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As much as I absolutely wish I were a runner, I’m just not. (It would be really nice to nix that $100/month NYC gym fee!) I’ve tried and tried to get into running, but it’s just not for me. I don’t enjoy it, and I think that’s a huge part of exercising. It’s easier when you love what you do. When it comes to my day-to-day life, I am as self-motivating as they come. Yet, when I’m at the gym, I have to rely on the buddy system. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m very much motivated by others when it comes down to working out. From a fun spin class with an awesome instructor to hitting the elliptical with a coworker after work, it makes it more fun when you’re with friends!

Since I don’t necessarily need a running shoe, I can focus on stylish sneakers without worrying too much about the support. My go-to this fall has been the AdiPure trainer! Each and every time I wear this pair of shoes, I’m bound to get stopped on the street by a passerby wondering where I got them. They make lacing up that much more fun. Who doesn’t love a neon statement sneaker?! Plus, they are super comfortable, lightweight, and stylish.

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  1. 11.27.13

    Love the bright colour, and whatever helps, right?! I hated running with a passion but after about a month of forcing myself I got to a point where I enjoyed it more. I have a crazy beagle who LOVES coming along so it’s nice to have a ‘friend’ with me 🙂

  2. 11.27.13
    Rachelle said:

    They are so cute, love these sneakers.


  3. 11.27.13
    Mel said:

    I love the colour of those runners! Who cares if running isn’t for you, as long as you have cute shoes. I’m all about the bright colours!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  4. 11.27.13

    These are gorgeous! I so want a pair!
    I recently wrote a feature all about the struggles with exercise, the excuses and finding the motivation! It’s tough, espesh this time of year!

    Katie x

  5. 11.27.13

    Love the colour! I also hated running but once you get into it it can be really nice 🙂

    Greetings from London,

  6. 11.27.13

    I don’t enjoy running either & I’ve got special shoes for spin class that clip into the pedals, so when I buy gym shoes, I always go for looks. Why not be stylish while working out?!


  7. 11.27.13
    Julie said:

    So agree with on the running thing! And those are the cutest shoes!

  8. 11.28.13

    I love running (enjoy it immensely!) but I can never wear fun, bright sporty kicks on the trails- not enough support 🙁 Love your Adidas for the street, though!

  9. 11.30.13
    Vanessa said:

    I love the color of these shoes! Unfortunately, I’m not a runner either. I have boring white shoes that I purchased before the neon shoe trend hit. I need to get a fun new pair!


  10. 12.4.13

    Great colour….almost too pretty to run in ! ;))