Friday Finds || Week 15, 16, & 17

Bows & Sequins in Amsterdam, Netherlands. #jetsetjrs

Well, it’s not quite Friday, but I owe you guys a Friday Finds post! My travel schedule has gotten the best of me over the last three weeks and we’re overdue. I’ve been en route or off the grid and haven’t been able to get these weekly round-up posts published in a timely manner, so lots of extra links today from the past few weeks!

Here’s a little life update about where I’ve been… Two or three weeks ago, I was in LA for a quick 24 hours before driving down to Indio for my first-ever Coachella experience. Better late than never, right?! It was quite possible one of the funnest weekends I’ve ever had… It’s an exhausting few days, but it’s so worth it. I stayed in a house in La Quinta with 12 other Coachella veterans and it was definitely the way to go!

April always seems like a pedal to the metal kind of month for me… And usually once things ramp up, they don’t seem to slow down until… the next winter? haha Once I got back from California earlier this month, I only had a handful of days before I was off to Europe (London, Amsterdam, and Paris) for 9 days. I’ll be back in Chicago on Tuesday night and then leave again for New York bright and early on Friday morning. Eeeks! It’s been such a fun few weeks, but I feel like I’m so behind with work. Unfortunately, this scenario always leaves me feeling insanely overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out… all-around not good. With my crazy travel schedule in 2016 (I was out of town more than I was actually in Chicago, literally), I learned first-hand how too much of a good thing can be bad, at least for me personally. So I’m trying to be cognizant of time management and getting enough rest to make sure I don’t get back to the scary burnout place that I wound up in by Thanksgiving! Wish me luck. xx

1. My friend Jessie recently launched a new brand, Season. The signature dress, The Pepper Dress, is perfect for any adventure life takes you on… It can be worn multiple ways and is environmentally friendly, too! Read more about it on Kickstarter.

2. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Jen Sincero’s book, You are a Badass. She just released a new one, You are a Badass at Making Money, and pre-ordered copy should be at my apartment when I get back to the states! I’ll keep you posted on how I like it.

3. There was a crazy iPhone theft outbreak at Coachella. Two of the girls in our group had their phones taken and later when we were waiting in the lost and found line, there were countless other people saying the same thing… It all happened at the Sahara tent. (And apparently the line at the Verizon store the next morning was pretty crazy, too.) So glad they found the guy!

4. I’ve been anxiously awaiting Nordstrom in NYC for YEARS. (Remember when I took, like, three buses to a mall in New Jersey just to go to a Nordstrom after I moved to NYC? 😂) So exciting to read about some of the progress!

5. Caudalie (one of my absolute favorite skincare brands) is 20% off until May 2nd! No code needed.

6. I recently found the brand Vibrate Higher and had to share… Catchy phrases that we can all stand behind and 15% of all proceeds to go a variety of charities!

7. Can’t get over these Kate Spade bow slides under $100! 🎀

8. Absolutely loved Lauren’s post about learning to forgive.

9. A great post by Jenny about the #sponsored stigma.

10. Two of my friends recently went to Lisbon, Portugal and it’s now high on my travel bucket list… Check out their posts! Lauren & Danielle

11. After one of our recent Wellness Wednesday posts, I had to share this read on Man Repeller… Learning How to Be Alone. SO DAMN GOOD. If you read one thing on this list, please let it be this. (A lot of the steps are similar to my tips for traveling alone!)

12. Everything you need to know about ACV.

13. I want to get more involved in Chicago and came across this list… 11 Best Young Professionals Groups in Chicago. If you have any other suggestions, pretty please shoot them my way! 😘

14. I have the natural color of this bag, but I’m absolutely obsessed with the black one. I think I need it… right?

15. Loved Mackenzie & Will’s new date night tradition! Time has a way of flying by and I’m a big proponent of getting things on the calendar and creating little traditions or routines. For example, Hallie and I try to plan one dinner a month that’s just the two of us to really catch up.

16. Meghan shared a lot of priceless insight about working in PR!

17. Grace shared a new reading list! I’m particularly interested in the book by Emily Henderson, as I love following her on Instagram.

18. Can’t get over these happy spring photos from Meghan!

Alright, it’s 3:30 am in Paris and I need to get some sleep! About that whole rest thing… 😬

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Friday Finds posts on Fridays, trust. xo

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  1. 5.1.17
    Kelli said:

    I love these posts! Thank you for sharing these links. That Pepper Dress looks perfect for travel. Speaking of…. enjoy your trip!

  2. 5.2.17
    Emma said:

    I’m on the Young Women’s Giving Council of Chicago Foundation for Women and it is the best!! We do all of our own fundraising AND grantmaking

  3. 5.4.17
    Meghan said:

    Thank you sweet friend for sharing two of my posts! xo

  4. 5.5.17

    i love these posts of yours, i find out about so many new things! xo

  5. 5.8.17

    Your all black style is perfect!

    Aline Brodbeck | My Instagram profile