Italian Summer

Travel blogger Jessica Sturdy wearing an off the shoulder Old Navy dress, handmade Italian sandals, Ralph Lauren aviator sunglasses, and a Clare V straw handbag.

Someone recently asked me about my favorite vacation, and without a doubt, it was Italy last summer. For so many reasons, it was one of the most incredible trips I’ve been on. It was my first time visiting the country, it was my first stint at traveling alone internationally, and it was simply one of those trips that feeds your soul. I loved Rome and Florence, but unsurprisingly so, I absolutely fell in love with the Amalfi Coast! Ever since I left last July, I’ve been trying to figure out when I can go back.

Bows & Sequins, Chicago lifestyle blogger, wearing Ralph Lauren aviators, orange statement earrings, and an off the shoulder floral dress.

I picked up this dress a few months ago thinking it would be perfect for summertime in Italy, but I guess I’ll be saving it for next year! So much has changed in 2017… It’s a (few) post(s) for a different day, but my priorities have shifted a bit since I hinted at spending the summer in Europe. I had it all mapped out… Leaving next week and getting back in two months, right before Labor Day. The coast of Italy, Capri, the south of France, Croatia… It would have been a dream! But summertime really is the best in Chicago and I missed a lot of it while traveling last year. I have a few weddings and work trips planned (and I’m still going to Croatia in August!), but my goal is to actually spend a good chunk of time living in this city I call home this summer. Next summer, though, I’m coming for ya, Europe!

Bows & Sequins wearing orange statement earrings, an off the shoulder navy floral dress, and aviators.

Get the Look…

Old Navy Off-the-Shoulder Floral Dress (also available in black!)
Clare V Petit Kenya Straw Bag
Handmade Leather Sandals from Positano (similar here & here)
Ralph Lauren Aviator Sunglasses
Coral Drop Earrings

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins wearing a floral dress from Old Navy with a Clare V Petit Kenya handbag and handmade Italian leather sandals.

Bows & Sequins wearing an Old Navy off the shoulder floral dress with custom Italian sandals, a straw bag from Clare V, and Ralph Lauren aviators.

Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins, a Chicago-based lifestyle blog, styling a navy off the shoulder floral dress for summer.

Bows & Sequins wearing an off the shoulder Old Navy floral dress with a straw handbag for summer.

Bows & Sequins styling handmade Italian sandals and a floral summer dress with a straw handbag.

Chicago fashion blogger Bows & Sequins wearing an off the shoulder floral dress with a straw handbag, aviators, and strappy leather sandals.

PS: Check out my Amalfi Coast Travel Guide and Italy Packing List!

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  1. 6.12.17
    Kaylee K commented:

    Love the dress! It looks beautiful on you! Thanks for sharing!

    XX -KK

  2. 6.12.17

    Love the tones of this dress and looks really comfy.

  3. 6.12.17
    Emma commented:
  4. 6.13.17
    Natali commented:

    Oh how lovely! You’re looking majestic in this beautiful dress!

  5. 6.13.17
    Peppermint Dolly commented:

    Such a lovely dress!! Love the colours


  6. 6.13.17
    Ray commented:

    Lovely dress, the prints and colors are unique.

  7. 6.13.17
    Jess Zimlich commented:

    Everyone keeps asking me where I’m planning to travel this summer, but with it being my first full summer in Chicago, I don’t want to go anywhere! I’ve been waiting for this 🙂 I love this print on you!

  8. 6.13.17
    Kendal commented:

    The pattern and color of that dress is gorgeous!!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  9. 6.13.17
    Ellen Landgren commented:

    That trip WAS the most incredible trip ever! I miss it!!!! Xoxo

  10. 6.13.17
    Kate commented:

    I would have never guessed your dress is from Old Navy…it looks so luxurious!

  11. 6.13.17
    amy commented:

    can i join you next summer?! that is the exact itinerary i am itching for but it’s not going to happen this year! <3

  12. 6.14.17

    Fabulous post
    The Pink Pineapple
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