I’ve been so good lately. Like, so so good. I haven’t been shopping at all… I’m not necessarily on a ban per se, but I’m really trying to only buy things I need and curb my unnecessary spending. Ground-breaking concept, I know.

However, when you’re not allowing yourself to buy things, your wish list will be longer than ever. I feel like I want EVERYTHING right now. Some things more than others, yes, but I have a major shopping itch. Trying to stay strong! (Literally obsessing over this dress, this top, this skirt, and this bag. Just a casual $1200.)

I’ve been in a major shoe hoarding mood lately, too. I’m not sure why considering I can barely fit all of my current shoes in my apartment, but when has storage space ever stopped me?

Here are some of my current faves…

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  1. 5.29.14
    Meagan commented:

    Love the navy pumps with the bows! Too cute!

  2. 5.29.14
    Heidi commented:

    OMG, I know, I cannot stop buying shoes this season either 🙂

  3. 5.29.14
    lauren commented:

    The Milly dress is awesome. You can pass on the others 😉

  4. 5.29.14

    Love the blue suede heels!

    Liz @

  5. 5.29.14
    Rebecca commented:

    Love that first wedge and that bow sandal! It’s so hard not to buy!!

  6. 5.29.14
    Ella commented:

    LOVING all the bows! Stay strong! 😉

  7. 5.29.14
    Courtney commented:

    Great picks! Love those Sperry’s and Tory Burch wedges!


  8. 5.30.14
    Cheri commented:

    Do you own all of these shoes??

  9. 5.30.14
    Katie Albury commented:

    Oh man I’ve been really good two and the first time I went shopping last Friday I brought two pairs…! So naughty!
    Katie x

  10. 6.2.14
    Briggs commented:

    My shoe closet is ridiculous too, yet I can’t seem to stop buying them #fail. I just spent a few days in Washington and apparently my sandals just weren’t able to handle all the walking I need… neither were my feet. I’m visiting NYC in a few days and want to know what you wear for trekking around town. I’m looking for cute and comfortable… if they happen to be fabulous, even better!! Are your Top-Siders good for copious amounts of walking??