Bright Pink & Burgundy

Ever since I saw fuchsia and burgundy being mixed in the J.Crew windows, I knew I would be sporting the bright & dark color combination this fall!

I wore this outfit last Saturday for an afternoon wandering around Bryant Park. The Holiday Shops are up already, can you believe it?! The best part? DOUGH. So, so good!

Thank you for snapping these pictures, Rose. 🙂

Obsessed with these flats! Bows and glossy oxblood make for one perfect pair.

J.Crew Blazer / J.Crew Sweater / Banana Republic Oxblood Cords / Shoemint Bow Flats / gifted Ali’s Collection Necklace / Michael Kors Watch / gifted Bauble Bar bracelet / gifted Sequin Elephant Bracelet (similar)

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  1. 11.1.12

    This is such a great color combination – and I have similar pieces I can recreate this look with…thanks for the inspiration!! 🙂

    • 11.1.12
      Jessica commented:

      Thank you! We can thank J.Crew for the inspiration 🙂

  2. 11.1.12
    Rachel commented:

    I love this color combo, too! Those flats are so adorable.

    Life Unsweetened

    • 11.1.12
      Jessica commented:

      Thank you! I couldn’t say no when I found them! They are pretty much perfect 😉

  3. 11.1.12
    Taylor commented:

    VERY cute!! I want that blazer. 🙂

    • 11.1.12
      Jessica commented:

      Thanks!! It’s a bit on the pricey side, but when I figured out the CPW (cost per wear), it’s definitely worth it! This is my second fall/winter season wearing it. Goes with everything!

  4. 11.1.12
    Vanessa commented:

    This look is very J. Crew and I love the pink and burgundy together. And the shoes are so pretty! Shoe Envy!!


    • 11.1.12
      Jessica commented:

      Thanks Vanessa! I definitely took some notes from J.Crew on this one 🙂

  5. 11.1.12
    Rachelle commented:

    great color combo!

    • 11.1.12
      Jessica commented:

      Thanks Rachelle! I love the unexpected-ness. It’s a different take on the red+pink combo!

  6. 11.1.12
    Elizabeth commented:

    Love this combo – so unique! I just spent most of my morning looking back through all of your Fall/Winter archives for inspiration 🙂

    • 11.1.12
      Jessica commented:

      Aww so sweet of you! Thanks 🙂

  7. 11.1.12

    Aaaah, super cute!! Burgundy cords are def on my fall/winter wardrobe list. Love the combo, too!

    • 11.1.12
      Jessica commented:

      Thank you! They have been on my list for a while, too. I loved this pair of Banana Republic cords, but didn’t want to pay full price so I stalked them daily until I found a coupon… 30% off! 🙂

  8. 11.1.12
    Agi commented:

    cute look. Love it.


  9. 11.1.12
    Ellen commented:

    I absolutely love this outfit. And want it! You look adorable.

  10. 11.1.12
    Megan commented:

    Ooohhh I love this color combo – my favourite for this season! You look great 🙂


  11. 11.1.12
    Emily commented:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love those colors

  12. 11.1.12
    Michelle commented:

    LOVE the color combo, thats one I haven’t seen yet this Fall and it looks great. That’s awesome that the Holiday Shops are already up! I’m planning a trip back home to Chicago to check out all of the Christmas lights/trees/windows and the ChristkindlMarket in early December :), can’t wait!!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  13. 11.1.12
    natasha commented:

    Love this color combination hun!

    xo, tasha
    Enter to win a statement necklace + bracelet set

  14. 11.1.12

    Love this outfit but love, love, love your shoes!! I read your post on Sandy, so crazy, hope you get to go home soon! My brother lives on the UES and he was one of the lucky ones that didn’t lose power at all…I’d offer up his place but I’m guessing bunking up with 4 guys is not high on your list of options 😉 Thinking of you in Chicago!

  15. 11.1.12
    Alyssa commented:

    I love this outfit, great color combo. I might have to try to recreate this outfit. Your blog is great!

  16. 11.1.12
    Sarah commented:

    Gorgeous outfit! I love your color combination!

    The Purse Snatcher 

  17. 11.1.12
    Minela commented:

    I have to commend you on the ‘Shop this Post’ bar, that’s very clever! Love this combo too! <3


  18. 11.1.12
    AJ commented:

    I’m pretty sure that every detail of this outfit is FABULOUS! Love those flats, and the pink and burgundy is a great combo. I love my J.Crew polka dot scarf with that color combo!


  19. 11.1.12
    Amy commented:

    Love this look! Hope everything is okay for you in NYC!


  20. 11.1.12
    Christine commented:

    Love this! I may be stealing this color combo idea 🙂 And I love those ShoeMint flats! Too bad they’re already sold out in my size.

  21. 11.2.12
    Melissa commented:

    Absolutely adore those maroon flats!

    I would like to invite you to visit my blog….where we talk about lingerie and all things feminine.

  22. 11.2.12
    Manita commented:

    Love the pink on you!

  23. 11.3.12
    Heather commented:

    I too love these colors together and jcrew is always inspiring! I get so excited to get their catalogs in the mail!