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When I was a kid, I remember my mom talking about peace and quiet pretty often. (I mean, I have two younger brothers.. Can you blame her?) I never really understood why someone would want some quiet time to him or herself, but as I’ve grown up (and especially with all of the craziness that living in New York City has brought over the last three years), I now find myself craving that same relaxation pretty often!

The master bathroom at my parents’ house has a jacuzzi tub and my mom’s favorite way to decompress was always taking a bath at night before bed. I remember always wanting to take baths in my parents’ bathroom to try and be like my mom, but I would always refuse to take them in my own bathroom that had the standard shower/tub without jets. I’m still a huge fan of reading in the bathtub to relax, but it always seems like such an ordeal to take a bath and I often feel as if I don’t have time to enjoy one. Thus, creating a spa-like experience in the shower is a must for me!

In most of the apartments I’ve rented, I’ve switched out the showerhead (with my landlord’s approval) for one that allows the water pressure to be changed. In my dream house, I would have an over-head rainfall showerhead in my bathroom, but until then, having an upgraded showerhead is a happy medium. And apparently I’m not alone on this one — Herbal Essences recently conducted a survey and found that 71% of women find a specialty shower to be the most desirable shower luxury, followed by mood lighting (15%). (My tiny little bathroom in New York City actually had dimming lights, which was pretty fabulous!)

Scent is also a huge factor for me. I always keep a fragrance diffuser in my bathroom and tend to light candles whenever I’m getting ready, taking a bath, doing a facemask, etc. It’s crazy how much a scent can transform your mood, isn’t it?

I like to keep my bathroom decor on the lighter side. I tend to decorate my bathroom with lighter neutral colors that feel very spa-like. Super plush towels and a great big robe are also must-haves!

Over the last week I was in New York, I participated in a weeklong “trial rinse” with Herbal Essences to test out their new Wild Naturals collection! My friends and I used to be obsessed with Herbal Essences back in the day. We would compare scents and almost compete over who would have better smelling hair. (Oh, how I do not miss Junior High and Middle School.) I hadn’t used the brand in quite some time because I’m always testing new hair products, but I happily agreed to try out an old favorite!

Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Collection is the next premium line for the brand, with an elevated fragrance offering to appeal to a more sophisticated demographic that still wants that sensorial experience. There are three different distinct care collections under the Wild Naturals umbrella, but I tested the Rejuvenating Collection that has a warm, but fruity fig scent. Oh, and the best part? You can still find these products at your local drugstore! Each product in the new collection retails for $5.99. Can’t beat it!

herbal essences wild naturals

Wild Naturals Rejuvenating Shampoo is a serum-infused formula that cleanses, strengthens and protects hair against breakage with super-charged cassia, an Ayurvedic herb that delivers maximum strength and protection, resulting in a 60% reduction in hair breakage. The Rejuvenating Conditioner deeply conditions and restores hair’s moisture and vitality.

In the same survey that I referenced above, they found that nine out of 10 American women agree that taking time to enjoy their morning shower transforms the rest of their day AND that it is one of the few times during the day where they get to truly “escape.”

herbal essences wild naturals rejuvinating

The Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner smell absolutely amazing, both in the shower and out! In fact, I noticed that I could still catch a whiff of the Turkish fig scent later in the day. Not in an overwhelming way, but just a sweet smell that was a subtle reminder of my shower earlier that morning. I also loved how sudsy the shampoo was in the shower, it felt very luxe! After using the Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner, I saw a noticeable difference in my hair by the end of the week. With styling damage and coloring my hair for so many years, my strands are always battling the dryness. But by the end of the 7-day trial, my hair felt a lot more moisturized and a lot less “straw-like.” I think the Oil Elixir helped a lot with this, too! I applied a dime-sized amount to my damp, towel-dried hair before blow drying and curling.

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When I was picking up the Wild Naturals Collection at the store, I noticed the Color Me Happy Collection that’s targeted towards color-treated hair. I picked up the dry shampoo and figured I’d test it out, too. With the super strong rose scent, the spray is definitely great for dirty hair and a great gym bag option to revive your sweaty (and potentially smelly) strands. I’m sure you know this, but dry shampoo isn’t just for dirty hair! I tend to spray my roots with a dry shampoo right after I blow out my clean hair because I’ve found that it extends my style an extra day or two by absorbing an oil as it comes!

whats in my gym bag

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herbal essences dry shampoo

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  1. 7.7.15

    I love how Herbal Essences smells! Great photos!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. 7.7.15
    Morgan A. commented:

    Totally agree with switching out the shower head!! We rent, rent, rent and the first thing we always do is switch out those lame shower heads and put our own in. It has 5 settings! Such a great tip. And I am alllll about the baths. Of course, I would love a jet tub someday, but any bath is good for the mind and body. I haven’t used herbal essence since back in the day, but nothing can beat their scents, that’s for sure! Hope you’re settling in well in Chicago! xo.

    Morgan / Morning Apple.

  3. 7.7.15
    Ann-Louise commented:

    Such a great post and I would love to try Herbal Essences! I love when you write a little bit more personal and share things from your life! 🙂 <3

  4. 7.7.15

    Whenever I visit NYC, I totally cherish that couple of hours of alone time in the hotel between showers and dinner.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  5. 7.7.15
    Justine commented:

    I’ve ALWAYS loved the way Herbal Essences smelled growing up! Great post – you look SO pretty in the first picture of this post, btw!

    Hope you’re enjoying Chicago!

  6. 7.7.15
    Preeti commented:

    you look so pretty!!!

    xoxo, Preeti

  7. 7.7.15
    Sabine commented:

    I love taking showers. We also have a bath, but just like you I think its such a hassle before everything is ready. And after 10 minutes I’m so done… We do have Herbal Essences here in The Netherlands, I thing I might give it a try!

    X Sabine

  8. 7.7.15
    Meagan commented:

    I love the way Herbal Essences smells! I haven’t used it in years though!

  9. 7.7.15
    Lauren commented:

    Herbal Essences was the best when I was in elementary school! I was so obsessed with it and would instantly recognize the different fragrances if people walked by haha!


  10. 7.7.15
    melissa commented:

    Cute photos Jess!