Friday Finds || Vol. 3, Week 24

Preppy fashion blogger Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins wearing a Sail to Sable funfetti dress on the beach with sparklers at Wee Burn Beach Club in Rowayton, CT.

Happy Monday! This past week was jam-packed and truly felt like it was at least two weeks long. The beginning of the week was a few of those Murphy’s Law kind of days where everything goes haywire, I had a quick (but amazing!) trip out to Connecticut, and then came back to a few rather insane days. By the time Friday rolled around, I was ready to hide under my covers for a few days, haha.

To paint a little picture as to why last Tuesday was such a circus — I was supposed to shoot an upcoming project with my photographer and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The dress arrived damaged, the color was labeled wrong, the shoes I picked didn’t match IRL, they didn’t have what I needed in-store, the bag arrived late from FedEx, traffic running back-and-forth from the store was insane… It was just a mess. Since I had my photographer booked already, I figured we could just switch gears and shoot a different feature that I have been wanting to shoot, and naturally that ended up being an epic fail, too, haha. So basically I just ended up having to pay my photographer for two hours of her time without getting any photos that I needed. Then I was late to get to the post office to ship things that needed to go out… The printer at my building wouldn’t connect to my phone… Just one of those days!

But that night, I made myself take a much-needed time out and go to a 30-minute meditation at Chill on Kinzie. And I treated myself to a little 20 minute chair massage afterwards, too! I grabbed a salad at Sweetgreen and then sat outside to eat in a park by my apartment (while listening to one of my favorite podcasts), and the stresses of the day had pretty much melted away by the time I was finished. Sometimes you just need to say Eff It to your to-do list and take a little time out for yourself to get back into a better headspace. So if you’ve been feeling that way, too, (it seems like a bunch of people that have messaged me on IG are in the same boat!) give yourself some space to take a little breather.

Last week wasn’t all bad, though! I flew out of O’hare early on Wednesday morning, headed to LaGuardia. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go into the city on this trip, as I was going straight to Connecticut for an event with one of my favorite brands, Sail to Sable. It was such a fun evening catching up with so many of my friends in the blogging community… It felt like a high school reunion in the best way possible! The scenery couldn’t have been more perfect either… It was a gorgeous night at a beach club right on the water in Connecticut, live music, endless rosรฉ, sparklers, etc.

I had to get back to Chicago earlier than originally planned on Thursday to shoot the project that didn’t work out on Tuesday before attending two different work events that night. Couldn’t have been a busier week!

I just didn’t have it in me to open up my computer over the weekend. I had lofty plans to GSD over the weekend, but with everything else going on outside of work (moving next week, visitors, weddings, etc), I just needed to chill the eff out for a few days. So I apologize for not having this Friday Finds post up on Friday, but hopefully a few of these things make your ease back into the workweek a little better.

Here are last week’s finds…

The new Sail to Sable summer collection is seriously so, so cute. Their best one yet! All of the girls at the party last week looked incredible and we were all gushing over each others outfits… Too bad we don’t all live closer and can closet swap 😂

One of my best friends from my Remote Year program, Arielle, got to go to Universal Studios earlier this week to get a sneak peek of the new ride at Harry Potter and originally she had invited me to come with, but unfortunately it was at the exact same time as the Sail to Sable trip in Connecticut. But her recap has me wanting to go!

Bummed to read that Topshop is closing all of their US stores.

How to Find an Apartment in NYC

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Vans just launched a new Harry Potter collab!


Loving this affordable line I found this week! So many cute summer dresses under $100.

How cute are this dress and this dress for the 4th of July?! I ordered both to assess.

Taking notes on this one: The Best Moving Tips

Ugh, this rainbow striped dress is too good!

These slides are the best. I ordered both the pink and black!

Topshop low key has the best inexpensive handbags for summer!

These Ray-Bans are my bff’s signature sunglasses and they’re so classic that I want them, too! I love them in this updated color wayย for a little something different though.

Loving this dress for the office this summer!

I’m loving these seven tips for feeling a little bit more in control and feeling like you “have it together.”

I LOVED THIS POST: The more I try to make my life all about me, the more anxious I become.

I always love a good sweater tank and this one with the tie shoulders is no exception.

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