Friday Finds: No. 172

Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins wearing a white eyelet dress with Nike Dunks in Phantom Metallic Gold.

The week after Labor Day weekend always hits a little differently, doesn’t it? Especially with the chillier rainy days we’ve had in Chicago. Personally, I feel like it’s been a nice change of pace. I wrote more about my thoughts in this post, but I’m looking forward to the changing of the seasons. Already this week, it felt good to be at my desk planning for the rest of the year. But I’ll admit, it’s also a bit anxiety-inducing that we’re coming up on the 100-days-left mark. 🤯

Things to Listen to

I made a fresh playlist for you guys! Maybe a little bit counterintuitive from what I was just saying, but I named the playlist Forever Summer. To me, summertime can be a mindset and I try to hold on to those feel-good vibes even as the weather turns chillier. Today, for example, happy tunes to listen to inside even though it’s grey and rainy out the window. Take a listen on Spotify!

Things to Shop

On my wish list: Silver Accessories for Fall

I ordered this lip oil this week, excited to try it out! I’ve *loved* every other product I’ve tried from the brand, so hoping this one is just as good.

Shirt dresses rarely look good on me, but MAN OH MAN I’m obsessed with this striped polo dress. I feel like the fit would actually work?! Do you like the black stripe or the tan walnut striped version better?? It’s also available in a striped navy version, as well as a SHORT striped navy version.

I bought these rhinestone ballerina flats this week without thinking twice. Whoopsies.

My OG blog readers will fully understand this reference… These bow pumps are the quintessential reminder that everything old is new again. (We all had these thirteen years ago, didn’t we?!)

I’ve yet to buy a midi denim skirt so I was THRILLED to find this one for such a steal! I feel like it will be so cute styled with boots and sweaters this fall. Extra 30% off today, too!

I’ve had my eye on this crochet dress for weeks and it’s finally on sale! I was keeping it in mind for a girls trip to Cabo, but it’s actually looking like I might not be able to go because of a scheduling conflict. Womp, womp.

Did I tell you guys I need to get glasses? Thankfully, not enough to have them be *required* to drive, but it was recommended to get a pair to help me see at a distance. Since I’m mainly outside when I’m trying to see at a distance, I was thinking prescription sunglasses would probably be my first purchase? My employer (Bows & Sequins 🤪) doesn’t provide me with vision insurance so I’m trying to just get one pair for now. Anyway, I was very happy to find that Quay now has prescription frames!

Other Things of Note

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Outfit Details: Eyelet Dress, Nike Dunks, Oura Ring

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