Friday Finds || Week 27

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins popping open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

You know, I could really get on board with this three day work week thing! This week was short, but mighty… I pretty much just hunkered down and got shit done this week, which was much needed. But now I’m more than ready for a fun weekend with my girlfriends! There are a few street festivals happening and hopefully I’ll be able to log some hours by the pool, too. Crossing my fingers the weather is on board! Lets hop right in to this week’s finds…

1. As someone who grew up riding horses, I can get on board with this. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Horse Riding May Improve Your Child’s Intelligence

2. Today is the last day to shop the Wala Swim summer sale! Perfect time to pick up a new suit for the last few months of summer.

3. One of my besties, Lauren, is in a rug design competition! To vote, you simply have to ‘like’ these two photos on Instagram! One & Two

4. $12 blush pink sunglasses… Couldn’t order them fast enough!

5. Loving this matte blush pair, too.

6. As they say, good things come in threes. How fun is this hot pink pair?!

7. Extremely intrigued by EQ/EI testing… Have you done it?

8. If you love Grand Banks in NYC as much as I do, you’ll want to visit these two new spots!

9. This navy and white striped skirt is TOO GOOD! On sale, too.

10. And for those of us in Chicago, North Avenue beach is getting a revamp with new restaurants! (#aboutdamntime)

11. Welp, guess I need to book another trip to Paris sometime in the next six months. This Dior exhibit looks INSANE!

12. This striped bow top needs to be mine… Under $60!

13. A reader shared this post with me earlier this week and it has some great advice! How to Stay Focused

14. 5 Tips for Working from Home

15. I’ve never thought I was much of a cruise person (admittedly, I’ve never been on one), but these Ritz-Carlton yacht cruises might just change my mind…

16. I think this white lace top is gorgeous and looks way more expensive than $78.

17. The 12 Best Places for Afternoon Tea… And one of them is in Chicago! (And only, like, 3 blocks from my apartment. Need to go!)

18. So apparently rosรฉ ice cream is a thing!

19. These sunglasses are only $45 and I’m obsessed with the blue tortoise hue!

20. How dang cute is Mackenzie’s bedroom?!

21. Seven places in NYC that make you feel like you’re in Harry Potter.

22. Obsessed with these bow slides and they’re on major sale!

23. 6 Things You Can Do to Change Your Life When You Feel Stuck

24. Digging these textured slides. Lots of fun colors, too!

25. Target is revamping their fashion department!

26. Halter necklines tend to be the most flattering on me so I just ordered this one-piece swimsuit yesterday. Stay tuned!

27. I also ordered these rose gold tassel earrings, I feel like they will go with everything and look great with a tan!

28. These $60 glasses look just like my Celine pair.

29. Obsessed with this floral dress!

30. I’m also going to need these ombrรฉ blue statement earrings. Can’t beat the $45 price tag, either.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

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  1. 7.7.17
    Hitha said:

    Thanks for sharing my post, friend! (And thanks to whoever shared it with you)

  2. 7.7.17
    Nicola said:

    Great post! :D!
    xx Nicki

  3. 7.7.17
    Skylar said:

    Thank you for sharing about the Dior exhibit! When I was in Paris 5 years ago, they had a Louis Vuitton exhibit and it was great! Definitely a go see museum!

  4. 7.7.17
    Liz said:

    Cruises are THE BEST! I went on a small one to the Caribbean and still had fun. You spend the day visiting different places (we did St. Kitts, St. Lucia, and Barbados) and then come back to the ship at night. The food is amazing and they even cut your meat for you at dinner without asking! I thought I would feel claustrophobic but you really don’t because you leave the ship during the day for the most part. Also, a great chance to visit tons of places at once.

  5. 7.9.17

    I just got off vacation and need a week of getting shit done!! I hope you have fun with your friends, you deserve it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 7.17.17

    Oh my that swimsuit you purchased is SO cute! Love the Friday Finds posts, thanks so much for sharing.