Chic Halloween Decor Ideas

A roundup of Halloween decor that's actually chic.

I know it’s only September, but last year I kicked myself for not planning ahead when sourcing chic Halloween decor. By the time I wanted to decorate in October, all of the classy Halloween decorations were already sold out. So if you’re looking for chic Halloween home decor ideas, you’re in the right place. And if you’re not ready to go there yet, just bookmark this post for later.

Personally, I already swapped in some of our fall decor earlier this week! While I won’t add our elegant Halloween decorations until closer to October, I’ve found that I have more fun when I’m constantly switching it up. Decorating our house for Halloween might seem silly since we don’t have kids, but it helps me get excited for the season ahead! It’s a little bit of extra work for a lot of joy over the month of October. Life is short, buy the pumpkins.

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Halloween Decorating Tips

When it comes to keeping your Halloween decor elevated and elegant, sticking to a color palette is key. I’d mimic the colors of your home to keep it looking tastefully done. Obviously, you’re not keeping this up long-term so feel free to have a little fun with it. But remember my number one tip: keeping a cohesive color scheme is key for looking polished instead of tacky.

Since our home has very modern finishes, I’ve leaned into more of the chic Halloween decor. Lots of black and gold, but with some spooky chic decorations mixed in. Black glass pumpkins, a gold skull, more brass pumpkins, black tapered candle holders, etc.

Halloween decor doesn’t have to break the bank! I love searching on Amazon, but also Etsy where you can find some unique pieces to complete your space. Target always has the best price on fall and Halloween decorations, too! The cutest stuff for pretty low prices. The only problem is that everything sells out so quickly.

Shopping for Chic Halloween Decor

I’m here to take the headache out of shopping for cute Halloween decorations! To save you *a ton* of time, I’ve scoured through every single product on all of the popular (and not-so-known) retailers and found the best of the best. Seriously, it took me days. Have you ever wished there was an ‘actually cute’ filter on websites?? I know I have. There’s so much JUNK out there! Let this blog post be your curated selection.

If you’re short on time… Click here to view all of my favorite chic Halloween decor in one place!

And then you can find all of my Amazon Halloween Decor finds and favorites here!

Hosting a Halloween Party

Last year, we had a Halloween dinner party and it was so much fun! I made the viral pumpkin baked brie and Dave made a pumpkin and butternut squash soup. We also made a cinnamon apple cider cocktail and had lots of pumpkin beers on hand. (Also – Williams Sonoma carries a pre-mixed Witches Brew cocktail to make it easy.) A great way for adults to enjoy the holiday if you’re not dressing up or going trick-or-treating!

To set the table, place some of this eerie fabric down the center of your table. (Or you could use this runner to keep it easy… or both!) I’m obsessed with this spider candle holder. And how fun is this black crow candle holder? I’d mix a few into your tablescape. Bonus points if you use these skeleton bone candlesticks! I love these affordable spider web chargers and these ‘bone’ appetit dinner places. This spider web cheese board is also very chic!

If you’re feeling spendy (and have ample amounts of entertaining storage), Pottery Barn has the chicest skeleton serveware collection. If skeletons aren’t your jam, check out this serpent glassware collection on West Elm! To keep it even simpler, I adore these matte black and copper wine glasses and double old-fashioned glasses. (Also available in a martini glass and a coupe glass.) They’d look fab on a Halloween tablescape!

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, here are a few more Halloween decor ideas that I love...

Gold Pumpkin Drink Dispenser | Pumpkin Punch Bowl | Clear Pumpkin Punch Cups | Feeling Spirited Cocktail Napkins | Wooden Coffin Serving Tray |

Attending a fall party? This Pumpkin Chai candle makes for a wonderful hostess gift. If you don’t think your host will appreciate the orange candle, try this one from Williams Sonoma instead. The ‘After the Harvest’ scent is also available in potpourri form!

Brass Pumpkins

Home decor influencer Jessica Sturdy shares her Chic Halloween Decor and Brass Pumpkin Figurines.

I bought my brass pumpkins (pictured above) at West Elm eight or nine years ago and I’m so glad I did because I’ve never seen them since. Such a bummer, as I always get asked about them. I haven’t found a perfect replica for them, but I included a few similar styles that are worth checking out in the scrolling widget below. Personally, I’d buy these $10 gold resin pumpkins! On the splurge side, these are beautiful, too.

Types of Halloween Decor

There are a few different types of chic Halloween decor, in my opinion… More of an elevated and elegant decor, shabby chic Halloween decor, and, of course, spooky or creepy chic Halloween decor

Modern Halloween Decor

I always say my interior design style is where California and Paris meet. A little bit glitz and glam, but modern, cool, and definitely laidback. If *aesthetics* are your jam and you don’t want to sacrifice any style for seasonal decor, I’d go for a mix of golds and blacks. Try these vintage gold candlestick holders with twisted black candlesticks on your mantel or table. I also love these oak branch candlesticks!

These black and gold pumpkins are about the classiest you can find! For pumpkins even more sleek and modern, these black Anthro pumpkins are a must.

I think these green heirloom pumpkins are cool because they’re a bit out of the ordinary.

I love this black pampas grass Halloween wreath… Would look cool hung on a mirror in your home! (Target also has a more affordable iteration.)

Cute Halloween Decorations

If you’re ready to live it up with your Halloween decor, I’m all for it! I’ve *scoured* the web and here are the best decorations.

These woven pumpkins are the best! Target had them last year, but they’re even better this year. I already had a few from last year but had to buy a few more this year because the new weaving looks so much more high-end. Although they’re nearly identical, this year’s version is a little more polished and a little less rustic. They’re available in both a darker color and a lighter color, and multiple sizes in each. They look good paired together, too!

Although they’re a bit pricier, West Elm has a set of woven pumpkins in different shapes and sizes that could look great paired with the Target woven pumpkins. These woven pumpkins with a checkered pattern have a similar look, too.

This bronze heirloom pumpkin adds a major touch of glam.

As for glass pumpkins, I bought this champagne-colored pumpkin for the glass cabinet in our living room. It also comes in a taller style in the prettiest brown glass. I also got a few of these black glass pumpkins. West Elm also has white marbled glass pumpkins!

McGee and Co’s Wicker Witch Hats have now sold out for the second year in a row, but I love their white paper mache pumpkin collection. These ceramic pumpkins from Target have a very similar look!

If you are into the wicker look, these herringbone woven pumpkins from Target are new this year.

I’ve been loving all of the cozy figurine pillows that have come out in the last few years! These jack-o-lantern pillows are adorable, or you could opt for these velvet pumpkin pillows that will take you from September through November. I bought this green pumpkin pillow from Target for the sofa in our living room, but it’s also available in cream and burnt orange.

Spooky Chic Halloween Decor

I don’t know what got into me last year, but I was very much into the spooky chic vibes of Halloween. Typically, that’s never really been my speed, but last year I LOVED it. Maybe it was all of the decor in my neighborhood! (More on that below.) I think there’s a way to do spooky in a tasteful way! Bring on the skulls, skeletons, and spiders.

I love these black spider candlestick holders!

This bronze skull was one of last year’s purchases and I’m so thrilled to see it’s available. It’s under $30 and looks fab in our house!

These molded skull candles look cool on top of a stack of books. Or you could opt for this flameless skull candle.

These $5 black faux leather coasters with gold spiders on them were a no-brainer.

I also love this subtle brass spider web bowl… Great for swapping in for your fruit bowl on the kitchen counter this time of year!

This terracotta skull vase is pretty chic.

And these black rattan bats are somehow cute without being creepy!

I ordered these bats to stick on some of our mirrors and windows throughout the house, as well as these floating witch hats that I’m going to hang on our staircase.

I also got this 24″ gold posable skeleton to put somewhere around the house!

Black floral arrangements are also a fun way to add some moody vibes to your place!

Outdoor Spooky Chic Halloween Decor in Chicago

If you’re in Chicago, you need to make it up for a walk through Roscoe Village in October. My neighborhood goes ALL OUT for Halloween! Skeletons, lights, fog machines, inflatables, you name it.

My neighbor and I have already been plotting on how to decorate the outside of our building! We ordered a big web and these giant spiders that we’re going to try to put up on the front of our house.

If you have a porch, try posing this 5 ft skeleton in your chairs. There’s also a LIT version here! And I LOVE this gold version!! So chic.

If you’ve got kids, this giant skeleton has countless 5-star reviews!

If you’re feeling a bit more subdued, I love these metal jack-o-lantern candle holders for your porch or steps! They’re also available in galvanized steel, but I adore the black. Grab flickering flameless pillar candles (with a remote!) to complement.

Last year, we ran into our porch pumpkins rotting after a month, so I actually love the idea of these faux pumpkins and gourds!


1. How do you decorate tastefully for Halloween?

Sticking to a neutral color palette is a must! Find decorations that match the vibe of your home’s decor.

2. What is the most sought-after Halloween decor?

The Home Depot giant skeleton, the Pottery Barn pumpkin pillows, and the McGee + Co wicker hats are all sold out.

These plush pumpkin-shaped pillows on Amazon are a great dupe for the sold-out Pottery Barn pillows.

These woven black witch hats or these black glittery witch hats have a similar style.

3. How to decorate a whole house for Halloween?

Placing little knick-knacks throughout your home will give your whole house a Halloween hug. Small pumpkin figurines in the bathroom, swapping your pillows and branches, placing fall scents throughout, etc.

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