Favorite Fall Workouts

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Now that it’s cooled off a bit, it’s back to indoor workouts for me. I’ve long been into yoga, pilates, spin, and barre so I’m getting back in the groove of filling my calendar with classes! (And especially after Paris, I need ALL OF THE WORKOUTS. But more on that to come!) Hallie, Bianca, and I were talking about our post-Paris diets and impending two-a-days to burn off all of the bread, wine, and cheese calories we consumed on our trip and I have a handful of new classes that I want to try this fall!

Bianca films all of the Healthy Obsession videos for Glam.com (you can see them all here!) so she tries out a ton of new boutique fitness studios throughout New York and beyond. City Row, Chaise Fitness, and new types of ballet-inspired workouts are currently at the top of my list! Since I so heavily rely on group fitness classes (I’ve found they’re the best way for me to hold myself accountable.), I’ve actually been thinking about joining ClassPass. Have you tried it? It’s $99/month for 10 classes at any of the 200+ studios in their network in New York. Sadly, my beloved SoulCyle is not on the list. But FlyWheel, Exhale, Barry’s Bootcamp, and more are!

How are you planning on staying in shape this fall?!

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  1. 10.15.14
    Emily commented:

    Omg I need ClassPass to work for the Chicago area. I travel all over the suburbs for work and can’t commit to a gym because I’m never in the same spot.

    • 10.15.14

      Class Pass is now in Chicago! 🙂

      • 10.16.14
        Emily commented:

        Thanks I just got a notification that my wait is over and I can sign up. I wish there were more suburban locations 🙁 I live in Chicago but work in the suburbs so much and travel for work. Hopefully there are more options like ClassPass soon though!

  2. 10.15.14
    Jess Zimlich commented:

    I’ve been taking Bar Method for a little over 3 months now and I love it! I heard about Class Pass through several Chicago bloggers, but after reaching out, it doesn’t sound like they are going to make their way to Kansas City anytime soon 🙁

  3. 10.15.14
    Meaghan commented:

    I hear you about needing ALL THE WORKOUTS! I’m actually on a mission to try + document every boutique fitness class in NYC. Considering that the options in this city change weekly, looks like we have our work cut out for us. Good luck!

  4. 10.15.14
    Deanna commented:

    I wish I looked this cute when I went to the gym. Hell, I wish I would go to the gym! #itsbeenawhile #sweaterbody :/ Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Paris!

    Because I’m Obsessed

  5. 10.15.14
    Heidi D. commented:

    Love those sneaker and I cannot wait to hear about Paris!

    Heidi D.

  6. 10.15.14

    You look so cute! Love the sneaker wedges. That class pass sounds amazing! I’ll have to check and see if they have something like that in Atlanta!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  7. 10.15.14
    Meagan commented:

    Great post! I’m all about spin class! Best calorie burn ever!

  8. 10.15.14
    Alexandra commented:

    Those shoes are so so cute! Unfortunately I stay in shape with yoga 2x/week – no shoes!

    Warm Regards,

    • 10.15.14
      Jessica Sturdy commented:

      These are sneaker wedges! So I can’t work out in them either… I wear them to/from workouts where I don’t need sneakers — yoga, pilates, clip-in spin classes, etc. 😉

  9. 10.15.14
    Monica commented:

    Cool outfit! I love this scarf and it stand out amazing with black outfit!:)

  10. 10.15.14
    Red Reticule commented:

    The scarf is the perfect addition and beautifully presented in this colorful background.

    Red Reticule

  11. 10.15.14
    Natali commented:

    Amazing sneakers and scarf! You look great!


  12. 10.15.14
    Jennifer commented:

    I’ve been reading (stalking) your blog for TOO long to not comment on this! CLASSPASS: DO IT! I am totally obsessed 🙂

  13. 10.15.14
    Jennifer commented:

    Also: classpass is unlimited (no 10 class limit) until January!!!

  14. 10.15.14
    irene commented:

    love the outfit! i really love how stylish a working out outfit can be!


  15. 10.15.14
    megan commented:

    I’ve been doing ClassPass since May and I am obsessed! City Row is one of my absolute favorites, and I’ve now become addicted to pilates reformer classes. Even though there were several classes that I did not love (…aerial silks…), it’s still so amazing to be able to try them out! I feel like I should be on ClassPass’ payroll considering how much I rave about it to my friends!

  16. 10.15.14
    Bets commented:

    Could not agree more about the group fitness classes! Maybe it’s the competitive side of me, but that’s my preferred workout. I’m in Rhode Island and only wish we had a City Row! I belong to Golds and asked them if they’d be adding row classes to schedule anytime soon. They had no idea what I was talking about. 🙁

  17. 10.15.14
    Melissa commented:

    Love those sneakers!

  18. 10.16.14
    Karen commented:

    Great look! They have classpass out here in Boston & I love it! Its a great way to try out new studios or workouts but also stick with some of your favorite ones too!

  19. 10.16.14
    Kari commented:

    Looking into that ClassPass now. Seems like such a great value!

  20. 11.18.14
    Alexis Miller commented:

    Wow, Paris! I would love to take a trip to Paris. I find that group workouts tend to be more enjoyable. I have never heard of ClassPass but it sounds like a great thing!