Friday Finds || Vol. 4, Week 39

Cotton Candy Skies Summer Sunset Clouds in Michigan

This week was… intense. Outside of the usual 2020 chaos, a few close friends have been dealing with their own health-related scares and it’s been heartbreaking. Just when you think 2020 has thrown all of the curveballs it possibly could, yet another thing (or 10) comes flying your way. Sometimes you just need to cry… Had myself a few moments this week. And then with the news out of Kentucky with the charges (or lack thereof) for the officers that killed Breonna Taylor, this week just felt like a bit of a dumpster fire.

It wasn’t all bad, though… I grabbed dinner outside with Kate early this week, which was such a breath of fresh air. Pre-pandemic, we used to get dinner at least once a month, but we hadn’t properly caught up in person since January or February so that was definitely a highlight! Another girlfriend, Rae, came over for wine outside on the porch on Thursday night, which was another bright spot of the week.

Highs and lows, my friends… I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of weeks like that this fall and winter. Hang in there!

Here are my favorite finds from this week…

Obviously the presidential election is so important, but we cannot overlook the Senate in the upcoming election! There are 23 Republican seats that are up for switching in this upcoming term and if you’re able, donating to those campaigns should be top of mind, too. I’ve personally donated to Jaime Harrison’s campaign (he’s running against Lindsey Graham in South Carolina) and Pod Save America’s Get Mitch or Die Trying. (And, of course, this oneย and this one.)

On that note, did you know there are rules about what you wear to vote?! Make sure to read this article!

Now that it’s red wine season… Add this to your Amazon order! It’s the best wine stain remover. (Also comes in a spray bottle… Works on ink, blood, coffee, etc.)

I AM DROOLING OVER MERRITT’S NEW HOME! So, so, so gorgeous. Such a dreamy space and I know it’s going to be chic AF once she decorates.

Mango is 30% off with code SHOP30! I shared a bunch of my seasonal favorites in this post last week.

Dating a Virgo be like: … I was C-R-Y-I-N-G laughing! Pretty sure I’ve watched it 10 times since. If you’re wondering why I’m single, it’s because I’ve most definitely said + done every single thing mentioned in the video 😂

This is everyone’s favorite mask (the silk is supposed to be better for mask-ne) and it’s currently 25% off!! (Update: It looks like the promotion has now ended, sorry!)

Loved this read this week… Chemistry Isn’t a Cure-All

I definitely don’t need another straw tote, but I found a bag I was lusting after on The Outnet for $79 and I’m veeeerryy tempted.

I’ve heard great reviews from these clean hand soaps at Target!

This colorful vote tee is a must!

H&M is 20% off orders of $75+! Use code Y12R96 (PS: I shared a bunch of my favorite things in this post!)

I ordered two of these pillows for my new apartment! I’m obsessed. (Update: Just as gorgeous in person!)

How darling is this phone case? Brighter days ahead, my friends.

A gut-wrenching read about Danielle’s daughter’s cancer diagnosis. (And what we can do to help!)

Obsessed with this tote bag. The color is so pretty for fall!

Exploring Banff in September… How stunning!!

The Big Activity Book for Anxious People

Quay sunglasses are BOGO Free again!! I have three pairs of their After Hours sunglasses, these black aviators, these twisted frames, and these black & gold square frames.

Aimee is one of my favorite follows on Instagram… Her Gold Coast home is serious goals, and all of her interior photography absolutely stunning. She shared this week that she actually rents out her home for shoots! (Apparently Crate & Kids has used it before…) So cool.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this podcast episode! Suzy’s story is absolutely incredible, and her concept of “alive ideas” had me nodding in excitement. So much great business advice peppered in, too!

This podcast about trauma was also really interesting… I think we tend to downplay the things that happen to us (or maybe it’s just me), but these painful moments tend to affect us for years to come.

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