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Target A New Day Leather Puffer Coat

I’m excited to kickoff a new series on the blog today, Try-On Tuesday!  It seems we’re all trying to shop a bit smarter these days, so I hope these posts will hopefully act as a guide for what’s out there in stores right now.  Instead of a collage of my favorite things, I know it’s helpful to see things on a person and get helpful tips about what pieces are like IRL!  Sizing info, the hand feel, unedited colors, etc.

The next couple of weeks of Try-On Tuesday posts will be retailer centric, but in the future, it may be a mix of stores! Sometimes it will an at-home try-on for an order I placed online, and sometimes it will be in-store in the dressing room. If you have any feedback or preference either way, I’m all ears! I’m doing this as a service for all of you who are short on time and don’t have time to run around from place to place or scour the web for the best of what’s out there. I’ll only try on things I find cute on the hanger, and I’ll share the good, as well as some of the bad.

Target Cognac Faux Leather Puffer Coat

If there’s one item you add to your shopping cart, it has to be this faux leather puffer. While I don’t think anyone will be fooled into thinking this is real leather, faux leather (or *vegan* leather) puffers are still a hot commodity a few years into the ‘trend.’ You can’t beat the price on this one… $55!

You may remember my faux leather puffer in this color, but you can reference this 2019 blog post if not. If you’re willing to splurge a little bit more, I adore the faux leather puffer at Abercrombie (it’s sooo buttery soft in person!), as well as this one from Bagatelle. But if you’re just wanting to dip your toe into the trend without breaking the bank, this puffer at Target is a great option!

Long Black Cardigan at Target

I loved this oversized open cardigan! This is a Medium, so I’d say to size down, as it’s extremely oversized. I ordered the Small online!

Target Try-On: Universal Thread Textured Sweater

Wearing a Medium in this Universal Thread sweater. Great color if you’re in the market for something like it, but nothing extraordinary that makes it a must-have. But it’s only $25 and available in a bunch of colors!

Kika Vargas for Target Scalloped Top

Wayyyy too much going on with this top for me. The side tie wasn’t quite right on my shape, as it’s cutting into my (small) chest. Wearing a Medium.

Printed Puffer Coat at Target

I tried to order online, pick up in store with this printed puffer, but it ended up being out of stock and shipped to me. (Which is why you’re seeing it in my home.) I ended up returning it, as I just wasn’t totally sold on the color combination. This navy blue and green print is so pretty though! I’d say to size up if you’re in between… This is a Medium and with a thicker sweater underneath, there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room.

Target Leather Handband

Sadly this headband is sold out online, but I loved the leather look. This one is very similar!

Target Wool Sweater Headband

Sweater-Knit Braided Headband

Sherpa Bucket Hat at Target

I didn’t buy it, but I thought this Sherpa Bucket Hat was so cute!

Target Sherpa Baseball Hat

I didn’t initially buy this sherpa baseball hat, but I loved it so much and kept thinking about it, so I ordered it online!

Wool Boater Hat with a Braided Band at Target

Felt Boater Hat with Braided Brim

Target A New Day Sunglasses

Brown Sunglasses

Target Sunglasses Try-On

Cream Sunglasses

Target Tech Gloves

Touch Screen Wool Gloves

And I’d be remiss not to share the couple of home finds I found…

Target Cyprus & Pine Candle

This Cyprus & Pine Candle smells soooo good! I bought multiple.

Hearth & Home Magnolia Target Candles

Studio McGee Target Berry Branches in a Vase

Small Winter Berry Arrangement  |  Large Berry Vase

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