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Travel blogger Bows & Sequins wearing a white maxi dress on a dock in Croatia at sunset.

Happy Friday, friends! Long time no talk… We accidentally skipped FF#33 last week simply because I lost track of what day it was in Croatia and ran into a few technical issues with wifi and charging while I was there. We were in Hvar last Tuesday-Friday and while our apartment was great, the wifi only worked in one bedroom. And naturally, it wasn’t mine. It was a 15 minute walk to an internet cafe so popping in an out wasn’t an easy option, so I just kind of embraced it and totally checked out from work. From there, we hopped on a boat from Friday to Sunday and I had already assumed it wouldn’t have wifi. Shockingly enough, the boat was wifi equipped the internet connection was great, but the outlets on the boat weren’t strong enough to charge our computers so I was SOL when my laptop died after a few hours. And then on Monday we took a four hour car ride, an international flight, an hour train ride and finally checked in to our hotel in Switzerland around 1am on Tuesday morning. So I ended up spending almost an whole week entirely offline, which I haven’t done in a very long time. (Truly couldn’t tell you the last time!) I wasn’t planning on taking so much time off, but it felt SO good to be disconnected! (I even checked out of Instagram for days at a time, too.) But let’s just say I have *a lot* of people on my ass after my little hiatus, I’m behind on content for you guys, and my inbox is an overflowing nightmare. Wish me luck!

After these past blissful 2.5 weeks in Europe, I flew back to Chicago yesterday for one of my college besties’ weddings this weekend! We’ve got the rehearsal and dinner tonight and a group of bridesmaids are staying at the hotel tonight to wake up early and start the festivities tomorrow morning! (At least I got one night of sleep in my own bed, ha.) We’ll be dancing all night on Saturday and celebrating with a big brunch on Sunday morning. I’ve booked myself a little massage on Sunday afternoon before I have to cram a few weeks of work into Monday and Tuesday this coming week. (Much needed after schlepping luggage through ten towns over the last 15 days, four international flights in economy, sleeping on pull-out couches and tiny boat bunks, etc. Sore AF is an understatement!) On Wednesday, I’ve got an early morning flight to Nantucket to spend my birthday on the island before Mackenzie‘s weekend of wedding festivities. And then from there, I’m flying straight to Paris on Labor Day for a work project! (Obviously I extended my trip a little bit so I won’t be back in the states until mid-September. Eeeks!) Is your head spinning yet? Mine kind of is, but in such a fantastic way. So much love and so much to celebrate. ๐Ÿ™‚

So if posting is light these next few weeks, I apologize in advance. I’m going to try my hardest to get ahead and squeeze in as much work as I can in the off moments, but I’m also going to give myself the grace to relax, celebrate these special moments with my friends, and savor the last few weeks of summer, too. Hope you can do the same! xoxo JRS

Now here’s a few things I’ve found over the last two weeks…

I *loved* this read on The Everygirl… Why I’m Glad Things Didn’t Work Out As Planned (As I’m about to celebrate my 28th birthday in a few days and I think back to a decade ago and remember thinking I’d be married with a kid on the way by this age, I, too, am so glad things didn’t work out the way I once pictured. Can’t even imagine.)

An interesting read on Forbes… How a Blogger went from Sophomore to Seven Figures in Six Years

Remember my little black lace dress that I’ve worn COUNTLESS times over the last few months?! (See it on the blog here & here!) It’s finally re-stocked and only $89!

Gray Malin is having an end of summer sale! I want all of the things.

A few great one-minute meditations from one of my favorite authors, Gabby Bernstein… The Busy Girls Guide to Meditation

I emailed myself this link after seeing this product recommended somewhere on the internet or social media… Have you tried retinol?

For those of you that have or want to start your own business… 7 Habits to Become a Millionaire

If you’ve ever wondered about the brand you’ve probably been seeing more and more over the last few years, read The History of Supreme on Vogue. (Loved the quote from the founder about this wife… โ€œSheโ€™ll shop at Prada, sheโ€™ll shop at Chanelโ€”and then sheโ€™ll shop at Uniqlo and sheโ€™ll wear something from Supreme,โ€ Jebbia says. โ€œAnd itโ€™s not โ€˜Look at me dumbing this stuff down.โ€™ Sheโ€™s just wearing what she likes, and I think that people are more like that now.โ€ Obvi loved the Gucci and Alessandro Michele tie-in, too!)

We’ve all been there when guys just don’t understand our outfits… Why I Don’t Care What Men Think of My Style

I’ve read about a few couples who are ‘happily unmarried’ lately (Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn being one of them) and also came across this article about Oprah and Stedman. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

These velvet bow mules are so gorgeous for fall!

Really into glitter sneakers for fall… You’re going to want a pair for the weekends! This peach pair is $79, this silver pair is also on sale for $79, and I’m leaning towards this pair with the navy and leopard for myself. What do you think?

If I was still going to as many Illini sporting events, I’d try to justify these orange lace loafers. SO CUTE!

I really want this scarf… Wear now, frame later.

Speaking of Gucci, have you tried the new fragrance yet?! I absolutely love the ad campaigns and need to get to a store to smell it ASAP.

Did you see the new Clare V wallpaper?! Makes me wish I had a house!

Just listened to the How I Built This podcast with the co-founder of Rent the Runway on the plane yesterday. Definitely give it a listen on your commute!







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