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Chicago fashion blogger wearing an off duty look of a cozy jogger set with Vans sneakers and a brown teddy coat.

Happy Weekend, friends! I don’t know about you, but it’s going to be another lowwww keyyyy weekend on my end. It’s honestly sort of starting to frighten me how anti-social I’ve been since the turn of the year, haha… I brought it up to my therapist and she said that as long as I was still showering ✔️, making it a point to get out of the house ✔️ (gotta walk the dog!), and still making it to my workouts ✔️, she wasn’t that worried about it and that I probably just need a little time to myself. 😂

I plan on getting a decent amount of work done this weekend, but I’ve had a ton of friends recommend some TV shows so I might try to just veg out for a bit, too. If you’re new around here, I literally never watch TV. I don’t have a TV in my room, and I don’t even have a Netflix or a Hulu account – never have! Actually, that’s a lie. I got a free trial of Netflix last year to watch the Fyre Fest doc, haha. So anytime I ever recommend a show or say that I’ve seen something, you now know I was watching it at a friend’s place.

A few years back, I used to watch the Kardashians on Sundays nights, and I once binged-watched Billions when I got the flu on Christmas two years ago, but I cancelled my cable before Remote Year and never bothered getting it hooked up again. At my new apartment, I’ve literally turned the TV on ONE SINGLE TIME, and that was this past Christmas when I watched The Holiday. 😂

Anyyyyyway, I’ve had a ton of shows and podcasts recommended to me lately, so I’ll share those at the end of this post in case you, too, are hibernating this weekend.

Fashion blogger Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins wearing a teddy coat with black joggers and classic Vans.

I searched high and low for a brown teddy coat a few months back! I wasn’t trying to spend a lot since it wasn’t going to be my everyday coat, but I more so just wanted it for the look. (And it’s always nice to have a cute, inexpensive coat to wear out because there’s always the chance of it getting spilled on or taken!) I ended up finding mine at Target, and it’s definitely not the thickest or warmest, but I can definitely wear it on the warmer winter days with appropriate layers underneath. Mine is essentially now sold out, so I rounded up a few more similar styles, most of which are now under $100!

Casual fashion blogger Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins wearing a teddy coat with a jogger set and women's Vans sneakers.

Also worth noting — THIS JOGGER SET IS EVERYTHING! It’s seriously *the softest* material… I have two sets, no joke. Lounging around the house, running errands, post-workout, traveling, you name it.  I’ve literally been living in these.

I used to be anti-sweats for traveling, but for longer flights or red-eyes or flights at the crack of dawn, I’ve been wearing this jogger set when I travel for the last few months.

Casual style blogger Bows & Sequins wearing Vans sneakers with a teddy sherpa coat.

Shop My Outfit…

Brown Teddy Coat
Vineyard Vines Hoodie
Vineyard Vines Joggers
Vans Sneakers
Quay Sunglasses
Zara Bag (similar here, here, here, & here)

Chicago influencer Bows & Sequins wearing Quay sunglasses, a Zara handbag, a brown teddy coat, and a Vineyard Vines jogger set.

Brown Teddy Coat, Black Jogger Sweatpants, Vans Sneakers

And now for content recommendations!

Not all of these are new, but I’ve just screenshotted them or added them to a Note in my phone when someone has recommended lately!

TV & Video


Have you watched or listened to any of these? Anything else I should add to my list?!

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins styling a teddy coat with Vans.

Fashion and travel blogger Bows & Sequins wearing a casual jogger sweatpants outfit with sneakers for a travel day.

Fashion blogger wearing a matching black hoodie and joggers set with a brown fuzzy coat and Vans.

Chicago travel blogger wearing a teddy coat with a comfy cozy jogger set for a cute travel day outfit with Vans sneakers.

Chicago personal stylist wearing a teddy coat with joggers and Vans.

Current Faves

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  1. 1.11.20
    Kathryn Goodreau said:

    Just bookmarked 8 of the podcasts! Can’t wait to listen!

    • 1.11.20
      Jessica said:

      Awesome, you’ll have to report back!

  2. 1.11.20
    Andrea said:

    Just wanted to say that your hair has been killing it lately! The color is beyond gorgeous.

    Off topic-do you have any tips for breaking in Vans? I got my first pair (usually a devoted Chucks girl) and the back of the heel seems to be taking forever to break in-they’re still giving me blisters after several wears. Maybe it’s just a time thing, but if you have any special tips I’ll gladly take ‘em.

    Have a great weekend!

    • 1.11.20
      Jessica said:

      Thanks lady!

      And UGH, I HEAR YOU! It’s not just us, I asked the woman who cuts my hair about her Vans and same thing.

      What I absolutely SWEAR BY are these heel patches, you can grab them on Amazon: .. They stay on for days (through showers, etc) and act as a little cushion / second skin.

      The only other thing that’s sort of helped to break them in is wearing ankle socks (that totally show, so sexy, I know) with them… I’ll wear taller socks when I’m walking to-and-from a workout class (yoga, spin, etc) and it helps to loosen them up without rubbing directly on your heel. Mine have gotten a lot better, but I still don’t wear them when I’m going to be out walking around all day long.