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Jessica Sturdy in the USVI at Caneel Bay wearing a straw hat with a bow and a navy and white striped bikini swimsuit.

Hey guys, happy Sunday! Although I’m not thrilled with this time change situation and the days being so short, I hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep as much as I did last night. As mentioned on Friday, I’m going to be doing a Q&A series on Sundays through the end of the year. You can ask me anything, but I know there tend to be a lot of questions around the holiday season with gifting and party attire. Leave a comment on the blog with your question(s) or send an email to [email protected] with Q&A in the subject line! (PS: It’s up to you if you want your name published or for it to be anonymous!)

Here are the questions from this week…

I’m going on my tropical honeymoon at a luxury resort over winter break. We’ll be there for NYE as well! What should I pack?! – Anna

If you’re anything like me and gravitate towards neutrals in the winter, it’s a nice change of pace to play with some color on winter vacations. But you absolutely cannot go wrong with winter white, especially on your honeymoon! Other than your swimsuits (love this white one-piece!) and chic coverups, I’d pack a nice dinner dress for each night of your vacay. (Revolve has so many great LWDs! I also love this white lace romper on sale at Nordstrom.) For NYE specifically, go with a sparkly little number or a LBD or jumpsuit with a pair of sparkly pumps.

What do you recommend for hostess gifts for Friendsgiving festivities? – Samantha

You can never go wrong with a bottle of bubbly (Veuve Clicquot is always a home run!) or a beautiful candle. My favorite candle brands to give and get are Diptyque, Voluspa, Commodity, Overose, Lafco, Nest, and Costes. (Lots of different price points!) Oh, and this Le Feu De L’Eau candle makes my living room smell SO good!

I’d love to see your best trips for leaving somewhere cold to go somewhere warm or vice versa! – Grace

Great question! The Caribbean is my favorite warm-weather place to visit in the winter. Unfortunately, a lot of the islands are rebuilding from hurricane damage. (I was supposed to go on a big sailing trip through the BVI over NYE and it got cancelled because the island(s) infrastructure won’t be able to support it.) I know there definitely ARE some Caribbean islands and resorts that are fully functional so it’s not out of the question, you’ll just have to do a little research. Cabo is another great option, I stayed here in February and absolutely loved it.

I love escaping the cold in the winter, but I also (almost) equally love a trip to the mountains. Aspen is my favorite! I’m hoping to re-visit there and also visit new-to-me Park City this winter.

How to pack for back to back trips of opposing climates over 2+ weeks! (Going from Lake Erie over Christmas to Hawaii the next day and could use the tips!!) – Ashley

For these types of trips, I always just pack two separate suitcases. I’m the type of person who likes to completely unpack when I’m traveling, but even if you’re not… It’s so nice to just be dealing with one suitcase at a time. That way, your stuff for the climate you aren’t using isn’t in the way at all. (And you don’t have to unpack/pack it more than once!)

How to pack in a carry on only for a 5 week trip to Europe?! – Heather

Godspeed, haha! I haven’t done that myself… I think three weeks in a carry-on was my longest. That was this past August in Croatia so clothes were much, much smaller. I’m not sure where you’re headed in Europe and if you’ll be encountering different climates, but Hallie actually packed for 4 weeks in Asia in just a carry-on… It was winter in Japan, fall in Hong Kong, and summer-like weather in Thailand. You can read her post on packing for that trip here!

Do you bring workout gear on every trip? – Nicole

Hmm… I had to think on this one! Most of the time, yes. (Do I always use it? Nope.) For work trips when I’m not in charge of my schedule (and will have very limited time to work out), I usually just pack one pair of leggings, a sports bra, and a top. (Or a top with a built in sports bra to save space!) If I end up working out more than once, I’ll hand-wash everything in the sink and let it air dry! For sneakers, I like to pack these (on sale!) than can be worn casually and also in the gym. If it’s a trip that’s a true vacation, I’ll bring a few workout outfits because I’ll aim to workout quite a few times.

Be sure to send me your questions for next week! xx JRS

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  1. 11.6.17

    Great post – love that hat, the bow is just gorgeous!


    • 11.6.17
      Jessica said:

      Thanks, one of my favorites that I’m glad they’ve kept around for so many years! It’s classic.

  2. 11.6.17
    Kimberly said:

    Does B&S pay the bills or do you have a day job?

    • 11.6.17
      Jessica said:

      B&S is my full-time job now. I left my “day job” in March of 2015.

  3. 11.7.17
    Carly said:

    I misread this question:”I’d love to see your best trips for leaving somewhere cold to go somewhere warm or vice versa!” and thought they were asking about tips on what to wear on the plane when going from one extreme temp to another. Because that’s something I can never quite figure out! Would love your tips on that if you haven’t already done a post.

    • 11.8.17
      Jessica said:

      Interesting, maybe it was a typo on her part and she met tips, not trips?! Either way, answer coming your way on Sunday! xx