Abercrombie Jeans Sizing Guide

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins shares Abercrombie & Fitch jeans sizing guide.

Wondering what the heck your size is in Abercrombie jeans? Look no further! I’ve heard great things about Abercrombie’s denim for years, so I went to an A&F store to do a massive try-on. While the sizing on Abercrombie jeans is very inclusive, it can be confusing since there are SO many options to choose from. Fit, styles, lengths, rises… Don’t worry if your head is starting to spin, I’ve got all the info you need to know.

Not only are there so many fits and rises and lengths and washes to choose from, but there are double the possibilities because of Abercrombie’s Curve Love options. I was overwhelmed (to say the least!) with all of the choices and figured you all were probably in the same boat, too. So in the spirit of research, I placed a giant order to my house. I ordered each pair in four different sizes to compare for this guide.

In the store, I got some good information on which rises work for me, but I felt like I was in between sizes with Abercrombie sizing and didn’t end up buying any pants to take home with me that day. But a few months ago when I was shopping for fall/winter denim, I placed a huge order before the holidays to do some more comparison and ended up keeping two pairs!

In this post, I’m sharing the current styles I own and love, as well as a bunch of notes on fit, styles, and Abercrombie jeans sizing. If you’re more of a visual person, I saved a bunch of videos in this Instagram highlight!

Abercrombie Jeans Sizing Tips

For reference, I’m 5’5″ but have a shorter torso and longer legs. Now in my 30s, I typically wear a size 6 (28) in jeans, but sometimes order a size 8 (29) in jeans that have zero stretch or are cut narrow.

Abercrombie Denim Rises

Since I have a short torso, their ‘High Rise’ is the longest rise I can take. A lot of Abercrombie denim comes in their popular ‘Ultra High Rise’ fit, but it nearly touches my ribs. If you have a longer torso, that style could potentially be great for you!

A&F’s High Rise hits just slightly above my belly button, which is where I prefer my jeans to sit. If I’m wearing a cropped top, I know I won’t have to worry about my belly button showing. Abercrombie now has a Mid-Rise and a Low-Rise fit that I need to try to compare. Stay tuned!

  • Ultra High Rise: 11.5″
  • High Rise: 10.5″
  • Mid Rise: 9.5″
  • Low Rise: 8.5″

I’ve had a hard time with Abercrombie jeans sizing over the years because I feel like I’m in between sizes. Right now, I’m finding that my true size 6 fits best in Abercrombie & Fitch denim. Although I consider myself to have more of an hourglass figure, I actually prefer A&F’s classic sizing, versus their Curve Love fit.

Abercrombie Curve Love

When it comes to Abercrombie’s ‘Curve Love’ style, I’d say I’m right on the cusp. According to Abercrombie, Curve Love jeans feature an additional 2″ through the hip and thigh to help eliminate waist-gap. From my trials and testing, I find the waist to be tighter on Curve Love denim. For Curve Love sizing, I prefer to go up a size to have more breathing room in the waist.

Abercrombie Denim Lengths

Abercrombie jeans are available in extra short, short, regular, long, and extra long lengths. I’m 5’5″ with longer legs and prefer the regular length. I mostly wear sneakers and flats, though, and find a slightly shorter jean to look more flattering on my legs. I find that I’m still able to wear the regular length with my low-heeled boots and booties. If I were buying a pair of jeans to wear with high heels or heeled boots, I’d maybe opt for the long length?

All Abercrombie jeans are available in the size range 23-37 and short, regular, and long lengths. Extra short lengths are available in sizes 23-30, and extra long lengths in sizes 25-32.

Chart explaining how Abercrombie jeans fit comparing lengths and heights.

Abercrombie Denim Styles

90s Straight

Abercrombie’s 90s Straight is one of their most popular denim styles. It’s a Straight Leg with an Ultra High Rise, which unfortunately is too high for me. If you’re looking for straight leg jeans and have a longer torso, these will probably be perfect for you.

Bows & Sequins Abercrombie Jeans Sizing Guide: Black Vegan Leather Pants

Pictured above are the 90s Straight (Ultra High Rise) in Black Faux Leather. They were so comfortable with a soft lining and super stretchy, but sadly way too high on me.

90s Relaxed

Abercrombie’s 90s Relaxed is a relaxed leg with a high rise. Since I need a High Rise, the 90s Relaxed is the fit I now have two pairs of.

Bows & Sequins Abercrombie Jeans Sizing Guide: 90s Relaxed in Dark Brown

Pictured above are the 90s Relaxed (High Rise) in Dark Brown. You can see how I’ve styled them with silver accessories in this post!

Bows & Sequins Abercrombie Jeans Sizing Guide: 90s Relaxed in Silver

Pictured above are the 90s Relaxed (High Rise) in Silver Foil. You can see how I’ve styled them for the Taylor Swift movie in this post!

Abercrombie Loose Jeans

By now, we all know that *loose* denim is the look right now! For spring, it seems like the looser the better. Since Abercrombie’s new Loose Jeans are in their 10.5″ high rise, I just ordered a few pairs to compare. Stay tuned!

Abercrombie Mom Jeans

If you’re looking for a classic straight leg style in a HIGH rise, check out Abercrombie’s Mom Jean style! They have a little bit of stretch to them to make them comfortable for all-day wear.

Chart showing the different styles of Abercrombie Jeans

Abercrombie Pant Sizing

A&F Sloane Tailored Pant

Abercrombie’s Tailored Sloane Pant is one of their best-selling styles, season after season. It’s available in countless colors, in both the regular and Curve Love fit. The Sloane Tailored Pant features an ultra high-rise fit, which makes it tough for my fellow short-torso gals.

A&F Harper Pant

If A&F’s ‘ultra high-rise’ is too much for you, meet their newest pant: the Harper Tailored Pant. It features a high rise and is also available in both regular and Curve Love. It’s not available in as many fabrics or colors quite yet, but keep your eyes out for more to come!


Do Abercrombie jeans fit true to size?

Personally, I do find Abercrombie jeans to fit true to size. Some styles have more stretch than others so pay close attention to the details and composition tab.

What size is a 37 in Abercrombie jeans?

Abercrombie jeans are available in sizes up to 37, which translates to a 24W. If you’re looking for more extended sizing, Madewell jeans are available up to 28W.

Does Abercrombie and Fitch run small?

If you’re in between sizes, I’d say that you should probably size up in Abercrombie clothing. I take a Medium in most of their tops and dresses! When it comes to Abercrombie jeans, I think they fit pretty true to size. Very similar to Madewell or Levi’s.

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