What to Wear When You Wake Up Late

I’ve been all about the easy dresses lately! I’ve apparently taken a page out of Hallie‘s book and become a serial snooze artist. Seriously, I haven’t gotten up before 8am this week. And I have to be to work by 9 on the dot. Let’s just say that I’ve definitely gone over my cab budget this week! Is it the holiday weekend yet?!

Anywho, when I’m in a 20 minute panic to get ready for work, it’s always a dress. A fun dress like this one is absolutely perfect because it has beading around the neckline, so no need to waste time debating which necklace wear! I slipped on a metallic gold belt, gold sandals, sunnies*, and I was out the door.

On another note, I’ve been saving for a new bag and finally pulled the trigger on this beauty after lusting over her for over 2 years! I was in need of a lighter-colored bag for the summer and this tote is just perfect. You’ll be seeing a lot of her! 🙂

* Sunglasses are a must for make-up-less mornings! #MakeUpAtMyDesk

gifted Ivy & Blu Striped Dress / Kate Spade Metallic Bow Belt / BCBG Sunglasses (similar here) / gifted JustFab Sandals / Nordstrom Ring / Sequin Bangle (also available in other colors here)

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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  1. 6.28.13
    Chris commented:

    and to think women make fun (or are jealous) of men who are able to jump out of bed, pull on a pair of pants and a polo and rock the “I didn’t shave this morning” look! You look fab considering your lack of time!

  2. 6.28.13
    michelle commented:

    my closet is full of dresses because i am almost always running late to work. not a morning person. especially when i need to be out of the house at 6:45 every day.

  3. 6.28.13
    Katie commented:

    Girl, I’m in the same boat! I’ve been snoozing like crazy this week, I didn’t get out of bed until 8:20 this morning! Ack! I’m blaming it on the upcoming holiday! 😉

    Anyway, you look adorable! I love that dress with the heels and belt! I’m always a sucker for anything gold!


  4. 6.28.13
    Kimberly commented:

    Obsessed with the stripes & embellished neckline on this dress – you look so chic!


  5. 6.28.13
    Tiffany Elam commented:

    A dress is always my go-to in the warmer months- it’s just so easy!


  6. 6.28.13
    Maureen commented:

    Your bag is just gorgeous!! Congrats on such a beauty!

  7. 6.28.13
    Lara commented:

    You look adorable! LOVING that bag lady 🙂

    xox Lara http://www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  8. 6.28.13

    You do NOT look like you got ready in 20-minutes or less. Great job fooling the world.

  9. 6.28.13
    Megan commented:

    That dress is beautiful! I love the gold accessories too.


  10. 6.28.13
    stephanie commented:

    the belt and necklace are beautiful!
    x Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  11. 6.28.13

    OMG now I’m in love with Ivy and Blu Maggy. Sigh… wallet is NOT happy.

  12. 6.28.13
    Stacey commented:

    I wish I looked this fabulous when I woke up late or even when I get up on time! Love the new bag!


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    Five Minute Style 

  13. 6.28.13
    Annick commented:

    Gorgeous dress! When I’m in a hurry for work, it’s usually black skinnies, a blouse of some sort and a blazer, or jean jacket. Needless to say, it’s been my uniform this week. Or like you, I’ll go for a simple dress.

    Bold Subtlety

  14. 6.28.13
    Jennifer commented:

    I love this look. I also think dresses are so easy. I love that it’s an entire outfit in one piece of clothing and it’s so easy to get dressed with them.

  15. 6.28.13

    Oh my gosh, GIRL! That dress is SO stunning with those heels. I think I have found my next JustFab purchase. BEAUTIFUL! <3 The perfect look for when you're running out the door is a dress, I 100% agree. I did it this morning 🙂


  16. 6.28.13
    Hannah commented:

    I am all about the easy dresses too! Wearing one today actually!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  17. 6.28.13
    meg commented:

    You look adorable!


  18. 6.28.13
    Marissa commented:

    this hardly look like a wake up late outfit 🙂 and congrats on the NEW bag! yay!

  19. 6.28.13
    Rose commented:

    Um, I never look half that put together when I have to get ready fast haha. I’m impressed by the neckline of the dress!!

  20. 6.28.13
    Patricia commented:

    that LV is gorgeous. At least i can buy the shoes. happiness!

  21. 6.29.13

    Gorge dress!

  22. 6.30.13
    Emily commented:

    I am the same way when I’m running late (everyday)! Dresses are a whole outfit without trying to match everything up! But it’s so funny because everyone is like “wow you’re dressed up” and I’m like “yeah…. sure!”

  23. 7.1.13
    Valerie commented:

    Just how amazing are those heels? Pretty sure I need to get those for myself. Are they comfortable too?

  24. 7.1.13
    AJ commented:

    Very ladylike! Love the dress with the bow belt and those sexy shoes.


  25. 7.2.13
    2girlsin2cities commented:

    I love all of the metallic here! You’ve inspired me to don some gold sandals tomorrow! – J

  26. 7.2.13
    Kenzi commented:

    Love the neverfull!! I have two! Including this one. They’re such great bags!! Enjoy!

  27. 7.2.13
    Agi commented:

    First off gorgeous bag. Second of all I wish I looked that good when I wake up late. Love the dress and the belt is the perfect accessory.



  28. 7.2.13
    Danielle commented:

    Absolutely obsessed with the whole look. You definitely DO NOT look like you woke up late!


  29. 7.2.13
    Your Blog Wife commented:

    Hello, Louis! Congrats on his/her BLOG DEBUT! Gorg – and I’m loving this color scheme (and all color schemes) on you.

    Give me that dress, thanks!

  30. 7.24.13
    barefoot duchess commented:

    I WANT your bag, SO BAD!!!!