Gift Guide #6: Fitness Fanatic

Jessica Sturdy shares the best gifts to give the fitness guru on your list!

Whether she’s just getting back into a workout routine, plans to start one in the new year, or has been on that fitness grind for a while, there’s a little something for everyone on this list! I’ve included my favorite hair ties that don’t leave creases in your hair, a few bath soaks for sore muscles (adding to my list), the skincare brand I keep in my gym bag, and a cool new activity tracker that does not look like one.

1. Funnel Neck Pullover  |  2. Rumble Roller  |  3. Fre Skincare Set  |  4. MZ Wallace Quilted Yoga Bag  |  5. Cozy Joggers  |  6. Yoga Mat  |  7. Invisibobble Hair Ties  |  8. Kate Spade Hybrid Watch  |  9. BKR Glass Water Bottle  |  10. Bose Bluetooth Headphones  |  11. Post-Yoga Bath Soak  |  12. Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak  |  13. Flight001 Fitness Kit  |  14. New Balance Sneakers

Here are a few notes on each…

1. The folks that follow along on Snapchat can vouch that I wear the same two pullovers to-and-from my workouts everyday. They’re both from last year, but this funnel neck pullover is the closest match I can find! It looks so cozy to throw on after a workout, or, you know, any day of the week.

2. When I went through about six months of physical therapy, I ended up buying a lot of the contraptions that I was using in my appointments to have at home. If you buy one thing, you need the rumble roller. Warning: it’s intense AF. You might need to start with a solid foam roller like this one, I have it, too. But for the guys and girls that really need to get in there, the rumble roller is a must. You’ll be cursing when you use it, but it’s great for muscle recovery… It’s like getting a sports massage!

3. I keep this Fre Skincare set in my bag (it comes in a handy little pouch) because I always wash my face as soon as I’m done working out. Always! I don’t like sweat to settle into my skin, even if it only takes me 10 minutes to walk or drive home. This line is specifically made for skin that sweats… All of the products are super hydrating and I’ve noticed a difference (in the number of breakouts I get, as well as how “glowy” my skin looks) by switching to this instead of using whatever cleanser the studio has. Especially now that it’s freezing cold outside, it’s so, so important to get that sweat rinsed off your skin and moisturize before you go out into the cold!

4. This cool quilted yoga mat bag is a chic upgrade for the random bag I carry my yoga mat in!

5. Now that it’s cold out, it takes a whole lot of extra gear to get to-and-from a workout. I prefer to take my sweaty clothes off at the studio so I don’t get sick from going out into the chilly temperatures. (And it’s better for your skin, too!) I put my pullover back on and slip on a pair of joggers to get me home!

6. I’m embarrassed to tell you how long I’ve had my yoga mat… Literally since 2011. (Almost as long as I’ve had this blog… YUCK.) It’s moved to New York and back with me and I desperately need to upgrade. The yogi on your list may need to, as well!

7. I’ve switched over to using Teleties and Invisibobbles and I won’t go back! They hold so much better during workouts and don’t leave kinks. #yesplease (Plus, I love how the little gold ones look on my wrist.)

8. This Kate Spade watch is so cool! It looks just like a regular watch, but has all of the functions of an activity tracker. It syncs with your phone for steps and sleep info!

9. I used to get bottled water delivered, but I’ve switched over to using reusable bottles! I have this glass water bottle and love it, both for working out and day-to-day.

10. In-ear headphones (that look like they actually stay in) without the cord… Win, win.

11. This Pursoma soak is meant to extend your post-yoga bliss!

12. This deep heat aroma remedy sounds pretty wonderful right about now!

13. This fitness kit is specifically made for hotel room workouts! Such a great idea.

14. How good are these sneakers?! I want them in every color!

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