The Best Hermes Sandals Dupes

Cognac Brown Faux Leather 'H' Sandals similar to Hermes Oran

One of my first purchases for spring was a pair of Hermes sandals dupes. When it comes to chic summer sandals, Hermes Oran slides are always at the top of the list. They’re a classic style that you can wear with everything and add a little touch of designer fashion to your outfit. The $660 price tag, though? Not exactly budget-friendly.

If you’re celebrating and/or treating yourself, go for it and get them! You’ll feel fab every time you look down at those H’s on your feet. But if you’re here because you’re looking for the perfect Hermes sandal dupe, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve found the best of the best when it comes to Hermes Oran sandals dupes! Sure, there are a lot of similar leather sandals on the market, but these actually look a lot like the real Hermes sandals. The perfect way to get the look for less!

Hermes Sandal Dupes

My top three recommendations for Hermes Oran sandal dupes would be Amazon, French Sole, and Steve Madden. They’re at a variety of price points, so I’ll break each one down so you can decide which one is best for you!

Hermes Dupe Sandals on Amazon

The Best Hermes Sandals Dupes

I found these Hermes sandals dupes when I was browsing on Amazon and couldn’t believe how much they looked like the real deal. The best part is they’re only $35! They’ve got the classic white stitching and even come in an orange and brown box. They’re available in both black and cognac brown.

Black Faux Leather 'H' Sandals with White Stitching similar to Hermes Oran

If you’re looking for true Hermes Oran dupes, you can opt for the classic white stitching, but there’s also a pair with tonal stitching and more textured leather that looks luxe.

Orangey Brown Faux Leather 'H' Sandals similar to Hermes Oran

One of the biggest downsides of this Amazon Hermes slides dupe is that they don’t come in more colors! The traditional Hermes Oran is available in TWENTY-FOUR different colorways, depending on the season. ‘Gold’ (which is actually their classic cognac color) is by far their most popular color, followed by black (Noir) and white (Blanc).

Update: This Amazon dupe is available in 16 different colors!

Needless to say, these $30 sandals aren’t made from genuine leather. They have a soft PU upper with a rubber sole.

When it comes to sizing on the Hermes sandals dupe on Amazon, they’re only available in whole sizing. I’m normally an 8.5 (with a foot that’s slightly on the wider side) and I took the 9 in these.

Update (4/29/24): These sandals are now available in half sizes!

Also a bit of a heads-up on shipping! While these are purchased on Amazon and we are used to Prime shipping, they take ~2 weeks to arrive.

Faux Leather 'H' Sandals similar to Hermes Oran
Black Faux Leather 'H' Sandals similar to Hermes Oran

French Sole Alibi Sandals

If you’re looking for genuine leather sandals that are well-made, this pair by French Sole is probably your best bet. They’re a bit more expensive at $155, but you get what you pay for. Another thing I like about the Alibi sandals is that they are available in half sizes! No need to decide if you need to go up or down a size with these. They’ve been available in both cognac and white for a while, but they now come in a variety of colors! Dark Brown, Pink, Lilac, Silver, and even Cork.

If you’re shopping for the white pair, know that the traditional Hermes Oran in Blanc actually has brown stitching. The French Sole Alibi sandal in white has tonal stitching.

Here’s where you can shop these Hermes-lookalike sandals…

Tuckernuck for Cognac and White

Zappos for Camel, White, Silver, Bubblegum Pink, Dark Brown, and Cork

The downside with this pair is that they’re not available in classic black. Update: They are now available in black raffia, as well as beige raffia! Both are $198.

Steve Madden Hayden Sandal

If you want a mix of the two I listed above, the Steve Madden Hayden sandal is a great Hermes Oran dupe. At full price, they are $59 and the upper part of the shoe (the H cut-out) is real leather. They’re available in half sizes and come in many different colors… Black, White, Cognac Brown, Brown Croc, Raffia, Gold, Silver, Green, Leopard, and Denim Fabric.

Update (4/29/24): They’re now available in orange leather, a lighter buttery leather, white with tan whipstitching, and a pearl-encrusted raffia pair, too.

Here’s where to shop the Steve Madden Hermes dupes…

Steve Madden, Zappos, Macy’s, DSW

These differ from the authentic Hermes slippers because the soles are brown with every colorway. They’re a great similar style, but not the most identical Hermes dupes, if that’s what you’re going for.

So there you have it… The best of the best Hermes sandals dupes! I’d love to know which one you’d pick of the three.

Hermes Oran Sandals Dupes in Black
Hermes Oran Sandals Dupes in Brown


1. Are the Hermes Oran sandals worth it? 

‘Worth it’ questions are always so subjective, as it truly depends on what’s in your budget and what you value in designer pieces. If you’re looking for a splurge, you know you’ll get your cost per wear with these wear-with-everything sandals.

2. Can Hermes Oran sandals get wet?

According to their website, the Hermes Oran sandals are meant to be worn poolside. However, I would not submerge them as they’re leather and I’d personally never want to wear them to the beach in fear that sand would be present for the rest of their days. However, Steve Madden makes a JELLY pai the Hayden sandals that are perfect for the beach and/or pool.

3. What is the Steve Madden Hermes dupe?

The Hayden sandal is the closest style to the Hermes Oran. The Harlien is another similar H-style sandal. You can find the Harlien with linen and leather piping, as well as embossed croc. The Greece slide is an older style that’s been discontinued.

The Hayden sandal now comes in a cool woven style, too. Available in both cognac and white leather with exaggerated taupe stitching.

4. Does Sam Edelman make a dupe Hermes sandal?

A lot of people say that the Sam Edelman Bay sandal is a good Hermes Oran dupe, but I’d say it’s more of a similar style, as it doesn’t have the classic H cut-out.

The Sam Edelman Irina sandal is another similar style that I like. It reminds me more of the Oran sandal where the H is canvas with leather piping.

5. Are there any dupes for the Hermes Chypre sandal?

Check out this pair by Bibi Lou on Anthropologie or the Mayven style by Steve Madden. Lots of fun colors!

6. Does Target have a Hermes sandal dupe?

Yes! The A New Day ‘Nina’ sandals are your best option. They’re currently available in beige raffia, smooth black, blue denim, cognac, and white faux leather.

If you’re looking for more designer dupes, I’ve got a whole series here on my blog! Click here to view those posts.

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  1. 5.17.24
    j said:

    hi there! for the amazon dupe sandals – did you have trouble with their sizing/conversion chart? for instance, i’m a true 7 (us), but it converts to 39 (european) — which is wrong. i contacted them to ask about sizing, and they keep saying i should measure my foot length. given how long it takes to ship, i’m worried it’ll be the wrong size. let me know what you experienced!

  2. 5.22.24
    Diana said:

    Hello, for the amazon dupe what size did you ordered? I am 39 EU and their table chart seems wrong. Thank you in advance