Friday Finds || Vol. 3, Week 14

colorful summer outfit, wide brim straw hat, denim jacket, printed shorts, white aviator sunglasses

HAPPY FRIDAY! What a week. I truly can’t believe it’s April! This week started out a little bit backwards for me, but thankfully turned around as the week progressed. I had to switch some things around and veer from my typical weekly schedule, which sort of started the week off on the wrong foot. I generally never schedule anything on Mondays, as they’re my days to GET SH*T DONE on the computer. No makeup, no meetings, rarely any calls, just me, my to-do list, and my computer screen. I normally get so much of my content written each week on Mondays, make sure the podcast is ready to go for Tuesday, and set myself up on a high note for the week. However, Monday was the only day that worked to shoot with my photographer this week, so a big chunk of my day revolved around that! On Tuesday, my day got a little bit derailed when I messed up my therapy appointment (not only did I have the wrong day, but the wrong time entirely… still not sure how that happened), but thankfully she was able to squeeze me in on Tuesday night, I just had to go back and forth between the Loop multiple times, which ate up some of my day.

I committed to turning things around on Tuesday night, though! Sometimes you just need to make the mental shift to regain some control on the week, you know? After my therapy appointment on Tuesday night, I took myself out to dinner for a delicious (but healthy!) meal and a glass of red wine. (Okay, fine, I had two. 😜) I was in desperate need of some computer time to get some writing done, so I chose True Food Kitchen because they don’t have wifi. That’s one of my tricks when I need to write… Choose a cafe without wifi to work and you’re pretty much forced into a distraction-free zone. TFK is one of my favorite spots for lunch meetings and dinner with friends, but I’ve dined solo countless time, too. You can grab a seat at the bar (great if you’re just reading a book while eating solo!) or take up a table along the windows if you’re wanting to log some computer time. I would have put True Food Kitchen on my Gold Coast City Guide, but even though it’s very close to me, it’s technically not quite in the Gold Coast.

Anyway, things started looking up from there! I had a productive day on Wednesday, celebrated a friend’s birthday on Wednesday night at Soho House, had another productive day on Thursday, and went to the opening of Sabbia at Eataly last night with Kate, and then we grabbed a glass of wine at Walton Street afterwards. Is there a better way to round out the week than Aperol Spritzes, wine, and catching up with a good girlfriend?! I think not.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends! See you back here next week. xoxo jrs

Here are this week’s finds…

You need to stop what you’re doing and listen to what I’m about to say because H&M IS LITERALLY EFFING CRUSHING IT RIGHT NOW. Have I been sleeping on H&M lately?! I’m honestly shook by how good their new arrivals are. Let’s go down the list, shall we?

Macramé Handbag: Under $50, absolutely adorable, and the colors go with everything. It’s such a classic style, the perfect little bag for night time. Use it instead of your go-to clutch… The ring makes it a little bit easier to carry, or you can toss it on your wrist.
Pointed Mules: I can’t speak to the comfort of these mules, but the striped pair is so cute! (And they’re under $25!)
Linen Criss-Cross Espadrilles: I feel like I’d wear these all summer long. No matter if you’re headed to a pool party, on the boat, or even out to brunch, I think you can wear these flat espadrille sandals just about anywhere.
Cat-Eye Sunglasses: I love these in the tortoise, but you can’t go wrong with black either. And heck, since they’re $13, just get both. This is THE shape of the season when it comes to sunglasses.
Knotted Headband: Again, this knotted headband is THE hair accessory of the season. And you can’t beat this gorgeous blush pink color! (And don’t miss these printed versions, too!)
Hairbands: Wear them in your ponytail, wrap them like a headscarf, etc. Such an easy way to add a little oomph to your outfit!
Suede Bow Slides: I mean, the name speaks for itself. You can’t go wrong.
Black Boater Hat: I have a black straw hat from a few years back and it’s still one of my favorites! It’s a fun change of pace from the classic natural straw color.
Black Suede & Straw Bucket Bag with a Gold Chain Strap: This piece is SO FUN! I feel like it effortlessly blends a dressed-up classic style with a dressed-down summer vibe. A must! And it’s under $50.
Belt Bag: I’ve wanted the Gucci belt bag for ages, but it’s just not in the budget right now. Unfortunately, most other belt bags I’ve found seem like wanna-be Gucci bags. I’m not looking for a knockoff, I’ve just been looking for a cool different style. This round belt bag is only $20 and is SO CUTE! Granted, it can’t hold much, but if you’ve got a SO to hold your phone, you’ve got yourself a bag.
Mom Jeans & Mom Jean Shorts: Obviously the fit will be the determining factor if these are a good buy or not, but they look SO CUTE! And you can’t beat the prices. $20 for the shorts, $30 for the jeans.
Black & White Cut Out Swimsuit: Again, I can’t speak to the fit, but the style is very cute, especially for $40!
Pleated Midi Skirt: You guys know I love me a pleated skirt!! This one comes in black, beige, and a pale yellow. You can style this a million different ways! (Similar style available in mint, too!)
Cream Wide Leg Pants: So friggen chic! Normally I’m so nervous wearing white clothing, but much like my white jeans, you don’t have to stress when they’re affordable.
Fitted Jacket: I’m in need of a white blazer for the season and this might just be it! I love how it doesn’t have a lapel and has built-in ruched sleeves. Makes styling so much easier! This blazer is another great option in white, too. And how sassy is the red!
Paper Bag Shorts: Available in beige, navy, and black, these linen-blend shorts are perfect for spring and summer. Style them with a tee and sneakers, or dress them up with a silky cami, blazer, and a pair of heels. (They come in a pant version, too!)
Printed Midi Skirt: I love the colors in this slip-like midi skirt! Wear it with a tee and sandals, with a chunky sweater and sneakers, or dress it up!
Jacket Dress: I think this style is so fun (and a little bit sexy!) for dinner dates and going out to drinks with the girls!
Knotted Cropped Tee: A fun top for all of your high-waisted skirts and pants! No need to worry abut a tuck.

I really, really, really loved reading Grace’s post on inclusive sizing. Truthfully, I learned so much and it made me so much more aware that I should be on the lookout for this, as well, as I’m shopping for and linking to products. The first step of fixing any problem is AWARENESS and I so glad her post brought a lot of these thoughts to the forefront of my mind. When I did my clothing line with Evine Live, this was definitely something that was talked about a lot, and I’m now remembering how many messages I got from readers thanking me for including their size when the collections came out. (We went up to 3XL, or a 28.) I’m embarrassed to admit, outside of designing clothes, I haven’t really been conscious of size inclusivity while I’m shopping, but thanks to Grace, this is going to be something I’m going to work on being more mindful about moving forward.

I get SO MANY DMs about astrology! And truthfully, I don’t have a good resource for people looking to learn more. I have just picked up little things along the way! But Girls Gotta Eat had an astrologer on their podcast this week and it was the best astrology episode I’ve ever heard that totally breaks down the basics. It’s such a fun conversation and if you’re interested in astrology at all, you’ll learn a lot! (Even if they start out the episode by shitting on Virgos 😂 aka: me 🙋🏼‍♀️)

And speaking of, this video is a cosmic forecast for the month of April!

How to Pre-Batch Cocktails for a Party

Best Spots for Business Lunches in NYC

This hotel was already on my bucket list, but OMG – after seeing McKenzie’s pictures, I’m DYING TO GO!

30A is on my bucket list, too! My grandfather lives right outside of Sarasota, so I need to plan a trip next winter to visit and also do some exploring.

Drew Barrymore’s home line is SO CUTE! I’m loving this scalloped headboard, these brass bookends, this dinnerware set, this rattan pendant, this tufted chaise lounge, and so much more. See the full collection here!

Yep, going to classify these pearl strappy sandals as a NEED. The black is probably my favorite, followed by blush.

When I shared one of my favorite shoe styles for spring (low block heel slingbacks!) on Instagram stories, I had a request for an even more affordable pair. The woman that interviewed me at the Macy’s conference was wearing these mesh slingbacks in black and I was obsessed with them! The blushy nude color is great, too. Heck, I even love the white.

Just ordered this set of body products to get my arms and legs in check now that the temperatures are (hopefully!) on the rise!

Four Words: Gingham Ric-Rac Pool Slides

I’m also going to need these $6 tortoise hoops.

Thoughts on this striped faux leather jacket? I feel like I shouldn’t like it as much as I do, but I’m drawn to it!

Kinda kitschy, kinda cute: This heart-print maxi dress.

It’s triple draft season, gotta stock up. I kind of want to try the new Honeysuckle flavor, too!

Souvenirs to Buy in Paris

Beyonce is re-launching Ivy Park

I’ve really been trying to shop way less, shop my closet to put together outfits with what I already have, and only purchasing items that I’ve thought about for a while and know I could mix in with my wardrobe to create so many more outfits. (I feel like I need to do a whole blog post about this!! Or like a series of some sort.) But I couldn’t resist this skirt! It’s pretty affordable at $68 and I know I’ll wear it a ton… With a tee shirt and sneakers, with a silk cami, moto jacket, and heels, with a denim jacket, etc, etc. I ordered both the Small and the Medium because I couldn’t gauge what size I would be. Only annoying part is that it’s on backorder for 37 days. 🙄

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