Savoring September

September in Chicago. Falling Leaves and Shorter Days

While this past weekend marks the unofficial end of the summer, we still have a few full weeks of the season ahead! I’m always talking about how “August is the Sunday of Summer.” I didn’t make that up, but I can’t remember where I heard it. Just as we know #SundayScaries all too well, I typically get the worst Summer Scaries every year in August. Especially with my birthday being on the very last day of the month (8/31), it always feels like the party is over come September 1st.

But for some reason, this year feels different. I was talking about it with Dave last week and wondering if it was maybe because we had a FULL summer in our place this year. Last year, we moved in at the end of June, which made May and June pretty stressful with buying, selling, and moving. After that, we definitely enjoyed the summer on our rooftop, but we were obviously still getting settled and figuring things out.

This summer, it really felt like we did it all. On the home front, we got our garden planted in early May. Our new furniture finally arrived. We threw an epic Summer kickoff party, inflated our MinniDip pool over and over again, grilled almost daily, and watched every sunset we could. We lived so much life up on our roof!

And then on the social front, we also did it all! Countless concerts and Cubs games. We saw Bruce Springsteen AT Wrigley… Twice. We went to one day of Lollapalooza. We saw The Wallflowers at Winnetka Music Festival. We went up to Milwaukee for Summerfest. Our friends had a Lobster Bake. We hosted a cookout for my college friends. Lots of date nights and dinners out with friends. A 90s Party to celebrate a 40th. We took our annual trip up to Northern Michigan. We celebrated my birthday in style. We went to all of the street tests in our neighborhood. We spent an afternoon at the beach. It really feels like we did it ALL.

Maybe why I’m excited for September is because I’m really friggin’ tired. 😅

I always forget how much I love the change of pace that September brings in Chicago. It’s still warm and sunny, but with a more relaxed vibe. Less tourists. Kids are back in school, and you can feel how much quieter it is when you walk around my neighborhood. Honestly, September’s version of summer is pretty underrated!

While I am very excited for all things fall (pumpkins, mums, soups, football, layering, crisp air, fires, foliage, etc.), I’m hoping to savor this transitional time here in September where it feels like we’ve got one foot in summer and one foot in the fall. While the in-between can always feel a bit uncomfortable, there’s also a lot of beauty to be enjoyed if we slow down and take it all in. 🍃

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  1. 9.21.23
    Kelly said:

    It’s really Dave’s place since he’s the one who bought it, yes?

    And Dave is not going to propose to you/will not marry you, so I hope you have other plans for when things go south.

    • 9.25.23
      Jessica said:

      Sending you love, as it sounds like you could use it!

      • 9.27.23
        Samantha said:

        Agreed, Dave has had a LOTTT of chicago girls in the past and wont settle down for a miss piggy look alike. BTW it’s low brow to post overpriced stuff on your blog. A $400 jacket is insane. Fix your fried hair.

        • 9.27.23
          M said:

          Yes, she’s a literal mess. Dave knows better than to get involved in her constant drama and toxic energy.

          • 10.4.23
            B said:

            Dave certainly does seem to know what is best for him, and it clearly wasn’t immature girls willing to waste their time trolling someone on the internet like high schoolers…

    • 9.27.23
      M said:

      Let’s not forget the Gawdawful vocal fryyyy. If I had to listen to that all day…

      • 9.27.23
        Samantha said:

        The vocal fry is soooo phoney and annoying. I feel like people who talk like that think they are better than everyone else. She’s a joke who spends soooo much money on herself, its gross.

        • 9.27.23
          M said:

          And Dave has had it, she hardly contributes! She doesn’t work enough. Zero content and does nothing but complain.

          • 9.28.23
            Samantha said:

            She literally posts how she is at home allll the time. Then complains about “stress” when she literally never leaves her house. Dave is out of her leauge.. She is miss piggy’s face doppleganger.

    • 9.30.23
      M said:

      3 years together at their age and no ring. What a surprise! Dave isn’t an idiot. She needs to step up in a big way in order for him to even consider it. She must be mortified.

      • 10.7.23
        Jamie said:

        Im honestly mortified for you and “Samantha” for having literally no life and leaving mean comments on someone’s blog. FYI – happy, successful people don’t actively try to bring other women down. Seek HELP.

        • 10.7.23
          Anonymous said:

          Maybe your little friend should take your advice. Ask yourself why she is consistently rude to people/demanding/constantly complaining and why you defend that behavior and then come back to me.