Fall Nap Dress Drop

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: Full Collection

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared about a Nap Dress drop… But mark your calendars and block out your schedule for 20 minutes because there’s a new drop happening tomorrow!ย 11am central. I actually shouldn’t say a “Nap Dress” Drop because it’s a full on fashion collection with tops, skirts, pants, coats, sweaters, and accessories. (I’ve got the full line sheet below!)

I wore my Hill House Ellie Nap Dresses a bit less this summer, and the reasons are honestly sort of silly. The first being that every time I would wear the 2020/2021 style (without pockets, shorter smocking at the chest), without fail a kid would ask me if “I had a baby in there.” I’m not even exaggerating 😂 Dave’s best friends’ girls are eight and six and every single time I’ve worn the older Ellie around them, one of them would ask. 😅 Kids say the darnedest things!

I think those comments lingered in my mind because I got most of my Nap Dresses in the Spring/Summer of 2021, before I had bought a size up in a lot of clothes and was trying to squeeze into my pre-pandemic wardrobe. So I wore them *constantly* last summer because it was kind of a Mean Girls moment where “sweatpants are the only thing that fit me right now.” Except the sweatpants were actually Nap Dresses, haha.

This summer, I wore my new 2022 style Ellie (in hot pink) a bunch of times and the fit is soooo much better than the older ones. Even though I loved the older ones at the time, the updated fit is definitely improved so it’s hard to want to wear the older ones nowadays. And then I soured on the fact that I have a few hundred dollars of dresses I don’t reach for in my closet and didn’t want to just rebuy a bunch of new Ellies so I basically just took a little hiatus (or a siesta if you will 😉) from my Nap Dress buying sprees.

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: Full Fashion Collection

But this newest drop might just be where I make my return! I love how a lot of the new dresses have a defined waist, versus a babydoll fit that looks like maternity on me. And all of the new tops and jackets and sweaters look so cute, too!

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: New Fabrics & Patterns

If I had to pick a favorite print, Sloan Damask would be it! (Followed by Posy Navy and the Artist Edition.)

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: New Crepe Material That's Wrinkle Resistant!

There’s also a new material entirely… Crepe! You can read about it below, but it’s washer-friendly, wrinkle-resistant, made from recycled materials, opaque, and has a silky feel. I can’t wait to feel it IRL!

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: New Crepe Material that's Wrinkle Resistant!

Always love how cute the mini versions are!

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: Children's Nap Dresses

Very intrigued by this puffer and how warm it actually is!

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: Feminine Puffer Coats

Cannot WAIT to try this Aiko Nap Top on! Really hoping I love it.

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: New Nap Top

And this blouse is also at the top of my list!

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: Lace Top to Layer Under Nap Dresses

You can shop all of the tops here, all of the dresses here, and all of the bottoms here.

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: New Dress Styles

Hill House Fall Nap Dress Drop: New Skirts

Anything that catches your eye?! Would love to know what you’re planning to buy!

Also, if it’s your first time making a purchase from Hill House, you can use this link for 20% off!

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