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Chicago fashion blogger Bows & Sequins styling an outfit from Dudley Stephens.

With winter weather already upon us here in Chicago, getting dressed is feeling more and more like a challenge. Typically, this doesn’t start until after the holidays, but here we are, a week and a half until Thanksgiving, and staying comfortable in the cold while still looking cute is already daily battle. And one that we’re going to be facing for the foreseeable future… 🙄

Not to mention, my bedroom in the apartment that I now live in is absolutely freezing. (That’s a whole different story for a different day though…) So while I do work from home most days and don’t have to commute into an office, my daily uniform while hunkered down at my desk has had to consist of lots and lots of warm layers!

Chicago fashion blogger Bows & Sequins styling a Dudley Stephens Park Slope Turtleneck.

If you, too, tend to live in cozy garments all winter long, you need to know about Dudley Stephens! I first learned of the brand from my friend, Julia, as she’s friends with the two sisters that co-founded the brand! I was instantly smitten with their commitment to sustainability, and once I got my hands on one of their coveted fleeces, I totally understood the hype. They are SO soft!

Dudley Stephens pieces are made in Brooklyn and made from recycled yarn from plastic water bottles. To date, they’ve kept over ONE MILLION plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans!

While it’s hard to top an astounding fact like that, another one of the best parts of the brand is that they absolutely nail the marriage of cozy and chic, which we know is no easy feat!

Fashion and beauty blogger Jessica Sturdy wearing a black turtleneck, aviators, and a camel hooded vest. Jessica's cool-toned highlights and loose waves were done at RMCM Salon in Chicago's Gold Coast.

It’s no secret that my love for black turtlenecks knows no bounds. So it only felt fitting that I picked their Park Slope Turtleneck in Black… I know I’ll be wearing this top on repeat for the next few months. (Realistically, the next 6-7 months because we all know winter lasts until May in Chicago!)

The tall turtleneck is an absolute dream… And a must for staying warm in chilly weather! It’s cozy, but not too close, which makes it so much easier to wear. I don’t know about you, but if a top is too tight around my neck (even a turtleneck, unless it’s super thin), I’m always pulling at it throughout the day. The fit on this one is perfect!

In terms of sizing, I went with a small and I really like the fit. It’s definitely fitted though, especially through the arms and shoulders! If you’re looking for this piece to function more as a sweatshirt and want to layer it over something else, I’d probably size up. But if you’re just looking for a cozy top to wear, I’d say it’s true to size!

This turtleneck comes in just about every color under the rainbow, which makes it great for game days, too! I’ve been wearing mine casually on the weekends, while working at my desk, and even throwing it on after a spin class. And for what it’s worth, a SoulCycle instructor told me that he loved it after class a few weeks ago, and told me it was “very New York.” And that’s a compliment I take very seriously, haha! 🤗

Chicago health & wellness blogger Bows & Sequins wearing a camel fleece vest, black turtleneck, and white jogger sweatpants for a causal weekend outfit.

Fashion blogger styling Dudley Stephens joggers.

Since I’m only 5’5”, I usually go for the more cropped style if I’m choosing between two lengths. If you prefer to wear a longer top over leggings, you might like the Cobble Hill Turtleneck a bit more! It’s a longer length and has more of a roomy fit. It comes in a rainbow of colors, too! Of course, it’s the same cozy fleece.

Chicago lifestyle and travel influencer styling joggers for the weekend.

Now let’s talk about the joggers! In general, I’ve been all about the joggers lately. Typically, I’ve always been a big proponent of not wearing sweatpants in public, but I guess I’ve changed my tune when it comes to a chicer, more tailored comfy pant. These joggers are obviously great for lounging around the house, but they still look cute outside the front door, too. Coffee runs, walking the dog (manifesting this for myself, haha), or even running errands on the weekend. And I’m sure they’re also great for all of you moms on-the-go out there!

I went with the winter white option, but they come in a few colors! If joggers aren’t your thing, there’s a wide-leg style, too.

Chicago-based fashion and travel blogger Bows & Sequins styling a camel-colored sherpa vest, white fleece joggers, and a black turtleneck for a cozy weekend outfit that's still put together.

And the vest! If you’re like me and rarely feel like your outfit is complete without a “third piece,” you’ll love this brushed fleece vest. From the hood, to the pockets, to the longer length that covers your bum, it has all of the details that make for a piece you will reach for over and over again. Throw it on over the top of your weekend or workout outfit for an extra layer of warmth!

I think the camel color is so chic (especially paired back to black, white, navy, and green), but it comes in a few great neutrals!

Chicago lifestyle blogger Jessica Sturdy wearing a camel fleece vest, black turtleneck, and white jogger pants.

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Chicago beauty blogger Jessica Sturdy with loose curls, a fresh haircut, and blonde highlights from RMCM Salon in the Gold Coast.

Midwest lifestyle blogger Bows & Sequins styling a fleece camel vest.

Fashion and travel influencer Jessica Sturdy styling white jogger pants with Superga black sneakers.

Fashion and lifestyle influencer wearing Dudley Stephens fleece.

Chicago influencer Bows & Sequins wearing a camel vest, long-sleeve black top, and white jogger pants with Superga Sneakers and Louis Vuitton Speedy.

Chicago lifestyle influencer Bows & Sequins wearing Dudley Stephens.

This post was created in partnership with Dudley Stephens. Thank you for supporting the brands and collaborations that make Bows & Sequins possible!

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