Friday Finds || Vol. 3, Week 44

Chicago lifestyle influencer Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins wearing women's jogger pants, Superga sneakers, and a Calia by Carrie Underwood long duster cardigan at Hexe Coffee.

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks… I’ve been traveling for work every week for the past month, and while each trip has been absolutely incredible (New York, Sonoma, Santa Barbara, Detroit), I’m really looking forward to settling back in at home these next few weeks and feeling a bit less scattered.

I think my body is trying to tell me to slow down, too… I got a disgusting stye on my eyelid last week (it’s still healing, so I still haven’t been able to wear makeup… saves a lot of time getting ready though, haha!) and I’ve been fighting a little bit of a cough/cold situation this week. Trying to keep it at bay with rest, lots of liquids, and all of the supplements, and as long as it doesn’t get worse, I’ll consider that as a win!

So looking forward to catching up on work, too! So. Much. Content. To. Share. I just haven’t had many moments to sit down and hit publish. So let’s hope a weekend of R&R helps m

Here are this week’s finds…

I’ve wanted a puffy leather jacket forever… My best friend’s cousin had one by Phillip Lim (I think?!) and I remember her wearing it to a Blackhawks game with us back in ~2013 and thinking she looked so effing cool. (She still has it, btw!) I let out a little shriek when I found this one… While it’s not necessarily cheap, it’s not designer. It’s vegan leather (that appears to not have that oh-so-fake look from the pictures online) so it’s a lot more affordable that others I’ve found!

Speaking of coats, found SO MANY CUTE ONES in the most random of places. Plus they’re all 25% off with code 14989 and have free shipping and free returns, too!

OB-F*CKING-SESSED with these sneakers! Such a great take on the beloved Golden Goose’s (Golden Geese?) for less than one hundred bucks. I want the leopard pair and the neutral with red laces!

I really, really enjoyed this episode on Almost 30 this week! Listened to it twice, and saved it for later, too. (But, like, a psychic named Janet in Chicago… We need to find this woman, haha.)

I just got these pajamas and I AM OBSESSED. Run, don’t walk. Trust. (I have a small! Don’t worry if they’re clingy when you put them on, they stretch ever-so-perfectly when you sleep in them.)

How friggen cute are these wine glasses?! On sale, too!

Also worth noting: cutest cooler bag of all time.

If you’re in LA this holiday season, be sure to check out the By Damsel store!

I’m all about a plaid maxi dress around the holidays (see here and here), and I just found this one at Mango. So cute!

Just got this AFFORDABLE pleated leopard-print skirt in the mail this week!

Mackenzie looks so cute in this white blazer and navy wide-leg trousers! Especially for just having a baby a few weeks ago.

“Online, No One Knows You’re Poor” (Really interested in reading her full book, Enough.)

Another very interesting read: “You Don’t Need a Personal Brand” Here’s an excerpt: Instead of building a brand and acting like you have your own reality TV show and are the most important thing in the world right now, you can ditch all of that shit and just be useful—speak your truth, share helpful advice, and above all, bring the world entertainment or knowledge or laughter or business tips or whatever the heck you have to share that might help another person.

Puffy pouch-like bags are all the rage right now! I love this woven version well under $100.

OBSESSED with this Gold Coast apartment! Loving all of the neutrals.

A great pair of bow earrings are essential for the holidays… Do you like the stud version or this dangling version better?!

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  1. 11.1.19
    Andrea said:

    Thanks for the round-up. Can we get some details on your outfit from the photo? Loving the sporty pants and the duster paired together.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    • 11.1.19
      Andrea said:

      Never mind…I see the credits right there at the bottom. Friday Brain strikes again lol 😉

      • 11.3.19
        Jessica said:

        Ha, no worries! Most days are days like that for me, too.