $40similar for $13)
3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Bag
Michael Kors Watch
Bauble Bar Earrings
Tibi Boots (on sale!) (also on sale here!)
Lipstick: NARS ‘Anna’

washington square park snow winter

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  1. 1.15.15

    I think the camel and black is a great color combo!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

  2. 1.15.15
    Emily said:

    Good to know that Landsend carries that coat in tall. When it’s too friggin cold, a peacoat won’t even cut it for me. I need my north face sleeping bag coat if its below 30 degrees, otherwise I will not be warm.

  3. 1.15.15
    Meagan said:

    Love this look! I’m a HUGE black and camel fan!

  4. 1.15.15
    Natali said:

    Oh yes! Such a lovely, Russian chic outfit! 🙂
    Minimalistic, but beautiful outfit!


  5. 1.15.15
    Rena said:

    A beautiful and really elegant winter look! The cap is perfect for you <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  6. 1.15.15

    Cute hat! I have been in NY in July but I want to go there over Christmas and winter sometime!


  7. 1.15.15
    Andrea said:

    That fur hat is so cute on you Jess! I’m loving the minimalistic color palette you’ve been rocking lately, very chic!



  8. 1.15.15

    This coat resembles one I’ve been eyeing from J. Crew! Looking classy 😉 We’re supposed to get up into the 50’s this weekend which is practically unheard of at this time for Kansas City. I can’t wait to get outside and actually enjoy being out there!

  9. 1.15.15

    Pretty photos, I love your hat

  10. 1.15.15

    Wow a cute look!

  11. 1.15.15

    Such a cute hat! Love this outfit!

    Madison Martine

  12. 1.15.15
    Alexandra said:

    Love your hat! I’ve been obsessed with a fur headband this week 🙂

    Warm Regards,

  13. 1.15.15
    Cait said:

    I feel like I have such a hard time with finding something cute but that’s going to keep me warm… but it looks like you have! Love this camel coat!

    -xo Cait

  14. 1.15.15
    M A R T A said:

    I like that coat! Your eyes are really pretty!


  15. 1.15.15

    Love your cute hat, you look gorgeous!


  16. 1.15.15
    Baanou said:

    We love the Camel-Colored coat! Cute pics!

    It looks cold.. Brrrrr 🙂


  17. 1.15.15
    Jillian said:

    Such a darling outfit! Stay warm up there!!


  18. 1.15.15

    Love love love this look! The hat is perfect with your hair

  19. 1.15.15

    Great winter outerwear combo! This winter is harsh! Boo to this polar vortex!

  20. 1.15.15
    Melissa said:

    The camel and black, you can never go wrong! I’m in love with your hat, I need it in my life. And you’re so right about the park, is it spring/summer yet. 🙂



  21. 1.16.15
    IRENE said:

    love the furry hat! when it is so cold what can you really do! love it!

  22. 1.16.15
    Vera said:

    Such a pretty, chic & cozy outfit! I love your hat- you look beautiful!


  23. 1.16.15
    pippa said:

    That Lands End Coat is so chic! You look beautiful. Perfect modern/feminine shape.

  24. 1.16.15
    Bev said:

    That is one spectacular look!!!

  25. 1.16.15
    Jamie said:

    Brr that sounds way too cold now that I’m used to Las Vegas weather! Very cute winter outfit, though 🙂 I love the lipstick color, too!


  26. 1.18.15
    Sabina B said:

    such a nice look, love the coat!


  27. 1.18.15
    Teodora said:

    Absolutely love your outfit.. especially the hat! 🙂


  28. 1.18.15
    Sam said:

    Love this outfit! Especially that hat. It looks so nice and warm. Not going to lie, I have been basically hibernating in my apartment whenever it’s cold or gross out. Is spring here yet??

    Savvy City Chic

  29. 1.18.15
    Melissa said:

    LOVE that bag!

  30. 1.18.15
    Tonie said:

    The hat is too cute! Love the black and camel. Perfect chic look for a freezing day in NYC.

  31. 1.19.15
    Hayley said:

    Just found your blog and LOVE it! This is such an amazing outfit, I want every single piece! Thanks for posting your fashion tips, such great advice 🙂

  32. 1.19.15
    Kylie said:

    I think you may have just started the Russian Chic trend 😉 I could totally live in this outfit all winter!

    xo Kylie

  33. 1.19.15
    Jessica said:

    I just found your blog and LOVE it! Your looks are so cute!


  34. 1.20.15

    I love your classic looks lately! Years ago, when I was living in NYC, a camel coat was my first Zara purchase and is still a closet staple!

    Heidi D.

  35. 1.21.15

    Love this hat! Very Russian princess!