Friday Finds || Vol. 2, Week 3

Jessica Sturdy wearing a green puffer coat and Sorel snow boots in the Apsen Mountain gondola.

This week absolutely FLEW by… I can hardly believe it’s already Friday! Between buying multiple plane tickets, a few fun meetings and events, catching up with some girlfriends and making new ones, it was a pretty good week over here. Work wise, I spent most of the week working behind-the-scenes on upcoming partnerships, unpublished travel guides, and planning for February’s big giveaway series. Lots of newness to come! I’m ducking out from my desk a little bit early this afternoon to go get an “intuitive reading” with one of my girlfriends… I have absolutely NO idea what to expect, but why the heck not?! I’m sure I’ll share more about it in the Sunday Snapshot email!

While I definitely don’t want to rush the weekend in any way, I’m SO excited for Monday… I’m going to see Deepak Chopra at the Harris Theatre on Monday night with Hallie and another gf of ours! (I believe tickets are still available… $40 and that includes a copy of his new book, The Healing Self, before it’s released!)

Hope you’ve got a joyful weekend planned, whether that’s relaxing on the couch or hopping around town! Let’s get into this week’s finds…

How to Re-Energize Yourself at Work  |  This is geared towards all of you that work in an office, but it can be applied to the freelance life, too!

How good does this winter buddha bowl look?!

The Revolve sale is L-I-T. My gingham bow top is on super sale (see how I styled it here & here!) and I just ordered these shorts and these jeans. Loving that most things are marked down, but *not* final sale!

My little cutie (faux) fur bag is on sale for $70!

I’m so obsessed with my faux fur slippers that I wear around my apartment and throughout my building that I’m actually considering getting these faux fur slides. Hey, they’re only $40!

Oh haaiiiiiiiiii gingham dress! You’re gorg. And on sale. And under $85

A cute LBD that’s great for work (and heading out to dinner or drinks after!) for $130.

I just ordered this dress in two colors for my upcoming trip!

I’m not much of a flip flop person, but I’m all about the easy slides! Love this pair for $35 and this one for $30. Lots of color options, too!

I haven’t seen these little ruffled slides in person yet, but I’m hoping they’re just as good as they seem. Five great colors and under $60… They’re the sandals you’ll be wearing on every warm-weather vacation and all spring and summer long.

I’ve sent this Ted talk to three people this week, all on different occasions. I can’t stop thinking about it… it’s sparked so many (scary) realizations. We all know the iPhone has changed our lives, but her take on it was pretty eye-opening for me. (Similar sentiments to this post, but more of a creative focus.)

I’ve had brunch at Somerset, but I’m dying to check out the rooms at the Viceroy. Such a great idea for a staycation!

Have you ever taken the Myers Briggs personality test? I took it a year or two ago and got ENTP, “the debater.” #SoundsAboutRight I have some 90-page PDF on my computer (must have gotten the premium one) and it’s FREAKISHLY accurate how it describes me and my personality. Even in the career portion, every career I’ve ever considering having is on the list.

How to Get Out of a Creative Rut … Hits pretty close to home these last few weeks!

SPEAKING OF! I listened to a podcast the other day and I was pausing constantly scribbling down notes. (I’m a *big* highlighter and note-taker when it comes to all things wellness and personal growth. Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist with all of my scribbling and lightbulb moments, haha.) I’d say this podcast is a bit more on the woo-woo side than those I’ve previously recommended, but it really made me feel like “Thank f*cking goodness, IT’S NOT JUST ME.” I first found Susan Lipshutz through Chill, the meditation studio I go to here in Chicago. One of my first times at Chill was attending one of her astrology workshops last summer! (Not to be confused with Susan Miller, my go-to guru for all things astrology.) Susan L posted a link to this podcast she did on her Instagram and I was intrigued… It’s all about the new moon that happened earlier this week on the 16th, and what to expect from this moon cycle. If you’re remotely interested in astrology, I’d give it a listen. I took a lot of notes… To the tune of five pages! 😳 Granted they were sloppy, scribbled, and spaced out, but a lot of it really resonated for me. If you aren’t really into astrology, I’d pass on this. Anyway, I had been noticing that a) I’d been feeling a little bit off for the last few weeks, and b) it seemed like *everyone* was kind of in the same boat! (Not feeling motivated to start the year, feeling a bit lethargic, etc.) I always feel sort of glad that I’m not the only one, but whenever it starts to seem like ev-er-y-one is in the same boat, I’m usually a believer that something bigger is at play. And voila, I stumbled upon this podcast! She starts out by talking about how it’s only natural to feel “stuck in mud” when an Earth and Water sign mix… Quite literally, earth and water do make mud. 💡 She also talks about the coming full moon on 1/31 and how it’s the bookend of the total eclipse we had in August. There were some pretty odd similarities with timing in my life and it was cool to hear about potential explanations from a cosmic level!

Okay, I’ll try not to freak you guys out anymore that I already have with the energy readings and astrology… You’re probably thinking, “Holy shit, Jessica has gone off the deep end.” #FreakyFriday 😜

Jessica Sturdy on Apsen Mountain in a fairisle sweater and fur pom pom beanie.

And here are a few more long-lost photos from Aspen that I found when I was cleaning out my Dropbox. Never posted them from my trip two years ago! (You can see my packing guide for Aspen or other ski towns here!)

Jessica Sturdy on the Aspen Mountain Gondola wearing a fur pom beanie, cozy turtleneck sweater, leather pants, and Sorel boots.

Jessica Sturdy wearing an olive green puffer coat in Aspen.

Jessica Sturdy on the Aspen Mountain Gondola wearing a fur pom beanie and cozy winter sweater.

Jessica Sturdy wearing a fairisle turtleneck, leather pants, Sorel boots, gloves, and a beanie in the snow in Aspen.

Jessica Sturdy on the Aspen Mountain Gondola

Get the Look…

Vineyard Vines Fairisle Turtleneck (old; similar here)
Blank NYC Faux Leather Pants (also available here, here, & here)
Sorel Tivoli Snow Boots (also available herehere)
Lands End Puffer Jacket (old; similar here & here)
Yves Salomon Beanie (similar here & here)
Ray-Ban Black Aviator Sunglasses
Black Echo Touch Gloves

Have a great weekend, guys! xoxo JRS

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  1. 1.19.18
    Laura said:

    Great Ted Talk add, I love Manoush Zomorodi’s podcast (Note To Self)! I’ve been listening for years and it’s always been so insightful and lovely. Check out some of our other favorite podcasts here:

  2. 1.23.18

    You’re adorable and I’m so into the astrology/wellness/woowoo these days too. Ha.

    Thanks for including a link to the Myers-Briggs post I did! It’s fun to see how accurate it is, right?