Gift Guide #2: The Jet-Setter

Jessica Sturdy shares the best gifts to give the jet-setters and world travelers on your holiday shopping list.

Last year, I put together a list of very practical and extremely useful gifts for the world-traveler in your life. (Check out that post here for reference!) This year, I thought it would be fun to switch it up a little bit… All of the items on last year’s list will still make great gifts, but I found some really fun things to help your jet-setter re-live his or her journeys and also a few things to make their lives a little more luxurious at 30,000 feet above.

1. How to Pack Book  |  2. The Laundress Travel Pack  |  3. Personalized Makeup Bag  |  4. Getaway Bag Tag  |  5. Travel Adapter Set  |  6. Gold Scratch Off Map  |  7. Mophie Powerstation for Computers  |  8. Maps of the World Calendar  |  9. Available for Weekends Passport Cover  |  10. Clear Pouch  |  11. Aesop Travel Kit  |  12. Travel Joggers

1. If you know a traveler in need of a new suitcase, I couldn’t recommend Away enough! (Check out this post for more details.) I’m absolutely lusting over the Forrest Green set with a monogram! So friggin chic. Santa, can you hear me?!

2. A cute passport cover is always a must. They’re honestly pointless from a functionality standpoint (you usually have to take your passport out of them at the airport), but hey — doin’ it for the ‘gram. This “I’ve been to Paris” cover and this “Available for Weekends” cover are the two cutest ones I’ve seen!

3. I feel like a broken record talking about this jogger set, but you guys — best loungewear ever. They come with a little travel pouch, too! Plus, they’re perfect to change into on long haul flights.

4. Love the idea of this Laundress set! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed that while traveling.

5. Not even joking, I think this Mophie Powerstation was made for me. I’ve sworn by my Mophie XL for YEARS. Dating myself here, but I think like SIX years. If I’ve ever lost one or it’s gotten stolen, I’ve repurchased it the very next day… It’s basically my lifeline when traveling and when not. (Always have it in my bag with how fast my phone dies!) Anyway, when I was in Europe in August and couldn’t find an outlet at the airport, I exclaimed to Hallie, “Why the F*CK do they not make mophies for laptops?!” Well, well, well. Ask and you shall receive my friends!! THEY DO NOW. (Dear Santa, please add this to my wish list. Thanks a million!)

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  1. 11.13.17
    Lauren said:

    Such a cute post! I need to up my passport cover game & think that pink one is too adorable!


    • 11.14.17
      Jessica said:

      Isn’t it darling?! xx

  2. 11.13.17
    Briana said:

    I am definitely in need of a good passport cover! Great picks!


    • 11.14.17
      Jessica said:

      I need a new one, too!

  3. 11.13.17

    Love so many of these, love the personalised make up bag!


    • 11.14.17
      Jessica said:

      Isn’t it cute? Love both the pink and the navy!

  4. 11.13.17
    Hitha said:

    Thank you so much for including How To Pack, sweet friend! I’m coming to Chicago next month – hope #jetsetjess happens to be in town when I’m there 🙂 Will e-mail you the dates.

    • 11.13.17
      Jessica said:

      Yesss, would love that!I’m not traveling much the next month or two so I should be here. xo

  5. 11.14.17

    This is the cutest list! I want it all!
    I also love the Laundress products and Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy is amazing.
    Another item I always use when packing that is a must have is the “Pack This” List.Check it out!

    • 11.14.17
      Jessica said:

      Oooh, thanks. I’ll have to look into Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy!

  6. 11.19.17
    Jenny said:

    Great finds!