Ask Jessica Anything || Vol. 2

Saint Germain neighborhood in Paris Cafe de Flore Les Deux Magots

Happy Sunday! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend so far. Back today with this week’s Q&A… Be sure to leave your questions in the comments (or email me!) for next week!

A friend and I are going to Paris beginning of December.  I haven’t been in about 9 years, so I’m definitely excited!  We’re still trying to figure out where to book our Airbnb, which neighborhood would be best. So if you have any tips where to stay exactly that would be great. And I guess any other tips? We’re both 30 yrs old so not looking to go crazy, but to have a good time. – Rachel

I’d say it just kind of depends what you want to do! What’s on your list of places to go, see, do, and eat so far? I like to plot my “musts” on a map and see if there are any trends in areas. If so, there’s your answer! If you haven’t gotten that far, here are some neighborhood suggestions…

Le Marais (3rd & 4th arrondissements) is my favorite neighborhood to wander and hang out in Paris! I also love St Germain (6th)… I’ve stayed in the Marais a few times (Villa Beaumarchais & multiple AirBnBs), and have stayed in Saint Germain once, too. Both very walkable neighborhoods with lots to see! In the Marais, I think there are more casual, neighborhood-y spots and the people watching is incredible. Saint Germain is a bit more posh!

When I stayed in Paris for a month, I chose the 9th because of how central it was to explore most of the right bank neighborhoods by foot… Montmartre in the 18th, Le Marais, the 2nd, 10th, etc.

As for tips, my number one tip is to have at least one day where you don’t have much of a plan. I know it can be tempting to pack your itinerary with to-do’s, but before my first ever trip to Paris, my friend Victoria told me, “Paris is a city meant to be explored.” She couldn’t have been more spot on, and that’s exactly what I love about the city! Just get lost wandering and seeing what you run into… Stopping at cafes for croissants, espressos, and wine, of course. 🙂

Does B&S pay the bills or do you have a day job? – Kimberly

B&S is now my full-time job, and I feel very fortunate for that! I started the blog in 2010 and was at a point where I was able to leave my “day job” in February or March of 2015.

Do you have any recommendations for turtleneck sweaters? I know you’re the queen of these! In need of some since it’s already freezing out! (via Snapchat)

Ha! You know me too well, I live in turtlenecks all winter long. My absolute favorite turtleneck sweater is from Tuckernuck last fall. The brand is 525 America and this one seems to look like the same style, just updated a bit for this season. I could have sworn mine was in the $200 range (it’s thick!), but this one is only $108. (It’s also available in two other colors at Bloomingdales!)

Tuckernuck always has a great selection of quality sweaters that you just wear on repeat all season long. I love this oversized popcorn style, this navy one with great sleeves, this classic cream turtleneck, and this marled multicolor version! And honestly, a few of my other most worn turtlenecks are from Old Navy! Check out this striped one and this textured turtleneck.

Do you have a favorite article of clothing? (via Snapchat)

Hands down, my By Malene Birger leopard coat!

I misread this question:”I’d love to see your best trips for leaving somewhere cold to go somewhere warm or vice versa!” and thought they were asking about tips on what to wear on the plane when going from one extreme temp to another. Because that’s something I can never quite figure out! Would love your tips on that if you haven’t already done a post. – Carly

Layers and more layers! Considering it’s going to be cold in Chicago for a while and we’ll most-likely be escaping the winter for somewhere warmer, let’s go with that example. I really hate to pack a coat that I know I won’t be wearing at all at the destination. But getting to-and-from the airport is always tricky, and I’m freezing on planes 95% of the time. So I really just focus on non-bulky layers to stay warm! Maybe wear a chambray shirt under a sweater with a light jacket over the top? You might be able to re-wear your chambray and sweater on your vacation, too. If you’ve got a big blanket scarf, you can wear it to the airport and it will double as a blanket on the plane. Oh, and I ALWAYS repeat my same plane outfit for the way back. No sense in packing an extra and taking up valuable room in your suitcase!

What brand is that sheet mask you’re wearing in your Snap? It fits so well! (via Snapchat)

It’s the Saturday Skin Spotlight Mask. (I mentioned it in this post!) It’s great for the day before or day of parties and events. What I love most about it, though, is that it’s so thin and fits to your face so well. It’s easy to move around and do things around the house without it falling off at all! They also have a hydration mask, too.


Leave a comment below if you’ve got any questions for next week! xx JRS

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  1. 11.12.17
    Briana commented:

    I love this Q&A! The leopard coat sounds divine!


    • 11.13.17
      Jessica commented:

      It’s THE BEST! I get so many compliments every time I wear it. <3

  2. 11.13.17
    Peppermint Dolly commented:

    Really interested in the mask – will be checking it out!!


    • 11.13.17
      Jessica commented:

      Let me know what you think! xx

  3. 11.13.17
    Betsie commented:

    Love this series! My question is less glamorous, but a real struggle. How do you deal with the dreaded transfer makeup situation. My white button downs and trench collars seem to get it the worst. What do you find for best tips on avoiding it and/or products to use to remove the stains.

    • 11.13.17
      Jessica commented:

      I’ll have to think on this one and get back to you next week!

  4. 11.13.17
    Deb commented:

    Last summer we stayed in a charming Airbnb in the Marais on Rue Rambuteau with a metro stop down the street and the Pompidou a block away. Loved the street and location – beautiful food shops up and down the street too!

    • 11.13.17
      Jessica commented:

      One of my favorite areas, glad you enjoyed! xx

  5. 9.8.18
    Kim Pearson commented:

    Do you have a boyfriend? Are you married?

    • 9.10.18
      Jessica commented:

      Nope, neither.