The Parisian Pull + Little Pieces of Paris

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins styling a Parisian-inspired outfit... Maje sweater, Celine sunglasses, a silk neck scarf, and a red crossbody bag.

Man oh man… The Parisian Pull, as I like to call it, has been strong AF lately. I have this deep longing to be there, even more so than I typically do. Ever since I first visited Paris in October of 2014, I’ve felt a gravitational pull towards the city. Sometimes it’s stronger than others, but it’s always there. (It’s very similar to the first time I visited New York… I knew instantly that the city would be a part of my story one day.) I’ve considered moving to Paris for the last few years, and it’s definitely not off the table yet. Not permanently, but for an extended period of time. I would move in a heartbeat if one of my friends would go with me… Any takers?! I spent a few weeks there by myself this past fall, thinking that maybe it would scratch the itch, if you will. It only made it stronger, though… It was a good trip for recognizing a few of the challenges I hadn’t even thought of, too. If I choose to make the leap one day, there are a whole lot of logistics to figure out on the running a business from a foreign country stand point.

Bows & Sequins wearing a french-inspired outfit with a neck scarf.

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins styling a Maje sweater with a silk neck scarf. Tres chic!

ANYWAY, on a much lighter note than figuring out my life plan 🙃 … I’m always in search of little pieces of Paris! Whether it’s a cute coffee shop with French vibes, a restaurant that transports me to one of my favorite arrondissements, a styling trick that has that je ne sais quoi, or just a piece of clothing with a little French flair, nothing makes me happier than finding something that speaks to my Francophile side. I just found the cutest little embroidered tee… One with a few rips and one without them! (And it also comes in black!) I think I’m going to order the ripped one immeds. Can’t get over how cute it is! And this France to USA sweatshirt?! Love it! Here are a few more favorites with some French flair…

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins styling an outfit with french girl flair.

The sweater I’m wearing is pretty much sold out everywhere, but I found it available online from Harrods in London if you’re interested! For sizing reference, I’m wearing a 1 for a fitted look, but you could size up for that oversized look, too.

Bows & Sequins wearing a cashmere Maje sweater with red embroidery reading Rue Saint Andre des Arts.

I’m loving the influx of little silk scarves that I’m seeing everywhere for spring! They’re such a chic little add on. Whether it’s on your wrist, tied on your bag (like I did here!), or worn at the neck… Très chic!

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins wearing a casual outfit inspired by Paris! Maje Sweater, Celine sunglasses, silk scarf, and a crossbody bag.

Chicago blogger Bows & Sequins wearing a Maje cashmere sweater, Sezane Jack sneakers, Celine sunglasses, a chic neck scarf, and a red Ralph Lauren crossbody bag.

Bows & Sequins wearing Sezane Jack sneakers in cream-colored leather.

Get the Look…

Maje Cashmere Sweater
Old Navy Jeans (on super sale!)
Silk Scarf (bought this one in Tokyo, similar here!)
Celine Sunglasses (a lot of great deals here!)
Ralph Lauren Bag (old; similar here, here, here, & here!)
Sézane Leather Sneakers

Blogger Bows & Sequins wearing a camel cashmere sweater with red embroidery Rue Saint-Andre des Arts

Travel blogger Bows & Sequins styling a french outfit with a neck scarf, Maje sweater, Celine sunglasses, and Sezane sneakers.

Bows & Sequins styling leather sneakers by Sezane.

PS: These sneakers (from my favorite store in Paris!) just got re-stocked! They’re available in this cream-colored leather, leopard (obsessed!), black, and nude (blush-like) leather.

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins wearing a french Maje sweate with a silk neck scarf and a red crossbody bag.

PS: I have a special newsletter coming next week where I’ll be sharing all of my upcoming travel plans this spring… And touching on (most likely) spending the whole summer in Europe! 😱 WUT. I know, I’m kind of freaking out, but like, so effing excited. Can’t wait to share more… Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to find out more! I won’t be sharing these plans on the blog anytime soon. xx

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  1. 2.22.17
    Charlotte said:

    Way to go, Jess!!! So excited for you to take an extended trip to Europe, you’re going to have a blast. It’s really inspiring to see you making the most of your “location freedom”, makes me want to hustle harder in my own biz to do the same.

    The outfit is pretty cute, too 🙂

  2. 2.22.17
    Mariah said:

    I’m visiting Paris for the first time in a few weeks, and I have a feeling I am going to fall in love. I did with New York and I think I will with Paris too. Love this look!

  3. 2.22.17
    Amelia said:

    So cute!! I love the scarf, not sure if I could pull it off put it looks amazing on you, especially with that sweater!

  4. 2.22.17
    Kirsten said:

    I really like those sneakers, I’ve been looking for some like that.

    -Kirsten //

  5. 2.23.17
    Natali said:

    You’re looking so adorable in this, very Parisienne and casual combo!

  6. 2.23.17
    angela said:

    I totally understand! i was just there in November and trying to find a reason to go back soon. If you haven’t been there around the holidays i recommend it! the Christmas markets and lights are amazing!

  7. 2.23.17

    This outfit is just darling! I love the Parisian pull on you and those sneakers are so perfect for touring a new city!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  8. 2.23.17
    Kate said:

    You outfit is so parisian…….love it! The red crossbody brought the outfit over the top. Great job styling!

  9. 2.23.17
    G. Nancy said:

    Your summer plans sounds exciting! Can’t wait to read all about it, I am not sure if I am more excited about your trips or the outfits. 🙂

  10. 2.23.17
    Natalie said:

    You should check out Anchal Project for adorable bandanas. They are made from either vintage or organic cotton so are incredibly soft against your skin!

  11. 2.24.17
    Monika said:

    Cute outfit! Did you know that one of the words for “sweater” in French is “pull”? When I read the title of your post I thought you were using it with the French meaning vs. the English. It’s a nice double entendre with your Parisian sweater and bing pulled to Paris. 🙂

  12. 2.24.17
    jul1992 said:

    Wow, I really like this cute outfit of yours.
    Especially these sneakers are gorgeous. 😀
    Do you wear them w/o any socks? I like wearing mine without if the sneakers don’t rub.

  13. 2.24.17

    such a cute post! You know I am all about finding Paris when I am not there. It’s an easy place to miss! I will be there in Spring if you want to come visit!

    I can’t wait to hear about your travel plans for the Summer!


  14. 2.24.17
    Sally said:

    I’ve felt the same pull about London ever since I studied abroad there in college. I would move there in a heartbeat. Hope Paris is in the books for you!! Love that France to USA sweater, SO CUTE!

    xo, Sally

  15. 2.25.17
    Minau said:

    Great ensemble!

  16. 2.26.17

    Ohhhh! I lived in Madrid for a year after graduating and would highly recommend living abroad for a bit. Especially Europe <3

  17. 2.28.17
    Shannon said:

    Obsessed with this outfit! I have always loved Paris as well – can’t wait to get back there one day!
    Living in Europe for a time sounds like a dream! It is on my list to do as well! 🙂

  18. 2.28.17
    Marie said:

    If you like that french vibe you have to check L’Exception, a concept store of french designers only. They have a store just under the canopée (at Les Halles), maybe you know them already? Anyway I’m pretty sure they ship outside of Europe =)

  19. 3.7.17
    Sarah Dougherty said:

    Loved this post- I spent a semester in Sevilla, Spain (somewhere you should absolutely visit- so beautiful and charmingly Spanish,) and still wonder if I should have taken the leap to work/teach there right out of college. Sometimes just finding a place with a European vibe helps make all the difference.

    Also… love that you’re wearing Old Navy jeans. I just discovered them and love them!