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You know you’re getting older when you comb through the outdoor, home, and decor sections of Amazon Prime Day before you start to go through the fashion and beauty. But in my defense, we just bought a house two weeks ago — more on that to come! I’ll be posting my fashion favorites later on today, but here’s the best of the best when it comes to all things home. No matter if you’re perfecting your patio this summer or investing in a new appliance, you’re sure to hit *add to cart* in this post — consider yourself warned.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 - Kitchen Essentials + Appliances

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Cool-Touch Air Fryer  |  We’ve yet to jump on the Air Fryer bandwagon, but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from every single person that has one. This one is a “cool-touch” option, which I believe is great if you have little hands helping in the kitchen. But Calphalon also makes this toaster-oven-air-fryer-combo that’s great if you’re needing to save on counter space. Perfect for those NYC studio apartments that barely have kitchens or even the dorm room!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer  |  Helloooo $120 off!! I absolutely adore my stand mixer, but I got it when I had all-blue-and-white apartment decor. I now have it stored in a cabinet (taking up wayyy too much space) and I’m really thinking about making the swap for the matte black, stainless steel, or even the white. I love how they look on the counter and I’m bummed mine no longer matches!

VitaMix Blenders  |  I’ve wanted a Vitamix for what feels like a lifetime and a few years ago I ended up buying a Blentec instead. I went with the Blendtec because it’s blades aren’t removable, making it a bit safer in the kitchen for my clumsy a$$. If you’re in the market for a top-notch blender, don’t miss this deal to save $230.  They’ve also now got a VitaMix One that takes up much less space in the kitchen and is a bit of a cheaper price point, too. Really wishing this was an option when I invested in mine!

Pebble Ice Maker  |  I don’t think Dave would be too pleased with me if I got this before thinking through where it would go in our new place, but you guys — I’m obsessed! I stayed at an AirBnb in Chicago this past weekend for my girlfriend’s bachelorette and they had this *exact* ice maker in the kitchen. I was raving about it to another girlfriend there and she was like, “Oh yeah, we got my boyfriend’s parents that for Christmas last year… They love it!” I don’t know why pebble ice feels like such a treat, but I swear it makes everything from water to Diet Coke to iced coffee to Aperol Spritzes taste even better. And it makes the ice SO FAST! We had 18 girls, yes – eighteen, staying at the house and it did a pretty good job keeping up with our drink intake. Beyond impressed!

Amazon Prime Day 2022 - Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

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Patio Heater  |  Just ordered this patio heater now before they’re all sold out this fall… Can’t beat the price!

Patio Umbrella  |  Unfortunately this umbrella was a lightning deal and I already missed the $20 off, but this is the umbrella we’re ordering for our rooftop. With this umbrella stand!

Inflatable Hot Tub  |  All Dave has talked about since we moved in is getting a hot tub on the roof, mainly so we can use the rooftop year round. Seems a little risky on our roof, not to mention the crane we would need to get it up there. I recently found these inflatable spas and it’s definitely what I’m getting Dave for our anniversary at the end of the summer. (Don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog 😂) The green color is currently $260 off!

Cordless Drill  |  You know you’re almost 33 when… 😅 As I was hanging things in our new place, I realized that my plug-in drill (from, like, 12 years ago) was not very conducive to our higher ceilings. This cordless option is such a good staple to have in your tool kit. And for any recent grads, this entire tool kit for $49 is such a steal. That’s what my grandpa got me when I graduated college, haha!

Amazon Prime Day 2022 - Best in Home Decor bath mat  |  mattress  |  area rug  |  vanity mirror  |  canisters  |  bathroom set  |  get naked bath mat  |  shower curtain  |  striped towels  |  steam cleaner

Tuft & Needle Mattress  |  I’m not lying when I tell you that I slept in the guest room last night… 😂 I was up late working and didn’t want to wake up Dave because Marley was in my spot in our bed, so I ended up just sleeping in the guest room, which is all of my old bedroom furniture. So this morning Dave and I had a little chat about what we should do… I think my bed is *so* much more comfortable, but it’s just a queen so a bit too small for both of us to sleep soundly. (Not to mention our 70lb dog 😅) Do we go the separate bedrooms route now? Obviously sleep is so freaking important, but then it sort of feels like we’re roommates? Or do we just get a different mattress on Dave’s king frame in the master? (Eventually, I’d like to replace his bed all together, but baby steps… Like I said, thankfully he doesn’t read this blog.)

Anyway! Long story short, my Tuft & Needle mattress just turned seven years old this month. And it’s still just as comfy as ever! I did a whole post about my favorite bedding here, but TL;DR… I can’t say enough good things about my Tuft & Needle. I have the Original Mattress (in a queen), but all sizes are currently 20% off for Prime Day, which equates to anywhere from $180-$280 off! Ships to your door within a week, couldn’t be easier.

Bissell Steam Cleaner  |  The Bissell Little Green Steam Cleaner has also been ‘saved for later’ in my Amazon Cart for years! Now that Marley and I officially live together, I think it’s time to hit purchase. A few of my friends have it and it works like a champ on upholstery and rugs!

Echo Dot  |  I never really understood the point of these things, but Dave has one in all of his rooms. Now that I’ve been living with them, I can’t imagine not having one. “Alexa, what’s the temperature?” as I’m getting dressed to walk Marley. “Echo, set a timer for 10 minutes.” So, so convenient not to have to grab your phone! And they’re only $30 for Prime Day… Perfect time to try one out!

And not really *home* per say, but as a Prime Member you can currently get three months free for Audible Premium Plus!

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