Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tips

Jessica Sturdy shares the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to shop this year!

While this weekend is the prime time to shop for gifts, I know I’m not alone in thinking it’s so incredibly overwhelming! I know “preparing for a sale” can sound like “sh*t bloggers say,” but I’ve honestly found that a little prep and thinking goes a long way in terms of a) not overspending and b) taking advantage of discounts when you can. One of my goals is to not get sale psychosis and start treating myself to things I don’t actually need, just because they’re on sale. (I’m guessing you might do the same thing from time to time, right?) And another goal is to take advantage of the savings, versus procrastinating and ending up spending more later. (Rush shipping, buying things full price, etc.) With this big shopping weekend on the horizon, I figured I’d share how I’ve been planning, just in case it helps you, too!

1. I’ve been thinking about what ‘big ticket’ items I’ve been saving up for. For me, personally, this was my Canada Goose coat last year. And this year, it’s laser hair removal. Since I can’t buy that online, I’ve got a reminder set on Friday to call the place I go in Chicago to see what promotions their running to hopefully purchase the packages I need over the phone!

If you are saving up for one of those things that “never go on sale,” (like a Canada Goose, pair of expensive boots, handbag, new luggage, bedding, etc.) a few retailers are having their big sales right now or will be this weekend. Some retailers exclude certain big brands during these promos, though… For example, Canada Goose is excluded from Shopbop’s sale, but you CAN get the discount if you shop on Tuckernuck. (That’s a $225 savings, you guys!) It just takes a little searching around to find a retailer that’s extending the discount on those big ticket items!

2. Think beyond just products! Like I said, for me, that’s a service like laser. This could be a facial, personal training package, a series of workout classes, nail services, etc. Call around to your local people and places to see if there are any savings to take advantage of this weekend!

3. Outside of gifting, on my “to buy” list is a few more holiday dresses for the season. I always end up waiting until the last minute to order something, but I’ve been searching on my favorite websites (Club Monaco, J.Crew, Tuckernuck, Revolve, & Nordstrom, to name a few) and adding things to my cart to purchase once the promos go live this weekend! Think about the things you’ll need over the next few months… New ski gear for an upcoming trip? A swimsuit for vacation? Or are you saving up for a new rug or piece of furniture? Try to make that list now so it doesn’t sneak up on you later. And if you can purchase those things this weekend, might as well. If you’ve still got some saving to do, at least you have that list to refer back to when the time comes.

4. Skincare is a category that I always overspend on, but hey, I justify it because it’s my face. Last year, I STOCKED THE EFF UP at Blue Mercury’s sale. For my tried-and-true products, it makes sense to buy it with a discount, even if I’m not totally out of it yet. You know? I know I’ll be having to re-order eventually and even though it’s kind of painful to spend a lot at once, I’m saving money in the long run. (But remember, the trick is not getting sucked in and buying every product you’ve wanted to try at the same time!)

5. If you don’t have your gifting list for your loved ones totally finalized (right there with ya!), think about the smaller gifts you can stock up on this weekend. For example, I made a list of all of the people that help me out that I’m wanting to gift this year. That could look like assistants, doormen (or women), teachers, housecleaners, handymen, etc. For those gifts that you usually buy in bulk, now’s the time to click purchase. (Same goes for hostess gifts for parties coming up!)

I think that’s pretty much it on my end! Do you have any tips or tricks for navigating all of the sales this weekend?!

PS: Be sure to check back over the next few days… I’ll be posting a little note about the many things I’m thankful for tomorrow, sharing the best of the Black Friday sales over the weekend, and a guide to shopping for Cyber Monday, too!

PPS: Safe travels today!! xoxo JRS

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