Friday Finds || Vol. 4, Week 6

Jessica Sturdy, a Chicago fashion and travel blogger, wearing H&M clear glasses, a Max Mara black turtleneck, and a Gucci GG gold logo belt with a J.Crew shearling bag.

Happy Friday! We skipped last week’s FF post when I was in Arizona, so I’ve got a good dose of finds for you this week. Lots of great articles, shopping finds, and some beauty videos, too.

Here are this week’s finds…

I took a guided meditation at the new Lululemon Studio on North Ave a couple of weeks ago and OH MY GOSH, YOU MUST GO! For starters, Kelly Maher‘s meditation on Sunday was amazing and I can’t wait to go to more of her classes. But YOU GUYS — the meditation cushions deserve their own entire blog post. It was seriously the most comfortable meditation session I’ve ever had… The seat honestly felt like a meditation THRONE. There’s a few different ways to sit/lay on it, too. It’s definitely not cheap, but it’s on my wish list for sure. Maybe if I actually stick to my meditation goals over the next few months, this will be my treat to myself. (I’d get the sand or dove fabric!)

You asked, I posted. Check out my IGTV for the first three videos in my Beauty Empties series! You can watch on desktop, too. Everything is linked in the video descriptions… There’s one with wellness (including CBD), one all about hair products, and one with some of my holy grail skincare essentials! Part 4 coming soon, so get caught up on the first three!

NEW YORK BANNED BROKER’S FEESย — Interesting read that shows both sides, but as a former resident who had to pay the exorbitant fees for very little to no work put forth by the broker, it seems like a big win for current and prospective New Yorkers.

I thought this was super interesting … a foam roller built onto your reusable water bottle!!

If you need any little Valentine’s Day gifts, my favorite London-based chocolates are now available at Nordstrom!

Away’s new aluminum line is super sleek!

I talk about my favorite podcast, Group Chat, all the time! I sound like a broken record. But if you’re not on their email newsletter, you should be. I just read a really astonishing bit about Chik-fil-A — The entire article was interesting, but did you know you’re 50x more likely to get into Harvard than get a Chick-fil-A franchise?! (It’s the January 23rd article, you can find it here!)

Have you ever worked with a money coach? Natalie’s sentiments were pretty much where I’ve been at, too.

Billie just launched a new glow-in-the-dark razor handle and I (irrationally) really want it… 😂 Don’t *need* a second, but might just get it to permanently put in my travel toiletries bag.

How pretty is this little red dress?!

Definitely going to need these new Tretorn sneakers!

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    The sneakers are darling! Perfect for spring and summer.

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    You look AMAZING

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