Off The Deep End

Off The Deep End: Crazy, Erratic, Irrational, Insane, Bonkers, Unbalanced. There are some days when I’m pretty darn sure I’ve gone “off the deep end,” if you will. Days when I’m crazy and I know it.

I saw this shirt a few years ago and knew I needed to have it for those days when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, haven’t gotten enough sleep, have way too many things to do, and I’m pretty sure my head is going to spin off of my body before the day is over.

This shirt is kind of like a forewarning for those that I encounter. I’m a little crazy so you might want to leave me alone. And it works! People look at me like I am in a straightjacket and avoid me like the plague when they read “off the deep end,” but whatever. Mission accomplished!

I paired the loud tee with some girly accessories (multi-strand pearl necklace, bow ring, leopard flats) so I didn’t come across as totally goth. 🙂

Tee Shirt: Marc By Marc Jacobs
Jeans: Paige
Blazer: Silence + Noise (similar)
Leopard Flats: Gap (similar)
Pearl Necklace: J.Crew (similar)
Bow Ring: Kate Spade
Gold Watch: Michael Kors (similar face) (similar band)
Nails: CND Shellac “Masquerade”

(Photog: Matt)

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  1. 9.28.11

    LOVE this funky look!! tee paired with blazer…my go to this fall when I feel like I have nothing to wear! haha

    • 10.2.11
      Jessica said:

      I pair blazers with absolutely everything. I just had to get a new black blazer because my old one was getting a little worn.

  2. 9.28.11
    ppfgirl said:

    Seriously need this shirt!! That is my go-to way to wear a graphic tee, too – black blazer & denim…so cute! 🙂

    • 10.2.11
      Jessica said:

      I think this is my only graphic tee so I don’t have a whole lot of experience styling them. Blazer and denim works with everything though, right?! 🙂

  3. 9.28.11
    Jennifer said:

    Love the T-shirt, it’s funny the effect a graphic T can have on people, it definitely sends a message.

    • 10.2.11
      Jessica said:

      I never wear graphic tees so I had no idea how strong of a message they give off!

  4. 9.28.11
    Kait said:

    Love the look!! I’m new to blogging…literally, one day into it!! But come check me out.

    Xoxo, Kait

    • 10.2.11
      Jessica said:

      I love the clean look of your site! It looks great! Have fun with your blog, it’s the only reason to do it! 🙂

  5. 9.29.11

    Perfect look for those kind of days! People will leave you alone but you still look comfy and cute. I like it with the girly accessories!

  6. 9.29.11
    Sherry said:

    LOL!!! Oh gosh, I’m pretty sure every woman needs that shirt!!! Well, fine, at least I need it!! I love it with the blazer, pearls and leopard! So cute!

  7. 9.30.11

    I am loving the printed tee with the blazer. It is a fun casual style.

    <3 Rachel

    • 10.2.11
      Jessica said:

      Thanks! Casual looks are what I’m all about.